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My Favourite Glasses That I Can’t Live Without

Good morning everyone!! I get soooo many questions about my eyeglasses so today I wanted to give you ALL of the info in one blog so you can refer back to it if you need!! I actually get all of my glasses online at Clearly (or Coastal for those of you in the States!)! I find that they have SUCH a great selection when it comes to frames along with affordable pricing!! In addition to sharing my current favourite frames with you, along with links, so you can snag ’em too, if you like them …I’m also going to share a few reasons WHY I actually love wearing glasses and a bit more info as to why I love Clearly! But before I dig into that … let’s take a look my favourite glasses that I can’t live without, from my daily staples, my classics to my pops of colour … the frames below are my go-to’s!

Daily Staples


Pop Of Colour

Jillian Harris My Favourite Eyeglasses Jillian Harris My Favourite Eyeglasses Jillian Harris My Favourite Eyeglasses

I Can See

I can see CLEARLY now … (get it?? LOL!) … it’s not surprising that this is the main reason why I love my glasses so much! Nope, I don’t just wear them for a fashion statement, I actually DO need my glasses. However, I don’t wear them all the time, I can see without them but I do squint a lot so I tend to wear them the most when I have to be really focused on something, like when working on my computer to ease the strain on my eyes.

illian Harris My Favourite Eyeglasses

They’re a Great Fashion Accessory

Not only are they functional but a pair of glasses can TOTALLY change your look, this is why I love having so many pairs to choose from! I like to be able to swap things up from time to time. Some days I love having a little pop of colour (my go-to is typically a pink frame!) and other days I like the more classic, reserved look! It TOTALLY depends on my mood and my outfit and the great thing about Clearly is that they have so many affordable frames which make it easy to own multiple pairs and build your eyeglasses wardrobe! Just take a look at the difference it makes below by swapping out your glasses and changing up your hair! Wild hey?!

Jillian Harris My Favourite EyeglassesJillian Harris My Favourite EyeglassesJillian Harris My Favourite EyeglassesJillian Harris My Favourite EyeglassesJillian Harris My Favourite Eyeglasses

They’re Affordable

The frames that Clearly carries range from designer brands to exclusively designed brands so the options are plentiful! Remember when I said that they’re also affordable? Welp. If you purchase a pair of glasses and use the code JILLIANHARRIS, you’ll get a 2nd pair FREE (some exclusions apply)!! You’re welcome … ??

Jillian Harris My Favourite Eyeglasses

 Clearly Gives Back

Another reason why I love Clearly is the fact that they started their Buy One, Give One initiative! For EVERY pair of glasses purchased Clearly (along with the Essilor Vision Foundation) will donate a pair to someone in need!! LOVE THIS!!

Jillian Harris My Favourite Eyeglasses
Have you ever ordered eyeglasses from Clearly?? If so, which ones did you get??



Thank you Clearly for sponsoring this post. All comments and opinions are my own.

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  1. Thank you for posting this! I’ve been wondering about purchasing glasses from clearly, and really wanted to try some blush frames ?

  2. So happy to come across this post! Your glasses are so cute I always hope you’ll link to them in insta stories but here you went and made a whole post about it – love it!

  3. Love this post! Have been wondering where you get your glasses for a long time! Would love to read a post on your favourite makeup products – love your natural but put together look.

  4. Thank you for sharing about this site! I have a bit of a glasses collection through Zenni, but it got to be a bit much after the exchange rate and shipping. It’s nice to hear about an affordable Canadian company!

  5. Hello, a while back I submitted a comment asking if this promotion is available in the US; my comment was not posted nor was it answered in an email. I’m wondering why this is the case? It was a respectfully written post. I see that other comments have been approved and posted in the days since…

      1. Which pair are the pink tortoise ones with the gold watch?! They look like the Weekend brand, but if you could confirm that would be great!

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