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Home Tour Series: Leo’s Playroom

Hi everyone!! Today is my second Home Tour Series post!! Last week I shared all of the details of my spare bathroom and today I’m sharing a room that MANY of you have been asking about … it’s fun and BRIGHT and it’s Leo’s Playroom!! When we were renovating our home I knew that having a dedicated playroom for Leo was super important, I wanted him to have a dedicated area where he could spread out all of his toys and games and be messy and play for hours but in the same breath I also wanted this to be an area that was out of the way and where I could close some doors and hide the mess, if needed!

Having said that based on the previous layout of the house it was really hard for us to find space upstairs to put a playroom and based on the square footage of the house it didn’t seem like there was going to be an opportunity to even have a playroom at that point. However, we did have this big long space downstairs, originally it was going to be storage space as it didn’t have any windows and it was a bit dark but we decided to convert it into Leo’s playroom! It actually worked out perfectly and I mean, it would have been nice to have the playroom upstairs but adjacent to the barn doors there is a huge wall of windows so now it actually lets in quite a bit of natural light and we also have awesome lighting thanks to Sylvania which helps! Seen as how we opened up the entrance to Leo’s playroom so much, the best option for doors were sliding barn doors, these are actually amazing if I want to “hide the mess”, just slide those babies shut and I’m good to go! LOL! The trim and barn doors are both from Metrie!! We also have a little storage room connecting to Leo’s playroom, you can see the door leading into it in the second photo below, the door is from Plygem and the hardware is from Emtek!

Jillian Harris Leos Playroom

I painted Leo’s playroom in Cloud Cover by Benjamin Moore, this is a nice shade of white (are you surprised?? lol!) but I also knew I wanted to add some colour and some FUN into this space so I decided to add a cute mural to one of the walls!! I actually worked with Anewall and they custom designed this adorable bookshelf wallpaper for me, they sent me examples and I tweaked the colours to what I was incorporating into Leo’s playroom lots of yellows and blues!! It’s actually a wallpaper that they are now offering for sale, it’s called Leo’s Library Mural and you can purchase it here!! So cute hey?!

I also knew for sure that I wanted there to be lots of storage in this space, and more importantly, I wanted gigantic drawers to store all of those awkwardly shaped toys and to keep things organized and tidy! The team at Stor-X did all of the built-in’s in this space and I freakin LOVE IT, it gives me space to display some of Leo’s cute little toys and TONS of drawer space to hide everything else!! Actually, the two end set of drawers look like separate drawers but they are actually TWO HUGE drawers!! It’s perfect!!

Jillian Harris Leos PlayroomJillian Harris Leos Playroom Jillian Harris Leos Playroom Jillian Harris Leos PlayroomJillian Harris Leos Playroom

I get sooo many questions about the “You Are My Sunshine” banner in Leo’s playroom and Shay actually gifted this to me when Leo was born, she got it from Etsy!! The fun rug is from Rugs USA and the blue chairs are from Wayfair! We originally had these upstairs in the living room but I decided to get new ones for that space and I feel like they look better down here!! The yellow pouf and the ridiculously adorable pillows on the blue chairs are from a local store here in Kelowna, called Alchemy. The cute framed pieces of art are from Minted, the table is from My 1st Years and the yellow chairs and bowling set are from Pottery Barn Kids. The little piano is also from My 1st Years and all other accessories that I haven’t mentioned are from either from Target or HomeSense!

Jillian Harris Leos Playroom Jillian Harris Leos Playroom Jillian Harris Leos PlayroomJillian Harris Leos Playroom

Photo Credit

There you have it!! What’s your favourite part of Leo’s playroom?? Make sure to share your thoughts below!!



Source List

Photographed: Janice Nicolay

Pot Lights: Sylvania

Electrical: Bridge Energy

Paint: Benjamin Moore Kelowna

Trim & Barn Doors: Metrie

Hardware: Emtek

Door: Plygem

Mural: Anewall

Built-In’s: Stor-X

You Are My Sunshine Banner: Annie Patchwork

Rug: Rugs USA

Blue Chairs: Wayfair

Decorative Pillows: Alchemy

Art: Minted

Table: My 1st Years

Yellow Chairs: Pottery Barn Kids

Bowling Set: Pottery Barn Kids

Piano: My 1st Years

Justin and I are so excited to work with all of the above-mentioned companies throughout our renovation and we’re so grateful for partnering with some of them on this huge project of ours!!! Stay tuned for more updates!!

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  1. Hi Jillian!

    I absolutely love Leo’s playroom. Per usual…you did an amazing job! The colors are awesome and it looks like a fun environment for him to learn and play in. May I please ask where you purchased your blue couch that is showing outside of Leo’s playroom? I am about to move into a new home and I’m in search of a couch just like that! Thank you!

  2. I cannot get enough of your little Leo. He is seriously one of the cutest kids I’ve ever seen!! You’re such a great Mom. Love his little play room and can’t wait to see the rest of the house 🙂

      1. I love the look of the whole house, and though the sneak peaks I’d love to see the basement and one big pic of the living/kitchen. Your house is my current goals. Currently shopping for my first home with my bf, and it’s hard to see past what is there – and picture what you can make it into. You’ve done such a great job! Big fan 🙂 xo

  3. Love it!…love the wallpaper!! where did you get it?…Leo can really grow with this play room..As a mother of 6 year old twins this would be perfect for there playroom..for years to come!

  4. I love his!
    In the middle of the creating a playroom for my daughter.
    I love how it’s not overpacked and cluttered and those chairs in the corner are a nice touch.

  5. Dear Jillian you are so amazing!!!

    I have a 13 months old girl and its a dream to planning a space like yours!!!

    Regards from Brazil!!!

  6. Omgosh I love this room but I’ve loved all the bits I’ve seen of your house. It’s such an inspiration…as I am about to remodel our home. I’m afraid I won’t be working with your bomb bitch budget tho. 🙂 I would love use that wall paper in our house. Great job! Little Leo is lucky and he’s just about the cutest! I could eat him up!

  7. I love, love, love this & I’ve been anxiously waiting for you to share this space! I think my favourite aspect is all the colour you incorporated in the room. As well as the different “zones” for play (reading, table time, etc.). It’s giving me inspiration for my toddler girl and baby boy’s joint bedroom <3

  8. Hi Team Jilly! Leo’s play room is such a sweet space. Well done. I wonder if, at some point, you could share the house floor plan and talk about how all of the spaces work together and how well they function (or what you wish were different) for the various parts of life.

      1. Love the room & Cloud Cover! Wondering what color you used the Cloud Cover in your bedroom as well? Or something else? If so, could you share the color? Your home is inspiring!

      2. Hi Jill! The play room looks amazing as well as cozy! Love the the alphabet scroll art. Where was that purchased from? Love it all you are inspiring us all❤️

  9. Hi! What a fantastic space! It’s definitely giving me lots of inspiration for my 2 year olds playroom. I was wondering where you got that cute red clock from… Does it work? My son’s starting to understand the concept of time/clocks and I wanted to get him a fun clock. Please let me know! Thanks!

  10. Can you say HOUSE GOALS?!? Leo’s playroom is absolutely perfect. Can’t wait to see the rest of the home tour series…especially the kitchen/dining room.

  11. Hi Jillian! This is a beautiful room! Definitely getting lots of inspiration from you! May I ask where you got that red clock from? It’s so adorable!

    Thank you!

  12. Hey Jillian!!

    Your house is gorgeous and I love all the pops of colour in Leos play room! Could you share wear you purchased the adorable animal heads from? Thank you!


  13. Just love Leo’s room so perfect your really did a great job.

    Question the plush toys on the wall where can I purchase love them

    Keep up the great designing


    1. LOVE this space!! Would you have done anything differently if you were designing a playroom for a girl? I love that it’s gender neutral but still super colorful & fun!

  14. Beautiful!! Love everything about this sweet playroom! Would you mind sharing the overall size of the room, pretty please? My husband and I are designing our new house right now, and I love how cozy this playroom is, while still having space for everything! xo Anna

  15. Love your design style!!! When you get prints from minted do you get them framed through them as well? Also I love love love your large family photos I your hallway. The frames are from framebridge but I can’t figure out which ones? Thanks so much.

  16. Hi,

    Love the playroom! Could you share details of where the retro style chalkboard alphabet print is from? Sorry I can’t see it listed and tried Minted but can’t find!


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