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The Perfect Girls Banff Getaway

As everyone knows, I’m a HUGE fan of girls getaways!! I think everyone deserves and needs a little time away from work and their crazy busy family life to get together with your besties and have some wine, laugh, relax and indulge!! Just recently I look off to Banff with my closest friends from Alberta … I’ve known most of them for around 30 years and they are so near and dear to my heart but I don’t get to see them often, maybe once or twice a year! So we were totally overdue for a girls trip and one of our favourite places to escape to is Banff! We love Banff because you can get away from the city but you can still have some drinks and get a little wild … along with some R&R, of course!!

Day 1

We actually worked closely with the folks from Travel Alberta for this girls trip and it was nothing short of amazing (and soooo needed!!), we stayed at the Buffalo Mountain Lodge … this is one of my favourite places to stay in Banff because it’s so cozy, they have fireplaces in every suite which are so nice to curl up beside at night … with a glass of wine in hand … obviously. LOL! They also have a really cozy restaurant and lounge as well, which we definitely hit up the first day we were there!! When we arrived they had homemade tomato soup on the menu and it was so DAMN GOOD!! Ps. The Buffalo Mountain Cafe is an awesome spot for breaky and lunch if you’ve never been before you have to give it a try!

When we got to our room we hunkered down and POPPED a bottle of bubbly (I mean, it’s pretty much mandatory to cheers to a girls weekend!) and we made our way to the hot tub for a little soak before venturing out to dinner later that evening!

We went to a restaurant and bar called Park for dinner,  I absolutely loved the decor and the vibe of this place, the booths were upholstered in this red gingham fabric which totally reminded me of home as I have the same exact fabric on my stools in the kitchen! It was cute, cozy and dark! All of the girls loved it but I felt they could have had a few more vegetarian options! After dinner we made our way back to our room, indulged in a few more drinks and hit the sheets!

Jillian Harris Girls Getaway in Banff
Jillian Harris Girls Getaway in Banff
Jillian Harris Girls Getaway in Banff
Jillian Harris Girls Getaway in Banff
Jillian Harris Girls Getaway in Banff

Day 2

After we devoured a delish breakfast from the Blue Mountain Cafe, we had planned to go for a helicopter ride but unfortunately, there was a snowstorm that day and we weren’t able to do it … we were a bit bummed but, of course, we had a backup plan … HELLO SPA DAY!! LOL!! We kicked off our spa day with a quick soak and then we all got facials … and holy crap … I’ve been to A LOT of spas and this was by far the BEST facial I have ever had!! I felt like she really took her time and my skin was so dewy and GLOWING after she was finished!! After our spa day, we got ready and walked around Banff until it was time for dinner!!

We ended up going to Nourish Bistro for dinner … I was a LITTLE BIT nervous to take the girls here because it’s a vegetarian/vegan restaurant and NONE of the girls are vegan so I wasn’t sure how they were going to feel about it. We ordered a ton of food along with some cocktails and the girls were MIND BLOWN!!!! Everything was so freakin good, I would 1000% recommend this to ANYONE to try, even if you aren’t vegan!! Our favourites were the dumplings, the cauliflower, and the nachos and their cocktails were perfect, they weren’t too sweet and they were kind of botanical. I will absolutely be going back there when I’m in Banff next!!

Jillian Harris Girls Getaway in Banff
Jillian Harris Girls Getaway in Banff
Jillian Harris Girls Getaway in Banff
Jillian Harris Girls Getaway in Banff
Jillian Harris Girls Getaway in Banff
Jillian Harris Girls Getaway in Banff
Jillian Harris Girls Getaway in Banff
Jillian Harris Girls Getaway in Banff
Jillian Harris Girls Getaway in Banff

Day 3

On the way back we really took our time, I had a late flight and Leo was in daycare that day until 4pm so we made sure to stop in at my FAVOURITE mall in Calgary, Chinook Centre, I love this mall because they have an awesome food court, plus they have a Nordstrom, Aritzia which are two of my favourite places to shop for clothes AND I made sure to stop in at Saje and stock up on a few of my favourite products like their spray deodorant, their Quick Study roller and I also grabbed their roll on perfume, Ananda! It’s always fun to wrap up a girls weekend with a little shopping before heading home … right?! LOL!

If you’re planning a girls getaway to Banff, here’s a little glimpse of what our itinerary looked like!


12pm: Depart Calgary for Banff

2pm: Arrive at Buffalo Mountain Lodge. Check-in

2:30pm: Pop the Bubby! Snacks in room

3pm – 5: Relax, go for a hot tub

5pm – 6pm: Get ready

6:30pm: Dinner at Park


9am: Breakfast at Blue Mountain Cafe

10am – 1pm: SPA DAY!!!

1pm-2pm: Get ready

2:30pm: Shopping in Banff

6:30: Dinner and drinks as Nourish Cafe


10am: Pack up and check out

11am: Make way back to Calgary

12:30: Shopping at Chinook Centre

2pm: Depart for airport

Jillian Harris Girls Getaway in Banff

I had SUCH an amazing time in Banff and it was so amazing to see the girls!! They will probably come up to Kelowna for our next visit this summer and spend a week at the house … I think the pool will be calling our names by then! LOL!

Have you ever been to Banff?? If so, what are your favourites things to do there??



Thank you Travel Alberta for sponsoring this post. All comments and opinions are my own.

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  1. We retired from St. Albert (Edmonton area) 5 years ago to Canmore. Not Banff but close enough to offer all the same that Banff does. We do go to Banff often and enjoy the town, restaurants and of course the hikes. bike trails and we have ski passes to Sunshine Village. It is a perfect retirement place. The only downfall is our children and their families (grandchildren) are in the Edmonton area so not close enough to see weekly. They love coming here and our grandson who is 4 is downhill skiing and prefers to ski in Papa and Baba’s big mountains. Love all your posts and your life is truly blessed with your hubby, cutie son Leo, Nacho, extended family and friends. Keep up enjoying life as you do.

  2. Thanks for sharing this reminds me of the trips my friends and I use go to beach in September every year . For a long week. No kids and no husbands!!!! A couple of weeks you talked about your cowboy ! I use to have one he rode bareback horse in the Rodeos in Florida. He really enjoyed that after to Rodeos they would have a street dance . Yes we dance. ! We moved to NC he got sick he died in 1984 . We had two children. I can see him in both of them!! That was the good days.

  3. I loved the Gondola and the Hot Springs! Just walking down the main street is super fun, going from store to store and exporing. Each time I would come out of a store I would look at the mountains…. how gorgeous and breath taking it is there!

    1. I guess it didn’t occur to you that some communities are predominately Caucasian… just as others are predominately Asian, Spanish, African-American and so on, eh? You can’t fault her for the community she grew up in but you can definitely be faulted for insinuating she’s racist when it’s abundantly clear that Jillian goes above and beyond for people both in her community and beyond regardless of race, gender & socioeconomic status, regularly. She’s doing her part to spread kindness, what about you?

  4. I have not been to Banff but it is at the TIPPY TOP of my must go to list! My husband and I are going to try to plan a trip there for this Fall – thanks for the awesome recommendations! 🙂 <3

  5. Thanks Jillian! This gives me a really good idea for my husband’s 60th that’s coming up! He absolutely loves Banff, is a little girly himself and would love doing all these things lol!

  6. Oh wow! This weekend looks amazing!!! It looks like the itinerary would mostly work for a couples weekend in Banff too… but the fireplaces in the suites… AMAZING!

  7. Hi love your blog and YouTube channel ! Can you do a makeup and skincare post and video please. Love the blush and lip colors you have in the car ride Banff. Thanks Jillian !

  8. Ahhhh so happy this came out today! Your Banff trip was my girlfriends and I’s inspiration for this coming weekend to celebrate a 30th Birthday. We’re even staying at the buffalo mountain lodge. Your Instagram stories sold me. Thanks for all the wonderful ideas, Jill!! ?

  9. Been there with ex wife. She loved your itinerary so much so she stayed in Calgary. Sad, but I am happy for her.

  10. I actually live Banff adjacent in Canmore (15 minutes away) and love everything about Banff. We love the variety of restaurants and activities. We aren’t vegan or vegetarian so our go to favourites for restaurants are Chucks Steakhouse and Balkan for Greek food.

  11. Going to Banff in August and NEED to have those pancakes!! The blog says they are from Blue Mountain Cafe but I can’t locate it! I can only find Buffalo Mountain Cafe

  12. Hi Jill!
    I just wanted to mention that I was just in Banff this past weekend, and Park has now added a whole “Plant Based” menu to their offerings. I had the Veggie bowl and it was amazing!
    Looks like they read your website haha

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