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The Bachelor Recap: Taxidermy Terror

Alright … I assume I wasn’t the only one totally freaked out over Kendall’s Taxidermy room last night … right? I could barely stomach this hometown date … she originally lost me when they walked into her room dedicated to her strange obsession and then she REALLY FREAKIN lost me when she busted out the rats to stuff and took it as far as to bust out a backdrop. If I were Arie I would have run so damn fast out of that room and I wouldn’t have looked back. I’m sorry, but that was the creepiest.  What did you think of it??? Also, I noticed that her family kept saying “Kendall is a bit quirky” … it’s like they were trying to say “We know she’s got a weird thing for taxidermy … but she’s a nice person … just a bit quir-ky …” lol … right?? Anyway, raise of hands, HOW many of you were hoping Kendall and her twin sister, Kylie would swap clothes and see if Arie noticed?? LOL! I’m so curious to know if he would be able to tell them apart! LOL!

Jillian Harris The Bachelor Recap Jillian Harris The Bachelor Recap

Moving on to Tia’s date, I think she absolutely NAILED this date with Arie, she busted out ALL the stops! From racing around a track to cracking a beer while sitting on a tailgate, this was an epic “Dude Date”, if you ask me! To be honest, this was also the first time I was actually excited while watching Arie on a date … when he DRIFTED around that corner around Tia in the race car … I have to admit, that was pretty hot. Wowzers!! I absolutely LOVED Tia’s dad too, he was so sweet but my favourite part was when he said that “Tia digs him” and that he “can find him on Google” if he needs to track him down … uh oh … this isn’t looking good now, is it, Arie?? LOL! I STILL think that Tia needs to find a rugged mountain man who is a little more forward and “takes the bull by the horns” … I’ve always thought Arie was too timid for her! I say, Tia for the next Bachelorette!!! 100%!

I thought Becca’s date was cute, that Apple Orchard was seriously the best thing ever, I was so obsessed with the caramel apple station and I wish we had one here for our Okanagan summers!! I feel like so many apples go to waste here and this could be a great way to use them up! LOL! Anyway, I was soooo nervous for Arie on this date … I thought he was walking into a landmine, everyone looked so serious and so disapproving at first but then they turned out to be so sweet!! I loved when her mom was chatting with Arie and she said “You’ve really done well with my weird family!”, LOL! I think we can all relate to that somehow, right?!

Then there was Laren’s date … Arie was sooooo nervous and soooo sweaty and I think this just goes to show HOW MUCH he freakin likes this girl! He wasn’t this worked up over any of the other dates, and you could tell he was constantly searching for the right thing to say to her mom and dad. I really believe that Lauren and Arie would make a great couple and they just make sense together. I also think that she is quite reserved and quiet right now because she is nervous about getting hurt … she’s protecting herself and I think that’s smart of her to do. You never know what could happen. Arie’s proven to be a tough one to predict lately!

Jillian Harris The Bachelor Recap

Alright, before we wrap this up, let’s quickly take a peek at my predictions from my last Bachelor Recap! Last week I predicted the following:

Becca K: I think Becca’s hometown will be interesting  … but I’m not convinced she will make it to the top 3! Well, looks like I was wrong about this one … which I’m sort of surprised about, to be honest!!

Lauren: If her family like Arie and things go well … I REALLY think she will end up with the engagement ring!! I STILL think Laren will end up engaged to Arie in the end!! I think they make total sense together!!

Kendall: If her taxidermy collection doesn’t send him running … then I don’t know what will ?? … but I do think she will make top two. He saw, he participated, and he stuck around and I STILL think Kendall will make top two!

Tia: I think Tia will make top three but will be sent home after that. She may even move on to become the next Bachelorette?? Or maybe that rugged man of her dreams (or mine?? LOL!), will come and whisk her away!! I’m shocked Tia was sent home but I have my fingers crossed she’ll be the next Bachelorette … or, I could 100% see her on Bachelor in Paradise. Either way, this won’t be the last we see of Tia!

So, to recap, I think it will be Lauren and Kendall as the FINAL TWO and I almost want to bet money that he picks Lauren to be his fiance … what do you think??

Ps. Don’t forget to tune in this SUNDAY AND MONDAY … that’s right, we’re in store for a double header!! Okay, make sure to share your thoughts on everything below, I’m so curious to know what you think!!




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  1. You nailed it Mindy. Although, I think it will be Becca & Lauren at the end.

    Lauren is really sweet and he is totally smitten with her. I hope she opens up more and shows a little more playful side. Becca… I don’t know I really like her easy-going personality!

  2. So sad that Tia is gone… I really liked her but I agree I don’t think she was right for Arie. After last nights show I bet Lauren will get the ring. She honestly seemed the most sincere about Arie compared to the other girls…Can’t wait for Sunday and Monday!!

  3. I think they should have a special “The Bachelorettes” season and have Kendall AND her twin sister searching for love! It would be awesome and something new and exciting!

  4. I agree Kendall date was creepy , was totally shocked when he kept Kendall over Tia , especially when she can’t even say if she would marry him . I like Bekka and Lauren . I think they will be top two . Tia for bachelorette for sure .. time will tell who he picks .,

  5. I think Lauren and Becca will be final 2 and Lauren will be the one getting the ring. I agree with you, they are so similar, both are kind of shy and boring with no that much to talk about, quite and I think she is totally his type, I’m prett sure he likes blonds, kind of Emily Maynard.
    I’ll love to see Tia as the Bachelorette, she is gorgeous and outspoken.
    Love your recaps Mindy!!

  6. I had to fast forward my taping of the taxidermy…the date with Kendall. It was way over the top freaky for me. I was just envisioning her killing animals, just for another subject to stuff. ..and I’ll probably have bad dreams for it!

  7. I thought it absolutely creepy and sickening. I had to change the channel until it was over. I don’t think producers of the show thought this one out. If I were Arie I would have sent her home. Kendall’s eyes are creepy. Tia was a better choice. I’m a Lauren fan.

  8. I think he will pick Lauren, but it won’t last long. I will bet dollars to donuts that Arie will end up like the last Canadian batchelor, Alone! These guys talked a good game while on the show about being ready for marriage, but in the end, they love themselves far more than any woman!

  9. Hey Mindy I believe you are about Lauren getting the ring. The finally two will be Lauren and Becca. I feel sad that Tia had to go but she needs a strong man by her side. I felt Arie is not the guy for her . He is too soft and not tough. Most of the time we don’t know what he is think . Tia should be the next bachelorette.

  10. I felt the same way about Kendall’s date. I was so disgusted about the rats and I couldn’t believe he was going all with it. Becca has been my fav since the beginning but I agree what your saying about Lauren, but I feel like I haven’t gotten to really know much about her. Can’t wait to see finale!

  11. Great recap. I think he is infatuated with Lauren but Becca is his better match. With Lauren, I feel like he’s just trying to replace Emily and sees chemistry that does not come across on screen. Kendall is awesome, but I don’t think they will get there and the taxidermy was a little out there for him. My bet is that Lauren gets the ring in spite of Becca seeming like a more suitable partner.

  12. I do think Lauren will be the last one standing. I do like Tia, but I would love to see Kendall as the bachelorette! I love her!

  13. I picked Lauren along time ago. Even though the show kinda made their one on one look like she never talked. I think she’s the girl for him. Tax girl is so creepy I’m surprised Tia didn’t out of her but then again Arie is kinda got a weird side also. I think your totally on track. Please don’t throw a curve ball arie.

  14. Yep, I think you are right about Lauren and Kendall, and that the home town nervousness really showed us how into Lauren he really is. That whole taxidermy thing was gross, but the out takes at the end where he called the one rat Krystal and sent her away was a riot! Highlight of my night!

    1. Personally, if I was a dude, I would choose Becca. I love how she’s so down to earth, and gorgeous in an understated way. Would love for her to be the Bachelorette, but she may be too quiet? Tia is a bit more sassy, which would make a good fit.

  15. I totally agree with so many of your comments, Jillian! Tia would be an awesome Bachelorette! She was genuine and real especially when she was upset when Arie didn’t give her a Rose! I think Becca and Lauren will be the finale 2 too! But Becca would also make a good Bachelorette (in my opinion). If Arie doesn’t give the ring to Lauren, I would be absolutely surprised! They are so much alike and would make the perfect couple. Though I have to say I’m not a fan of Arie’s season (boring and blah)!

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