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Farm Inspired Instagram Accounts I am Obsessing Over!

After we took possession of the farm, as I do with any other project I immediately started organizing a Pinterest board and pinning lots of inspiration AND I also went straight to Instagram to start following some Farm inspired Instagram accounts! Since, we just reveal the farm and are bringing you all along on this wild and crazy ride, I thought I would share some of the Instagram accounts I have been gathering inspo from so far!

1. Floret Farm

One of the things that Justin and I have been thinking of doing with some of our acres is a cut flower farm. And Erin the owner of Floret Farm documents the process and makes it look so fun and easy (although, I know it’s a lot of hard work!).

2. The Biggest Little Farm

You may or may not know this, but I am not a big tv person. So, when I find a movie that I like I usually watch it at least 10 times, The Biggest Little Farm was one of those. It was such a feel-good, but a tear-jerking movie, but all in all, it inspired me to own a farm after I finished watching it! If you haven’t watched this movie on Netflix, this is your friendly reminder to stop whatever you are doing and watch it now!

3. White Cottage Farm

If this gorgeous farm account doesn’t make you want to own a farm I don’t know what will! After I found Jose’s account on Instagram I want one of every animal they have on their farm! Their feed is filled with beautiful and joyful photos of their farm life and adventures!

4. Farm and Flower Co.

Farm and Flower Co. is a local BC business. Not only do they have beautiful bouquets and floral arrangements, they also have beautifully coloured chicken eggs that they sell! If you are a BC local, make sure you check them out!

5. CC Bloom Flower Farm

CC Bloom Flower Farm is another local BC business that I am absolutely fangirling over (and hoping and praying that I can pick her brain one day)! Candice is the owner of CC Bloom Flower Farm and is a full-service cut-flower business and they even host weddings and events in their gorgeous barn.

6. Building Walnut Farm

At the moment I am completely in love with Building Walnut Farm’s aesthetics. When looking for all things interior and design-related inspo for the farm I look no further than Angela’s account.

7. Purity Farms

Purity Farms is another one of mine and Justin’s favourites! They share so many beautiful photos of their luscious green property, organic garlic, and romney sheep… I think I need some sheep on our farm! 🐑

8. Helens Acres Kelowna

Helens Acres is another one of my local faves to follow! They are a community Farm in Kelowna and they grow and donate produce to various local social agencies!

9. Five Acres Flower Farm

I am mesmerized by the collection of flowers that Amanda grows at Five Acres Flower Farm, located right here in British Columbia! I am definitely drawing some inspiration from her account if we decide on a cut flower farm.

10. Joanna and Chip Gaines

I mean how could you NOT love Joanna and Chip Gaines? Not only is their home design and interior absolute goals, but their accounts are filled with tons of inspiration!

11. Five Marys Farms

Five Marys Farms was actually named after the owner, Mary, and her five daughters that are also named Mary (check out the story here!). Their account is all about their farm lifestyle, featuring adorable animals, beautiful flowers, and their gorgeous acreage!

12. Farmgirl Flowers

Last but certainly not least is Farmgirl Flowers! Since Justin and I are considering a cut flower farm, I have been obsessing over all flower farm Instagram accounts and came across Farmgirl Flowers in my search. They have a gorgeous array of flowers available and is such a major source of inspo!

Well, there you have it! If you are wondering what this blog was about and didn’t hear the news, check out my blog post here!


Farmer Jilly 👩🏻‍🌾

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  1. @ballerinafarm is my fav. Authentic, real, kind and the cutest family- such an organic feel to them and their way of life. If you have room to add one more to your list of follows, that’s who I’d recommend. xo

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