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Father’s Day Gift Guide for Any Dad!

Time has been flying by lately and I wanted to leave you plenty of room to start thinking about Father’s Day before it totally sneaks up on us!!! It’s a pretty special Father’s day this year … I’m not only celebrating my own Dad, who I absolutely adore, but it’s also Justin’s last year before becoming a Dad!!! With all of the preparation and excitement, how can we not include him too!!

I wanted to incorporate some ‘New Dad’ gifts in this years Father’s Day Gift Guide. Justin insists on having his own diaper bag because he knows how disorganized I can be (guilty as charged!) and he really wants nothing to do with my diaper bag lol!! So I have listed here his all time favourite, the ‘Deuce Diaper Bag’ from Tactical Baby Gear. You need to check our their gear, not only do they have super functional items, but you will love all the hilarious names that go along with them!!! Justin is also much more ‘techy’ than I am, so he has basically been in charge of anything technical for the babe. We already got our super sleek Nest camera and Justin is super excited because it connects to his Apple Watch so he can monitor the baby!!

Another great ‘techy’ gift is the Logiix Bluetooth portable speaker, which is perfect because it’s so small you can take it anywhere: fishing, to the beach, even on a bike ride! Ooo! And if you’re looking for something unique for a Dad that appreciates a good cocktail you must grab these DELICIOUS infused ice cubes by Herb & Lou! And of course, I have included some classic Dad gifts … Bocce set, hat, the BEST cologne, and some Lululemon underwear (Justin’s favourite!).

But before everything else … I wanted to share some pics from this past year of my Pops and I on our trip together to New York!! Oh what I would give to be back there in that moment with you … LOVE YOU DAD!!!

Jillian Harris Father's Day pics Jillian Harris Father's Day Gift Guide

1. Infused Ice Cubes| 2. Nest Camera | 3. Apple Watch  | 4. Stanley Thermos| 5. Hat | 6. Sunglasses | 7. Boxers | 8. Logiix Speaker | 9. Diaper Bag | 10. Cologne | 11. Bocce

Hope this guide helps you on your hunt for the perfect Father’s Day gift, whether it’s for your Dad, or your ‘Soon to be’ Dad!! I’d love to hear what Father’s Day gifts you guys thought of in the comments below!!



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