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My Favourite Fall Sweaters

Happy Monday! I hope you all had a great weekend and were able to check out some of the sales happening this weekend … actually, some of them might still be on … if you want to check, they are all listed here in my blog post from this weekend!

What’s better than tossing on a cozy sweater on a chilly fall day?! Basically nothing. Unless you toss that cozy sweater on and then pour yourself a glass of wine … pants or no pants … life is good. LOL! But in all seriousness I love this time of year mainly for the comfy clothes, I LIVE in sweaters and lulu’s pretty much all fall and winter and it never gets old.

This year I’ve come across so many great sweaters and cardigans from so many different brands, from Joe Fresh to Modcloth to Urban Outfitters it really seems like everyone is nailing it this year!!

Jillian Harris Favourite Fall SweatersJillian Harris Favourite Fall Sweaters

Sweater | Watch | Jeans | Shoes

Jillian Harris ModCloth Sweater Pumpkin PatchJillian Harris ModCloth Sweater Pumpkin Patch

Sweater | Jeans | Rubber Boots | Leo’s Boots

Jillian Harris and Leo Apple PickingJillian Harris and Leo Apple Picking

Cardigan | Shoes | Hat | Tee | Jeans | Leo’s Shirt | Leo’s Jeans

Jillian Harris Urban OutfittersJillianHarrisUrbanOutfitters

Cardigan | Jeans Boots

Jillian Harris Nordstrom Ruffled SweaterJillian Harris Nordstrom Ruffled Sweater

Sweater | Jeans | Boots

Here are a few other sweaters I have my eyes on … I mean, Fall JUST started … we have a solid few months of chilly weather o get through annnnd you can never have too many sweaters!



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  1. Hi Jillian,
    I’ve been following your blog for a long time but I’ve never left a comment. First, Leo is quite possibly the cutest, happiest baby boy I’ve ever seen! Second, I love all the sweaters and fall styles you put together. BUT….I was wondering where you got the side table you are standing in front of? I love it! I’m in need of one and haven’t found the perfect one yet.

  2. What about the white turtleneck knit sweater you were wearing the other day in your insta story?? Where is that from!?

  3. I look forward to your posts everyday ! You are so sweet and caring plus Leo is absolutely beautiful. Keep those posts coming !

  4. I have a serious question. I need to know what are you and others find the need to wear jeans tomorrow?

    There are people who would love to be able to wear clothing that is not worn or torn but have no choice because they can’t afford to buy new clothing. And there are the people with money like yourself, ( I’m not picking on you… I just needed someone to ask) find this need to wear clothing that’s ripped and/or torn. I really do want to understand. Can you help me?

  5. Hi!!
    The white sweater that you were wearing today in your instastory (the cross headboard story lol). Where is it from? .. is it new H & M or last year Aritzia? Loved it, thanks:)

  6. I love the boots you are wearing but the boots you are advertising I do believe are the same boot. What is the make of the boots you are wearing with the tassel They look more like a Frye boot Thanks I want them:)

  7. Hi Jillian!
    I can appreciate you have a million emails and baby on the way, so I know there is a possibility that this won’t be answered. I am looking for the name of the clothing company ( I think from Vancouver). I saw it on an insta story post. It was a long sweater that you were showing and it was knitted and came in different colours (pink, grey, and a beautiful mustard). If you could send me the name of the company that would be great. I want to buy the sweater for my sister in law and myself while we are on mat leave and want to be cozy this Fall/Winter. Thanks!

  8. Love your Collection! These sweaters are so cute and cozy. Sweaters are one of my favorite parts of fall and I want these sweaters for me. Thanks for sharing.

  9. I absolutely love these looks! These sweaters are so cozy and stylish. Wearing sweaters with jeans are my favourite outfits. Thanks for sharing.

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