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Flower Power!

I am absolutely obsessed with having fresh flowers at home… If I drive into Kelowna the first thing I do is stop and get a bunch of tulips or lilies to brighten up my place.  I always argue with mom, who ironically is also my bookkeeper, why I need to keep feeding my flower addiction…

But there are so many reasons why flowers are a necessary budgetary item… haha, and it’s more than having the incredible scent of fresh flowers when you wake up in the morning!!

You can use flowers to bring colour, season and life to ANY space.  Yes, even your bathroom can have a pop of colour and freshness!   You can see it in any of the spaces I design… flowers complete the look by making my spaces look polished and welcoming.

I actually recently wrapped up this year’s PNE Prize Home and a big thank you to Thomas Hobbs Florist in Vancouver because they had the perfect flowers to dress up the home!!  I’ll be sharing those pictures soon… but in the meantime, here are some ways I’ve used flowers to add LIFE to a room in my other designs…  Have a good Thursday!

Jilly xo

(Oh and of course Mom will LOVE flowers for Mother’s Day too!!)

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  1. Can you please recommend a florist in Kelowna who delivers? I’d like to send a bouquet to a friend who recently lost her husband.

    Thank you so much,

    1. I have been loving getting flowers from Fluerich Creations or A New Leaf Floral Design! I am so sorry for your friend’s loss. xo

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