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Focused On The Goal

Knowing your goal clearly when it comes to working out is one of the most beneficial assets to your fitness journey in my opinion. If we don’t have a clear picture of what we want, what we are willing to sacrifice and how hard we are wiling to work to get there. The road can become very long and extremely frustrating for you along the way.

One thing I know about training Jill, is that she has a very clear picture of what she wants out of the workouts and is willing to give 100% in every workout. I have never seen Jill drag her butt, complain or not show up for a workout. If Jill says she is going to do it, she does it hangover or no hangover 😉 Because Jill has her goals clearly marked out and always comes bringing her A game, I know every workout needs to be built to suit her needs.

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Like many woman, Jill’s main focus in our workouts is that I challenge her core, butt and inner thighs. I know Jill has no desire to bulk, build a lot of muscle or start running marathons. So I build her workouts with the foundation of Barre, Pilates and Bootcamp style workouts.

Barre/Pilates is one of the best ways you can create lean muscle that supports the structure and stability of our body while making us look and feel longer and leaner. Barre is a series of movements that challenge our small muscles groups while having us sweat and cry out for mercy. These type of workouts are going to push you to a whole new level in your physical and mental strength.

Combining small muscle group training with resistance and cardio bursts is a recipe for success! Because Jill is not looking to build big muscles, we keep the weights lighter and the repetitions high while combining it with the perfect amount of cardio to keep her heart rate up and the calories burning. By creating a circuit style workout we are able to hit the full body and get the greatest benefit for the time we have together training.

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So what does a Jillian Harris workout really look like? Well we decided to give you a glimpse into one of Jill’s most recent workouts. Get ready to sweat and squeeze those buns!

Equipment Needed:

Box and light weights
Repeat each circuit 3x

Photo 2015-01-17-15

Circuit 1:

1) Weighted plié squat on boxes.
15 reps
(The boxes allow you to bring your bum lower and get a great burn in the inner thighs.)  Place legs on box like picture shown. Hold weight in hands and allow to drop just below the box.

2) Weighted Lunge with back toe on box
15 reps

3) 45 seconds of jump squats

Photo 2015-01-17-16

Circuit 2:

1) Side step up on box (Option of light weights)
Bring your outer foot on the box and bring the body up on the box the box to a standing position. Make sure to squeeze those glutes on the way to your standing position.
15-reps each side

2) Weighted Jump squat
Hold weight under chin and lightly touch your bum to the box. Bring your body up immediately to a standing position and jump!
15-20 reps

3) 45 Seconds of burpies

Circuit 3:

1) Ball planks
Bring your toes on a exercise ball, hands on floor. Tighten your core and slowly remove one leg at a time off the ball and touch the floor with a light tap. Repeat on the opposite side.
15 reps each side

2) Ball Pass
Place an exercise ball between the legs. Keep legs straight and bring ball up to meet hands. Pass the ball into your hands and reach hands over head. Bring ball back towards your legs and repeat exercise.
15 reps

3) Ball Roll In
Place toes on exercise ball and bring body into a plank position. Slowly with control  bring your knees in towards your chest in a ball roll in. Stretch legs back out to starting position and repeat.
Reps 15

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  1. Hi Jillian/Rachel. What height plyo box do you recommend. I’m 5ft 4″ with good fitness. I’ve been wanting to get a box for a while now but wasn’t sure what height.
    Thanks and great workout. Love my subscription to Daily Routine Fitness. More TRX workouts please and anything I can do outside as that’s where I love to be. Some tips on using everyday household items instead of pricy gym equipment also welcome. I use a filled laundry detergent container instead of a kettle bell : )

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