Food Friday: Coconut Cornflake Chews


These are easily the tastiest and most addictive treat ever! They’re crunchy and gooey and you will not want to stop, trust me. They’re also insanely easy to make and are great for holiday parties (or any party really).

2 cups of plain cornflakes
3 Macintosh toffee bars or 2 packages of Macintosh Toffee Bites 6518288523_86b378bb92_o

3-4 tablespoons of whipping cream (not half and half)
1/2 cup of coconut flakes
1/2 cup of slivered almonds

1. Melt the toffee in a pot on low (do NOT let it boil)
2. Add whipping cream, until mixed
3. In a separate bowl add cornflakes, almonds and coconut
4. Mix all ingredients lightly and form loose stacks on baking sheets lined with wax paper.
5. Let cool for about an hour and then YUM YUM YUM!

Do you have a signature holiday dessert? Share your recipe below!

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