The Foodie Gift Guide: Tori’s Picks

1. Kitchen Aid Mixer | 2. Striped Dish Towel | Gingham Dish Towel | 3. Food Cloche | 4. Gold Baking Sheets | 5. Vitamix Blender | 6. Gold Rimmed Bowls | 7. Gold Flatware | 8. Marble Wood Cutting Board | 9. Layered Table Cloth | 10. Pasta Maker | 11. Chalkboard Cheese Markers | 12. Marble Slab Cheese Board

Today’s gift guide is dedicated to all you foodie’s out there who love anything to do with cooking and food!! Each item has been handpicked by the ever so lovely and chef herself, Tori from Fraiche Nutrition. If ANYONE knows the key pieces of what to use in the kitchen it is DEFINITELY her!!! It is a mix of items she LOVES to use on a daily basis and also items that are on her personal Christmas wish list!! We all know how picky some food lovers can be with their kitchen tools and ALL of these great ideas could fit into any kitchen!!!

A few notes of WHY Tori LOVE’s the items she picked and why they would make the PERFECT gift for the chef in your home!

1. Kitchen Aid Mixer – A Kitchen Aid mixer is an indispensable kitchen tool: mine gets used nearly every day!
5. Vitamix Blender – A good blender is an absolute kitchen essential: this one is the best hands-down.
7. Gold Flatware – this is a perfect way to add some bling to a table, such an impressive gift!
10. Pasta Maker – Fresh homemade pasta in 15 minutes or less with NO work!?!? Seriously.
11. Chalkboard Cheese Markers – Three words: gold – mini- chalkboards = adorable… and the PERFECT gift for the foodie.
12. Marble Slab Cheese Board – No party is complete without a cheese board, and I LOVE the unique lines on this one!

Get your shop-on and start looking for those perfect presents for all of the foodies in your life!


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