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My Favourite Small Shops to Support This Season!

I have to say that despite the year starting off on the wrong foot (in quarantine!), I can’t believe how fast this year has flown by! It seems like just yesterday that we were decorating for Halloween. And it’s safe to say that, the spooky decorations are long gone and our house is decked to the halls for Christmas!

If you are anything like me and you’re all set for the holiday (well almost), you are going to LOVE what I have in store for you this week. My holiday GIFT GUIDES are back and today we’re kicking things off with a small shop gift guide!

I’ve gone ahead and rounded up some of my favourite and most treasured items from all of my favourite small shops. You’ll find items a handmade cookbook stand from Primrose Lifestyle, an adorable cardigan from Little White House Co and a Team Jilly pick, adorable blush pink wine glasses from Estelle Coloured Glass!

Well, let’s get right to it!

Small Shop Gift Guide Round-Up

1. Scrunchie | 2. Necklace | 3. Wine Glass | 4. Cardigan | 5. Earrings | 6. Bath Soak | 7. Candle | 8. Cookbook Stand | 9. Beaded Earrings | 10. Bath Bomb | 11. Pillow | 12. Rain Coat | 13. Bannock Mix | 14. Crochet Touque Pattern | 15. Running Shoes

Fairchild Canadian Small Shop Rain Coats

1. Apparel

Some of my all-time favourite clothing items are from local small shops! We have been doing a lot of travelling in our own backyard this year and we were lucky enough to visit the island a couple of times. It rains about 99% of the time and just recently I was gifted a raincoat from Fairechild and it is out of this world. I loved mine SO much that I had to get the raincoat and matching pants for both Leo and Annie (sorry, Justin! LOL!).

Some of my other favourite small shops to purchase clothing articles from are Jardines Domaine, Little White House Co, Finders Keep Hers, Finding July, Mad About Style, Gentle Fawn, and Hey Folks (you can’t forget about adorable and comfortable footwear!).

Surf Soak Bath Salts Small Shop

2. Self Care

You can never go wrong with gifting self-care items! I think it’s safe to say that we all need a little extra self-care this year! Some of my favourite small shop self-care products are Bath Salts from Surf Soak (of course!), the Buck Naked Soap Set from Footprints Co and these amazing candles from Woodlot.

My favourite small shops products for your home

3. Home

I’ve recently been loving these items for my home and they double as the perfect gift. Mine and Team Jilly’s fave are these adorable coloured wine glasses from Estelle Coloured Glass.

Some of my other favourites are my cookbook stand from Primrose Lifestyle, pre-made Bannock mix from Mr. Bannock and this adorable throw pillow from Cloth and Main.

Small Shop Chelsea King Scrunchies

4. Accessories

Accessories are a wardrobe staple and make for the perfect gift or stocking stuffer! Some of my fave accessories are scrunchies by Chelsea King, anything from the Melanie Auld Adorned collection, this adorable map necklace from Tiny Zen Memory x Kaitlin Hargraves collab, these delicate olive leaf studs from So Pretty Cara Cotter x Fraîche Living collab, and these stunning leopard pattern beaded earring from Hawkmoth Bead Co.

Well, there you have it! These are just some of my favourite small shops to support this holiday season. Make sure to head to my favourite brand’s page here or my Instagram highlights for more suggestions!

Happy shopping!



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  1. These all look wonderful… Last week you shared a list of US insta accounts to check out for some shop small recommendations as well. Could you re share that? Thanks!

  2. Hi Jillian, do you remember a tea company that you did a story about that sold their loose leaf tea in glass jars? I believe it was Canadian? Thank you!

  3. I think it is so important to support small shops and shop local during this holiday season since a lot of stores have taken a hit due to Covid.

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