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My Top Gift Picks for Kids This Holiday Season!

A few weeks ago I asked Leo and Annie what they wanted for Christmas and Leo quickly responded with a list ranging from a Transformers Pickachu (I have no clue what that is! LOL!) to a Playmobil Crane. Annie on the other hand, all she wants is a new susu!

Kids can be so hard to shop for (am I right?)! So today, I am sharing my top gift picks for kids, with a mix of my favourite items, along with Annie and Leo’s faves!

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Let’s get right into it!

Holiday Kids Gift Guide 2020

1. Wooden House | 2. Wooden Vegetables | 3. Playmobil RC Crane | 4. Alphabet Flash Cards | 5. Sleeper | 6. Wooden Camera | 7. Beanie | 8. Playdough | 9. Cutie PAT | 10. Maileg Mouse | 11. Harperiman Doll | 12. Inspiring Writers Book Pack | 13. Burton Snowboard | 14. Micro Mini Deluxe Scooter

Playmobil RC Crane and Building Section
Leo and Annie playing with Playmobil RC Crane
Play Mobil Crane: Gift Picks for Kids 2020

1. Toys

There is no doubt that the number one thing on any kid’s wish list (except Annie’s! LOL!) are toys! Leo’s top pick this Christmas was obvious, the RC Crane with Building Section from Playmobil! We opened it up rather early this year, but he and Annie had so much fun operating the crane (ok, I’m not going to lie, I had a blast too! 🤪). This would be an amazing gift for any kiddo!

I LOVE giving kids wooden toys, I feel like they are so classic and last forever! Some of my favourites are this adorable wooden house from Conifer Toys, these vegetables from Maisonette, or this wooden Camera from Little Rose and Co. Also, you can’t go wrong with a Maileg Mouse or this gorgeous (and trendy) doll from Harperiman Dolls.

Gift Picks for Kids 2020
Gift Picks for Kids: Leo and Annie's Favourite Play Dough

2. Activities

I also, love to give Leo, Annie, and any other kiddos in my family an activity gift. Whether that’s a snowboard, a Micro Mini Deluxe Scooter, play dough (my current faves are from Creative Explorations and Hello Dough!), Little People Big Dreams books, or alphabet flashcards!

My top picks for kids this holiday season!

3. Apparel

Last but not least, you can never go wrong with apparel or accessories, kids grow like weeds! I’m loving this organic cotton rainbow sleeper for Annie from Lou Lou Lollipop, and I love this little “minimalist” hat from Ole Designs for Leo! AND, we can’t forget this Cutie PAT (aka susu!) for Annie from Ryan and Rose!

Well, there you have it, mine, Leo and Annie’s top gift picks for kids this holiday season! Now, if anyone could help me figure out what the heck a Transformer Pickachu is, I would really appreciate it! LOL!



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