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My Top 10 Winter Bucket List Items I Want to Check Off This Season!

Winter is one of my favourite times of the year (besides decorating for Halloween, of course! LOL!). And I thought since all of our holiday celebrations will look a little different this year, what better way to kick off the chillier weather than sharing my top 10 items I want to check off my Winter bucket list this season!

Grab your hot coco and let’s get right to it!

Winter Bucket List 2020 Ice Skating

1. Go ice skating

There’s nothing like tossing on a pair of ice skates to test your balancing skills! For the ultimate winter, experience try finding a local outdoor rink!

2. Support local

We all know that there is a lot of shopping that goes down over the holidays. This season, ensure you are helping to support small, local businesses when you can!

Make a batch of mulled wine!

3. Make a batch of mulled wine

Is there anything better than sipping on some warm mulled wine on a snowy evening? Check out my Glühwein with a Twist recipe here!!

4. Give back to a local charity

Spread the holiday cheer this year by supporting a local food bank or donating gifts to families in need.

How to decorate gingerbread houses

5. Decorate a gingerbread house

This is a fun activity for everyone! Get creative and incorporate fresh herbs into your gingerbread house decor such as using Rosemary for garland! Also, if you are local to Kelowna make sure to check out The Cake Mama’s DIY gingerbread house kits!

6. Try something new

Is there something you’ve been meaning to try for a while like snowshoeing or cross country skiing? There’s no time like the present to give it a whirl!

Top Christmas Decorations 2020

7. Holiday movie marathon

Some winter days are meant for staying inside and binge-watching holiday classics that bring you back to your childhood!

8. Spend time with loved ones

This is what the holiday season is meant for. Take time to enjoy little moments with friends and family as much as you can whether it’s getting outside to build a snowman or making memories outside by a bonfire!

Christmas Family Photo Ideas

9. Kiss someone under the mistletoe

I don’t think there is any explanation needed for this one 😉

10. Go for a hot tub while it’s snowing

Make sure to toss on your beanie to keep your head warm … and don’t forget to jump out and do a snow angel or two in your bathing suit! I double dare you!

Well, there you have it! The top ten things that I want to check off my bucket list this holiday season. What’s on your Winter bucket list?



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  1. Hi! I’m Ewa and I ‘m from Poland. I live to watvhing your ” Love IT or list it”. This program showed me how beautiful country Canada is. Thank you for that. I live your winter list and I willa try to mąkę my own list👍 Gretings from Poland😀

  2. Those are all on my list to do with my husband and kids too with the exception of making the eggnog since I have never been a fan of it.

  3. Wow this is an amazing list! I really like the idea of planning ahead for the holidays since things will be very different this year. I especially like the Holiday movie marathon, giving back to charity, trying something new (I will bake holiday cookies, new recipe) and spending time with loved ones. Great post!

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