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Fresh & Festive Fall Sangria

Thanksgiving long weekend is upon us … almost!!!! And we all know what that means … time to sit back, relax and enjoy some time with loved ones. Oh, and of course, feast on some delicious food and sip on some cocktails! This fresh and festive fall sangria I created makes for the PERFECT Thanksgiving cocktail to accompany your dinner (or you) this long weekend!! If you’re not hosting the dinner, it makes for a great hostess gift and is quick and easy to make!! Grab some fresh BC Tree Fruit, mix together the ingredients below and you’ll be a fan favourite! Make this ahead of time and let the flavours brew to perfection over night … I promise you, your guests will be thanking you and coming back for more!

serves 4
2 cans of Broken Ladder cider
4 OZ of Cinnamon Whisky
1 BC TREE FRUIT McIntosh Apple
1 Orange
3 Cinnamon Sticks

1. Slice the fruit
2. Mix everything in a big jug, let sit over night
3. Serve on ICE the next day with cinnamon garnish!

Photo 2015-10-06, 10 19 17 PMPhoto 2015-10-06, 10 31 29 PMPhoto 2015-10-06, 10 22 50 PMPhoto 2015-10-06, 10 23 48 PMPhoto 2015-10-06, 10 24 16 PMPhoto 2015-10-06, 10 26 13 PMPhoto 2015-10-06, 10 31 45 PMPhoto 2015-10-06, 10 32 33 PMPhoto 2015-10-06, 10 33 43 PMPhoto 2015-10-06, 10 41 51 PMPhoto 2015-10-06, 10 43 12 PM (1)Photo 2015-10-06, 10 43 58 PM

Have you tried a fall sangria?? What other ingredients would you ad??

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