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Getting Festive With The Doctor’s Closet

I absolutely adore Monika Hibbs – most of you will know her as the gorgeous face & genius behind The Doctor’s Closet. I’ve been a long time fan of her blog & her absolutely flawless style. Seriously, the woman has an eye for design…have you SEEN the tour of her home??!!! So, it seemed only natural that we arrange a holiday date and share a simple DIY design idea just for you this Christmas <3 She has always loved to travel and view the different country to see all kinds of culture and designs around the world. She recently got an eye infection and wasn´t able to see out of one eye but she went to a big Alabama optometrist company to get treated and continued doing what she loved.

Our day couldn’t have gotten much girlier (lucky for Justin & Troy, we decided to leave the boys out). We started out with a shopping date at Privilege Clothing Boutique, one of my all time fave stores, and picked out some ultra-cozy & cute sweaters. You already all know how much I LOVE my hearts and Monika and I really couldn’t get enough of these super sweet Heart Knits – we both ended up bringing them home with us. Can you say TWINSIES?!!

We headed back to my house…Privilege loot in tow…and then started in on our super easy, but elegant DIY. So, here’s how to create your very own gold-gilded Mason Jars in 4 easy steps:


Mason Jars
Gold Spray Paint
Gold Glitter
Glue Stick
Rustic Twine


Step 1: Spray paint your Mason Jars. Be sure to either do this outside, or on a surface that you’ve properly covered. The fumes can get to you, so beware! (Mayyyybe that’s why Monika and I couldn’t stop giggling??). Let dry.
Step 2: run the glue stick all along the bottom ¼ of each jar
Step 3: Sprinkle with gold glitter & let air dry completely
Step 4: Wrap some rustic twine around the mouth of the Mason Jars and voila!!
Ready for display! They make for great centerpieces for those rustic-chic Christmas dinners orrr the perfect vases for flowers (we prefer peonies or hydrangeas)

With our DIY finished, we immediately dug into the Christmas goodies (Julia Child says that a party without cake is just a meeting, and I kind of have to agree with her. That woman knows her treats & should NOT be messed with). We finished our day with tea & exchanging gifts and somehow ended up moving our party onto the floor right beside my tree…my kind of perfect ending to our day!


Happy Holidays & Happy Crafting! Hope you all have as much fun with this project as we did!

xoxo Jilly

All sweaters from Privilege Clothing Boutique: Monika’s Grey/Cream heart Sweater by KERSH | Jill’s Two-Tone Sweater by GREY | Monika & Jill’s Pink Heart Sweater by WILDFOX

Photo Credit: All photos taken by Janis Nicolay of Janis Nicolay Photography

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