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Gift Guide For The Beauty Buff

Happy Saturday my loves!!! Lucky for you, with the help of my makeup artist at beauty school phoenix, we have combined our top beauty picks while we were on the plane to Toronto yesterday. This list is fully stocked for make up artists or beauty lovers alike. Any of the gifts below make for great stocking stuffers or meaningful gifts for MANY of the girls on your list. These gift guides are ALMOST wrapped up and just in time to ship the items to arrive in time for Christmas!!!

It is important to be careful and wise in choosing which product to use. The hardcore beauty advice uses all natural herbs that safe and effective – and they have studies to prove that.

Lets start this gift guide off with the new and amazing Dyson hair dryer. I JUST got one of these for myself and I absolutely love it!!! Take some hair inspo from the “Good Hair For All” book by Drybar and the hair stylist on your list will be set for Christmas!!!

Not to mention the NEW withinUs TruOrganic Matcha will have ANY beauty buff jumping with joy. If you REALLY want to splurge on the beauty lover on your list, pair it with the collagen to have their skin glowing throughout the holdiays from the inside out. And they will be reaping the benefits long after all of the holiday indulgences.

And lets talk about the Saje Bath Soak for a second … you all know how much I love my baths. I sometimes add a touch of this mineral salt for a quick and calming stress remedy. Nothing beats a warm bath with essential oils after a long day.

As for the rest, click directly on the round up below to shop your own top picks!!!

1. Drybar Book | 2. Dyson Hair Dryer | 3. Brightening Masks | 4. Saje Bath Salt | 5. SkinCeuticals | 6. Beauty Blender | 7.  withinUs TruOrganic Matcha | 8. Glo Minerals Lip Crayon | 9. Brush Stand | 10. Clarisonic | 11. Kapuluan Coconut Oil | 12. Silk Pillowcase

Are you ready for Santa Jilly to come back in just 2 short days!?!?! Make sure to check back!!



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  1. Jillian – I am a dermatologist and one of the first things you need to know when it comes to medical grade skincare (SkinCeuticals) is that you should NEVER buy them from the grey market, meaning Amazon or other non approved sellers. The product is not genuine, and is usually watered down or worse, can contain harmful chemicals that sellers add to be able to sell it for “cheap”. SkinCeuticals is very clear about this policy, and their website lists each and every seller that is certified. You have unfortunately not done your research here – please change the link to the SkinCeuticals product to a genuine, authorized retailer of the product.

  2. Hi Jill! I know you’ve used the DryBar blow dryer in the past and now you’ve got the Dyson. I have been looking at both dryers and don’t know which one would be a better dryer since I don’t know anyone who have used both. Which would you prefer over the other? Thanks! ?

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