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Gift Guide: For Him

Another day, another gift guide! Today I’m sharing my favourite gifts for the men in your life. I’ve been starting to shop for Justin recently, racking my brain about what to get him and I have to say how thankful I am for online shopping!!! Being able to tackle my Christmas list from bed at 11PM is a life saver… not to mention, who wants to battle parking lots this time of year? No thanks! SO, I’ve put together my top gift ideas for him. Whether it’s your boyfriend/husband, your dad or even sweet ol’ grandpa there’s a gift idea for everyone… and you can shop them ALL without leaving your house!!! I don’t think it gets better than that!

1. Duffel Bag | 2. Sunglasses | 3. Plaid Shirt | 4. Beanie | 5. Sureshot Chino | 6. Sheffield Watch | 7. Tie | 8. Curved 3D TV | 9. Fine Whiskey | 10. Portable Charger | 11. Mug | 12. Saxx Underwear | 13. Scrub Captain Sweatshirt | 14. Boots | 15. Slim Wallet | 16. Shave Club

What’s your favourite way to spoil your man over the Holidays? Let me know… I still need a few ideas for Justin so make sure to share some with me in the comments below!



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  1. The year I got my guy Balvenie scotch for his birthday he RAVED and so did all of his friends. I was girlfriend of the year that year, haha! Definitely a good suggestion!

  2. Hey Jillian You need to get Justin MyPakage underwear, every man I know prefers them 10X to the SAXX. The only problem is once you have one pair you have to switch over your whole underwear wardrobe…

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