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Gift Guide for Your New Spouse

Wedding season is in full swing and I tend to get lots of requests for gift ideas before the BIG DAY! So, today I wanted to share some of these ideas with you! I don’t think you necessarily have to go ALL out when it comes to gifts, in fact, there are some great alternatives to some of these suggestions that I have listed for you below!

Let’s take a look …

Jillian Harris Gift Guide for Your Future Spouse

1. Customized Charm Necklace | 2. Money Clip | 3. Stud Earrings | 4. Flask | 5. Perfume | 6. Book | 7. Champagne Coupe & Cake Serving Set | 8. Lingerie | 9. Cuff Links | 10. Bubbly | 11. Bath Soak | 12. Watch | 13. Candy | 14. Heels | 15. Vows Art Print

1. Customized Charm Necklace

This is honestly the perfect gift for ANY occasion, I love the fact that you can wear it every single day, you can customize it and it’s so sentimental! If you haven’t yet checked out the Adorned Collection, take a look at it here! Charms, initials, and chains are constantly being restocked so if you see something you want and it’s sold out, make sure to check back!

2. Money Clip

I feel as though guys always appreciate a money clip (no one wants to have a George Costanza wallet ?) and it’s something that they wouldn’t normally buy for themselves! The one linked above is from Tiffany’s, it’s definitely an investment but there are tons of options for money clips out there at all different price ranges!!

3. Stud Earrings

Because what girl DOESN’T want a new pair of earrings?? These are also a great gift for bridesmaids as well!!

4. Flask 

We all know guys like to take the edge off on the big day!

Tip: Fill up the flask with his favourite alcohol THEN wrap it and give it to him, that way he’s set! But don’t forget to return the favour, guys, us girls will take the bubbly! ???

5. Perfume

Perfume OR cologne is always a good idea … you have to smell FRESH when walking down the aisle!! Le Labo’s perfume is perfect as a gift because not only does it smell good (and it’s cruelty-free) but you can also customize the label on their website … how freakin cute would THAT be?!

6. Book

I came across the book ” Stuff Every Groom Should Know” … which I thought could come in SUPER HANDY for the guys … I then stumbled across “Stuff Every Bride Should Know” and I think the pair would be PERFECT for a wedding shower gift!

7. Champagne Coupe & Cake Serving Set

These champagne coupes and cake serving set are sold together and they’re pretty much necessities for the big day!! And the cherry on top? They can be monogrammed!!

Jillian Harris Gift Guide for Your Future Spouse Jillian Harris Gift Guide for Your Future Spouse

8. Lingerie 

I don’t think I need to explain this one. ? LOL!!

9. Cuff Links

I feel like what charm necklaces are to girls … cuff links are to guys …

10. Bubbly

Well, because popping bottles is a must.

Quick Tip: Two bottles are better than one.

11. Bath Salt Soak

Set the honeymoon off right by relaxing in a tub filled with this bath salt soak from Saje!! It’s said to be passion-inducing … just sayin …

12. Watch

If you’re one of those couples who already have everything and you’re not quite sure what to get each other, a nice watch is always a great option! You could do a matching his and hers watch to remember your wedding day!

Quick Tip: If your spouse already has a watch that they love, take it in to have it engraved for your big day! 

13. Candy

A sweet treat to celebrate … or save it for after the wedding when you don’t feel so much pressure to eat healthily! LOL!!

14. Heels

Guys … ladies love their heels … just make sure you get the size right!

Quick Tip: Write a cute note on the bottom of the heels your bride is wearing on the wedding day … just make sure she has waterproof mascara on when she sees them … and mayyyybe make sure she WANTS you to write on them … LOL!!

15. Vows Art Print

This has got the be the sweetest gift around and it’s also a great idea as an anniversary gift!

Quick Tip: Instead of having your vows printed, frame your notes or handwritten vows!

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There you have it!! I hope you liked the suggestions!!! If you have any other cute ideas, make sure to share them with everyone below in the comments section!



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  1. Hi Jillian,

    Love your site! All of your posts give me so much inspiration!

    Wondered if you can tell me where the turquoise ring in the photo with the bubbly picture is from?

    Thank you!

    Mom of 4

  2. Hey Jill,

    I know this is a bit random but, I really liked your gallery wall in your last house specifically the movie room and your living room. Just curious if you could do a blog about gallery walls. I can never get it right in terms of the different sizes of the picture frames and how to put it together.

    Thanks, Rav

  3. Hello. Can you please let me know where those pale pink earrings in the first photo at the top of this post are from.


  4. Great list! In the midst of it, the morning of the wedding, I received a box with a love letter and some fresh-cut flowers from my husband! It was such a nice touch and really eased the nerves! xx PS, a similar gift list for a mama-to-be would be awesome!

  5. Money Clip is a good option instead of Wallet but I would say from the experience that it is even better if you have a cardholder with inbuilt money clip. For ex. Cascade Wallet by Mani Wonders.

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