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Holiday Gift Guide

Gifts to Spoil the Mother Figure in Your Life this Mother’s Day

Mother figures—people with unwavering strength who offer support generously and feel like a safe harbour to go to—come to us in all different ways. Maybe the mother figure in your life is an aunt, a teacher, a mentor you met at a conference once who had an immeasurable impact on your life, or maybe it’s the person you call “Mom!” Whoever this person is (or people are, if you are so lucky!) Mother’s Day is a wonderful opportunity to shower this person with love.

Showering this person with love does NOT have to be a physical gift bought at a store. It can look like writing a letter, spending quality time together or even doing a DIY project as a gesture of thanks. The options are endless!! Now, if giving a physical gift bought at a store is something that you want to do, here are some ideas for you:

1. Horticulture Print 2. Stanley Tumbler 3. Pink Platform Converse 4. Mini-Heart Diamond Ring 5. The Five-Minute Journal 6. Smart Watch Band 7. Saje Wellness 8. KitchenAid Mixer 9. Adorned Initial Charms 10. Adorned Luxe Box Chain11. Fraiche Foods Full Hearts Cookbook 12. Samara Slippers 13. Stoneware Fluted Watering Can 14. Caudalie Face Mist Travel Size 15. Mama Charm Adorned Collection (select “charms” dropdown at the link provided) 16. Our Happy Place Doormat 17. FleurRich Creations Gift Card 18. Vivier C E Peptides 19. Coastal Collared Dress in Driftwood Grey

Home Decor

Gifting some beautiful decor to enhance the place they call home is always a good call! For me, I love to stick to a pretty neutral palette, starting with a doormat on our porch with a sweet message. I love this Our Happy Place Doormat from The Cross Decor & Design. I also love adding a cute little sign to the porch. This Home Sweet Home sign, also from The Cross, is so sweet. You know I also have to swap out the prints displayed in our home seasonally, and for Spring one I love to showcase is this Horticulture Print.

Another way to fancify your space is by adding a fresh bouquet of flowers. I have been supporting FleurRich for YEARS and absolutely love and adore all of the bouquets Laurence puts together. She is SUCH a magician with floral arrangements. Gifting your loved one a FleurRich Creations Gift Card… honestly, I cannot imagine something cuter. I’m jealous of the person receiving this gift already!!

Flowers for the Mother Figure in Your Life - Mother's Day Gifts from Jillian Harris

A home isn’t complete, in my opinion, without a gorgeous candle. I am such a supporter of Confluence by Nimmo Bay! They really thoughtfully source all of their items and are dedicated to featuring a lot of products from local, minority-owned brands. This Cedar and Rose Candle from Confluence looks SO delicious. I would be thrilled to be gifted it… *hint, hint* Justin, if you’re reading this…


Nothing makes me feel quite as pampered as when my friends and family gift me a new beauty product they love or a new scent to try. I’m a big fan of this Caudalie Face Mist, which comes in both a full size and a travel size! I always order the travel size so I can carry it around in my purse for a little mid-day refresh or to take while travelling. (You probably saw it featured on my Instagram stories while on our trip to Hawaii!)

When it comes to lipstick, I am always reaching for my Evalina Beauty lipsticks. The colours are amazing and the texture of the lipstick doesn’t make my lips feel super dried out.

For all things skincare, I love the Vivier C E Peptides. This serum is vegan, cruelty-free and designed to reduce signs of aging (not that we are anti-aging here, but who doesn’t want to maintain a youthful glow if possible, right?) The team and I are also OBSESSED with Raw Canvas Skin Bar. Their Daily Skincare Program Kit is A-MAZING!! And you can get 15% off on your purchase with code mom15.

If you’re looking to gift your loved one a new scent, I have been using the REPLICA Beach Walk perfume for a while and really love it.


I’ve had a longtime relationship with Saje Wellness—and, for good reason! They have amazing diffusers and scents to go along with them that always make me feel so calm. The diffuser at the office is often on and makes the whole place smell amazing. (Maybe the team is also trying to keep me calm at the office, LOL, who knows?!)

Ever since the Oak Bay Beach Hotel Wellness Weekend (read about Team Jill’s experience here!), I’ve been so aware of the benefits of writing down my feelings and journalling… not that I’m very good about listening to that advice, but my experience journalling at the retreat WAS beneficial. Many members of Team Jilly have used and enjoyed The Five-Minute Journal! If the Mama in your life is focusing on their wellness journey, this gift would be a really sweet gesture of support.

Mama Charm for the Mother Figure in Your Life - Mother's Day Gifts from Jillian Harris


Fashion friends, unite!! I’d never do a gift guide blog without a little something for my fellow fashion lovers… kicking things off with these Pink Platform Converse I wore on our trip to Disneyland a little while ago. They are so cute, stylish and most of all… COMFORTABLE!! (Seriously, if you’re not wearing comfortable shoes at Disney, what are you doing??) Indoors, I like to still keep it cozy and comfortable. We have these ADORABLE Samara Slippers in two colours: Cream and Earl Grey.

Also in the world of shoes, I am LOVING my Lululemon sneakers AND these pink Newbalance sneakers. If you didn’t hear that Lululemon launched running shoes not too long ago… well, let me just say run don’t walk!! Yes, they really are that good. But, if you’re looking to gift your person more of a Spring/Summer sandal, I highly recommend these two-strap Birkenstocks.

You can never go wrong with adding a raincoat to someone’s wardrobe. I have been a fan of Fairechild’s raincoats for SO long!! They are such great quality and so cute. This Fairechild Cabin Coat would be such a fantastic gift, especially for those of us living on the Wet Coast (West Coast)!

As far as outfits go, ALL I can think about is what I will be packing for Paris. SO many outfit ideas… but I’m definitely trying to prioritize comfort and pieces that can be mixed and matched with a wide variety of jackets and accessories. One piece that I will definitely be packing is this Coastal Collared Dress in Driftwood Grey. I feel like Madeline from Ludwig Bemelmans’s children’s book. Does anyone else remember that book? And at the same time I feel like Emily from Emily in Paris! It goes so well with a variety of hats and jackets. I just know I will be able to mix and match and still feel like I’m in a whole new look each time with this piece.

Speaking of Paris… I have used this French Basket of mine for SO LONG because it is just so sweet and the perfect size for carrying my groceries from the Kelowna Farmers Market in the Summer. Plus, it’s currently 50% off!!

Another great bag or purse to consider is this gold Fawn Clutch on the Jilly Market. It dresses any outfit up and is the perfect size for a night out with your best friends or attending a wedding.

The Final Touch

Lastly, what better way to present your gift to your loved one than by presenting it in one of these beautiful Nemylu Reusable Gift Boxes?! Your mama figure will thank you, and so will the environment!

Reusable Gift Boxes for the Mother Figure in Your Life - Mother's Day Gifts from Jillian Harris

What items from this list are you excited to gift to the mother figures in your life? Anyone taking on any fun DIY projects as gifts? Let me know in the comments below!



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