Why I love my best friend Jillian Marie Harris

I love that Jillian will wake up, roll out of bed, throw her hair in a bun and deliver breakfast and coffee to homeless people (she has been doing this since she could drive). I adore the fact that without question she will ALWAYS drink an Irishcarbomb with me. No matter what. I love that she loves her family with more strength and passion than anyone I know. I love that my Harris can make the worlds yummiest dinner with 3 ingredients. I love that when I fall asleep with my contacts in, she will take them out so my eyes don’t hurt even when I try and push her off me because I’m sleepy. I love that she always wants me to pick out her outfits. I am awestruck with Jillian’s ability to make every person she encounters better, more honest, more hopeful, more real.


But most of all.  I love that no matter what goes wrong, 5 mins with Jillian and your heart feels so full and happy it feels like it will explode. Regardless of where we are: Dublin, New York or her bed, with Jillian is one of my very fave places to be. My huckleberry friend.

Love Blondie

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