#HackedWithLove By Your Family

Coconut Valentine’s Kisses from Maui

We had the best time coming up with a gazillion reasons why we love Jillian, while sipping Mai Tai’s in Maui on the beach, but here are each of our top 5 sent with Hawaiian Tropic and loads of love for our favorite girl:


1. You NEVER give me anything to do (ahem!)

2. You double as the world’s best tour guide! Europe was a dream!

3. You’re the only one who appreciates my thick hair 😉

4. The connection between you and I is amazing and something I’m forever grateful for.

5. You have an incredible inner strength and sense of self that is truly radiant.


1. You keep me employed!

2. I always have something to brag about.

3. You are a constant source of inspiration to lose weight and be healthy.

4. I love that we are such style junkies together!

5. You are truly my Life Force and I love you so much.

Love your Mama xo


1. I love the fact that we have somehow managed to stay the same size over the years – your closet is a dream!

2. You always have my back and are always there for me through thick and thin.

3. You add so much fun to my life – my liver is the only part of me that didn’t vote yes on this one!

4. You will jump out of a plane with me any day of the week (and have twice:). I love your confidence and courage – nothing scares you, seriously!

5. You have the biggest heart and are such an inspiration to me and others: family is ALWAYS your priority and always has been.


Jillian, we all agree that you are just a little package of goodness who radiates love for everyone around you and have since you were a little girl.  We love you so much today and forever!

Your Family

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