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Haur Ye Gae! How We Did Scotland in Just Four Days


Awrite, lads & lasses! The last of my travel blogs is here.. SCOTLAND!

Scotland is a much different vibe than Ireland and England. It’s large, it’s vast, it’s beautiful and it’s mystical. On all four sides of the country there are different things to see.  I love love love the highlands; however, it takes quite a long time to cruise them. We did it anyway 🙂  We only had four days in Scotland, so here is what we did and what you must do if you go!  Again, no bus tours – we rented a car and got it all done!


Edinburgh – One of my favourite cities in the world. Architecturally its is SO stunning & there is so much history!

Because mom and dad had never been and we only had one day, we did the hop-on hop-off bus tour again. I loved this because we learned so much about the deep dark history of Scotland ( it turns out Lady Macbeth was not the only cold blooded murder accomplice). We stayed right on the Royal Mile which, if your time is short, I would definitely recommend. The hotel we chose was theRadisson Blu, which couldn’t be in a more convenient location, and the staff treated us… like total royalty! 😉

Edinburgh Castle – We climbed the Scott Monument (don’t do this if your hungover!) but it is a must and the views are incredible!

Princes Street – for a quick little shopping spree!01800cd483076e5143d3bf41a4fe8117329ee6a62d

Victoria Street – I absolutely love this street! It has one of my favourites stores  – The Old Town Book Shop – and at the bottom at Grassmarket Street is a cute little pub Biddy Mulligans to wet your whistle at.

Graveyards & Greyfriars Bobby


The Highlands – got in the car and started to drive up the west coast, and up to the highlands. STUNNING and absolutely worth the drive.

Antiquing – of course… I have a bit of a reputation

St Conans Kirk Loch Awe – an old old cathedral that is absolutely stunning

Photo10-7-201395003AM1 IMG1324

Highland Bulls – you must stop and take a picture of these hairy beauties

Sterling Castle

Loch Ness & Urqhart Castle 

Drink Scotch & eat hagus – obviously

Stay in a castle!! ‎- we stayed at Dulmunzie Castleon our last night and had the best service and meal! Plus, it’s only 2 hours from Edinburgh so easy to get to the airport!

What have I missed?? Other lucky folk who have traveled this great land, comment & let me know what I should do when I go back – because I know I will!

All and all, I cannot say enough how incredible this trip was for me. I’ve always felt very blessed in my life, but I feel like something really did click for me both before we embarked on our journey that made me really soak it all in and enjoy every single second I spent with my amazing parents and my amazing man. 🙂

xo Jilly


And just a few more memories…

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