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My UK & Ireland Travel Style Guide


It happens to the best of us: no matter how thoughtfully you pack, you always end up bringing home unworn clothes that could have wonderfully made way for all the shopping you wanted to do… or at least saved your tired shoulders from hauling that too-heavy suitcase around numerous cities and airports. You’d think in the 200,000 odd years we humans have been around we could have figured it out, but smart travel packing really is no easy feat. (Although I guess they didn’t have the problem of shoe choices and fashion trends to deal with around the time of the last Ice Age…)

Before I ever go away, I always love to get advice from friends who have been to the destination on what I’ll need/not need to minimize the wasted space in my bag (leaves more room for all the antiques I pick up!!). So, I thought I’d share the same with you and what to pack for a fall trip around England, Scotland & Ireland.



1 pair of good comfy boots – I brought a pair of worn-in Fryes

1 pair of comfy flats  – I not a big sneaker girl, but if you have a cute pair then great!

1 pair of ankle boots with a slight heel – I wore mine walking and was totally comfortable all day long. And they’re good for going out at night too!

2 pairs of leggings – I LOVE LOVE my leather leggings from Aritzia. They are so cute and comfy and don’t get dirty (just wipe them off! haha). Also bring one other fun pair, like my plaid ones from Topshop.

1 pair of skinny jeans – leggings & skinny jeans are a must because then they don’t get wet and drag on the ground…and we all know the UK can get a little damp. I brought by Paige Denim ones.

1 big comfy cardigan – I brought mine fromTopshop and practically lived in it!!

1 rain jacket – I loved having mine from Trout Rainwear (never knew rain jackets could look so cute – bottom left image in the second collage!)

1 over the shoulder bag – I got a cute one fromAldo for $20.00 and it worked just great!

1 good carry on – Mine is Longchamp. It is a bit pricey but it expands and is GREAT for shopaholics like me!

1 knit hat – For bad hair days.

1 felt hat or fedora  – Mine is from Little Burgundy.

1 long sleeve cute dress – I packed my cream long sleeve lace one from Urban Outfitters. I think it’s important to have one nicer/prettier outfit just in case!

2 big baggy sweaters  – I brought my one with the lace from Urban Outfitters, and the black Coco & Eves is from XO Bella in Vancouver’s Kitsilano neighbourhood.


A pair of heels – Don’t bring them! I did…. and they were my wasted suitcase space!

What do you seem to always find folded up & unworn in the bottom on your suitcase every trip?? Comment below & let me know… making travel lighter & smarter trip by trip 😉

xo Jilly


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  1. Hi Jillian,
    where did you get your heart sweater and the grey sweater with the elbow patches from? I am heading to the UK in a month for the RWC and need your help! 🙂

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