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Holiday How To

Hey guys, Jenna Kutcher here! I am so excited to be teaming up with Jillian and sending some exciting ways to liven up your holiday season! It’s getting cold and snowy in Wisconsin, our tree is finally up, and the stockings are hung! If you are anything like me, you crave the holidays: hot cocoa, scarves, and a little bit of the N*SYNC Christmas album. As a photographer and watercolor artist, Christmas cards are always a fun way to get creative and send a little cheer to our favorite people! I usually design two different cards, one for my family and friends, the other for my clients. The best part of the season is getting a mailbox filled with happy greetings and sweet sentiments. Being the creative I am, I love to add something new or unique to our cards each year so I wanted to pass along a few quick, easy, and inexpensive ways to make your holiday card stand out!


1.) Add some shine: I am absolutely obsessed with gold. Last holiday season I spray painted just about every accessory in my home gold… trust me, obsessed. These holiday cards are from Minted and I absolutely love the touch of gold foil. It adds a little pop of color without being over the top! Adding a little shimmer will be sure to catch your friend’s eyes and don’t be too serious with your message! Choose something that sounds just like you! JHD-HolidayCard-3JHD-HolidayCard-2

2.) Stamp it out: Stamps are an easy and fun way to add some personalization to your card! I usually try to choose fun envelopes like these kraft ones from Minted and then I stamp on our address. We love our personalized address stamp (like this one from Lettered Life) that can be used well beyond the holidays. Another fun stamping project is the mini alphabet to add addresses or messages to your loved ones! Be careful, your fingers might be a little black afterwards, but it’s totally worth it!JHD-HolidayCard-8JHD-HolidayCard-6JHD-HolidayCard-5

 3.) Don’t forget the color: From washi tape to cute stamps, make your holiday cards pop with a punch of color! The tape not only seals your envelope (with love) it also adds the perfect punch of color or pattern. I always raid the Post Office to find my favorite holiday stamps, keep it festive by staying in season with some holiday themed postage.
4.) Add a bow: Everyone loves a little bow! I love to add a little colored twine to our cards to give that extra feminine touch (I’m sure my husband loves that, too!) It’s super easy to do and adds a fun little flare to your card. Who doesn’t love a little present in the form of a perfectly wrapped card? Bakers twine is an inexpensive way to add the perfect dose of color to your greeting.
5.) Script for the win: Whether you want to watercolor your addresses like me or you choose to write them yourself, have a little fun with your handwriting and practice different ways to address each card. Sure your hand might get tired but a little extra effort goes a long way! (I am officially not committing to painting 200 addresses on my cards, just so y’all know.)

Whether you choose one of those tips or all five, have fun with your cards. Show off your style, share your joy, capture your family, and send them off with love! Don’t let the holidays get stressful, keep it simple, have fun with it, and remember the true reason for the season! Thanks for having me here, I can’t wait to share more with you in the new year! Until then, I’m going to grab a refill of hot cocoa, wrap myself in tinsel, and sing Christmas carols. We all have a lot to be thankful for this holiday season. Now, I better hurry up and design my cards for this year… (and you thought I had it all together, didn’t you?)

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Gold Foil Holiday Cards: Minted
Stamp: Lettered Life
Bakes Twine: Divine Twine
Alphabet Stamp Set: Allison DIY on Etsy

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