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Holiday Sweaters for Everyone

HAPPY MONDAY!!! It’s crazy to think that a couple of short days ago I had my toes in the water and ass in the sand in Mexico and now I’m back in Canada … and it’s a bit on the chilly side lol. While it’s nice to be able to escape the cold and toss on some fun bathing suits and sip on some margs (OK, it’s better than “nice” … it’s amazing!) … lol … it’s also great to be back home in cozy sweaters with a hot coffee in hand! And speaking of cozy sweaters I thought what better time than now would it be to share some uber cute holiday sweaters with you??

I’ve come across some everyday knits for the ladies, gents, and the kiddos along with some pretty epic Christmas party sweaters that I think could come in handy over the next month or so and should surely win you some sort of a prize at your upcoming holiday shindig! LOL!

By the way … remember my pink sweater below that I absolutely fell in LOVE with?! Welp. They have it in FOUR unreal colours that are PERFECT for the holidays and I seriously want one in every colour!! LOL!!  I mean, it’s a bit of an investment but it’s honestly worth every dollar! It’s so damn comfy!! Ps. If you’re looking to check out more of my fave sweaters, make sure to check out my last blog post, here!

Ok, here we go!!

JillianHarrisJoeFreshChristmas-14Jillian Harris Favourite Fall SweatersJillianHarrisFreePeopleSweater-8Jillian Harris Favourite Fall Sweaters



In my opinion, you can never have TOO many comfy sweaters! Am I right?! It’s nice to have an assortment of different sweaters for these chilly months, I find that they are staples in my closet and the fact that you can dress them up and down is a bonus! For that effortless cute and casual look, wear a loose fit sweater with some ripped jeans, sneakers (depending on the snow situation) and a touque … or dress them up with some faux leather leggings and ankle booties! Or just rock an oversize sweater at home … in your undies … with a glass of mulled wine. LOL!!

For the kiddos …

I mean … seriously … HOW are these sweaters so FREAKIN cute?! C’MON!!!


The guys need some staples around this time of year too and there are certainly some great finds at Urban Outfitters and Joe Fresh that’ll do the trick at a great price point!!

Christmas Party

LOL … I freakin love cheesy Christmas sweaters (anyone else?? LOL!) I think they are just so hilarious! While I was online window shopping I realized that ModCloth had SO MANY Christmas sweater options from cute little holiday sweaters with fun pom poms to full blown gear for an Ugly Christmas Sweater party complete with a hat to go along with it! LOL!!! Check them out below …

Which sweater is your fave?? Comment below!



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  1. Hey Jillian! You have such great taste in sweaters! ?? They are ALL cute ? and it is just too hard to choose! BUT, if I HAD to, that white one , in the first bunch of sweaters, that is off the shoulder, would be my choice! It could be worn with a little black or red spagetti strap chemise, or even a sparklie one! Hope You and YOURS HAVE A GREAT CHRISTMAS, JILLIAN! ?????????. Alison Beatty ❤️

  2. So pretty!! I saw in a prior post you used a tea towel for the Wild at Heart print but how did you do the letters? Just found some stencils and cut them out or something?

  3. Jillian. Bangs look amazing. Besides as you get older yes those grays tend to make you spend a lot of time at the hair salon, also bangs are free Botox just saying .

  4. Dear Jillian,

    What’s with all of the poly-blend sweaters??? Please consider your influence on your Canadian (Northern Hemisphere…cold/damp) community. You have such talent for curating quality, so I’d love to see you recommending WOOL. Canadians cannot wear enough wool, I’m telling you. It warms the core, keeps our immune systems (and metabolisms) ticking. Layering cute merino wool tops actually creates warmth “pockets”. Now, I know that you’re vegan, mostly, but wool can be sourced from responsible sources. Studies show that wool is able to keep our bodies at a constant temperature of 37 degrees. Now, onto quality. Poly-blend and synthetic sweaters pill and end up looking terrible after only a few wears. I would love to see you encouraging quality over quantity. Invest in beautifully made cashmere/wool sweaters and they will last for years. Oh, and moms, merino wool undershirts indispensable. Keeping our little ones cores warm, keeps the sniffles away! Thanks for listening… xo

  5. I always intend to add a few holiday sweaters to my closet, but the holidays usually slip by before i do. I really like the Holiday Lights Knit Sweater. It’s simple, but cute and it’s one I would deffinitely wear!

  6. Hey, your fashion sense is really cool and you had worn cool stuff. I like this sweater and pink color is my favorite choice in winter wears. I shop fashion clothes online and will look for this online.

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