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Hometown Glory

I can’t believe the hometown dates are already here … WHERE has this season gone!?!?! This is one of my favourite episodes of the season for a two reasons: 1) Family is so important to me and I think family life reflects a lot about someone, and 2) We FINALLY get to know a bit more about each guy (Chase and Luke in particular). Although I love the hometown dates … they were so awkward last night!!!!! Is it just me or this season more awkward than normal?? Don’t get me wrong I LOVEEEE JoJo and love the way she is handling everything … but I giggle and cringe watching it like I’m in highschool!

This is still SO hard for me to write about because I don’t want to step on anyone’s toes or voice my opinions and then watch them backfire in my face. SO, I will try my best to tread lightly and watch from afar with an open mind. I’m still not sure if ANY of these guys are right for JoJo but lets go through their dates last night and try to navigate this together … I can’t wait to hear your thoughts in the comments below …


Starting with Chase …. after getting to know Chase and his family he seems like the only one that doesn’t have a past … and I’m not sure if that’s a good or bad thing?? Does that mean he’s not ready for marriage?? Or he’s not experienced??? OR … is he the best candidate? I can’t really pin point it with him and I don’t know why … From an outsiders point of view, he seems BORING and I’m not sure if that’s to do with the editing or if there just isn’t a spark between him and JoJo that draws me to love him??? Am I the only one that thinks this?


I always find high school dates extremely awkward … out of all the places you can take someone on a date, why would you go there!?!?! You want the love of your life to see how AWKWARD you looked in high school!?!?!? Maybe it’s just me lol!!! But all in all, I was really unsteady after meeting Jordan’s family. I thought it might reassure me to think that he was still the best for JoJo … but now I’m not so sure. I think he has some deeper things going on that he isn’t showing and I think JoJo is finally starting to see it. It only worries me because I feel like I was in a similar situation when I was on the show and I ended up heart broken once those true colours were shown. I would hate to see the same thing happen to JoJo. I can see her falling for Jordan and I think in her mind he’s still number one … and that worries me!!!! But whether or not he’s “the one” … I’m not so sure!!!! I guess I’ll leave this one up to JoJo to decide!!

THE BACHELORETTE - "Episode 1208" - JoJo's emotionally charged, whirlwind world tour to find love comes back to the U.S. as she travels across country to visit Chase, Jordan, Luke and Robby. Her spirit and resilience is about to be tested by the men and their loved ones, as she tries to figure out if she can love more than one man at a time. Are all these bachelors ready to be married? JoJo will try and find out from the people who know them best, as she moves closer to making her fairytale come true, on "The Bachelorette," MONDAY, JULY 18 (8:00-10:01 p.m. EDT), on the ABC Television Network. (ABC/Michael LeGrand) ROBBY, JOJO FLETCHER

I loved Robby’s family and I think that they would be a really fun family to “marry in to.” They are welcoming, fun, but also very protective of their son. Is it just me or is this the first time so many ex-girlfriends are speaking out?? What’s going on????? Did this happen before but social media never covered it? I’m SO confused!!! Are these girls really jealous or are these guys REALLY not here for the right reasons?? I think what Robby said to JoJo was true … I’m sure he did break up with his ex, but it really made me second guess him.


And then there’s Luke .. I almost forgot about him!!! I think he’s a great guy but I’m not SURE if he’s right for JoJo either (lol are you sick of me saying that yet). He comes off as quiet, timid, and shy and that worries me for her … maybe he’s not ready for this?? Or it could just be the editing?? … I have to say though, his family was my favourite!!! I LOVED how he had an outdoor BBQ picnic with his friends and family … that is TOTALLY what I would want to walk into.


photo credit: ABC
JoJo … can we share a closet once this bean is out of my belly!?!?!

Until next week …



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  1. It seems that Chase is the only one with a job. The rest say former football player, former olympian. Not having a career would be a turn off for me.

  2. It’s true, I wish they did divulge what these guys do for a living. Other than Chase, we don’t know. Are they unemployed or just not willing to share with the world. It would help to know.
    Chase is so genuine, but again, I agree. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of spark, Jordan…not a fan, Robbie…hmmm, he’s complicated. Once I get past the weird hair do, I think he’s a nice guy and seems sincere, but…four years in a past relationship is a long time. Luke…if I was Jo Jo, I’d grab him and run. I know he’s quiet, but obviously sure of himself, but guarded. I think he loves JoJo, and I also think he is gorgeous! Next week should be interesting…

  3. Never mind the hometown dates, what about the ending, or lack thereof? I can’t believe she was going to send Luke home and now that he’s declared his love, she is rethinking? He pretty much laid it on the line as to how he felt and she had her mind made up. I hate it when they have “to be continued”.

  4. I’m such a fan of Luke. I think he has depth, is intelligent, articulate, and just a good man! It’s okay if she doesn’t choose him though, I think he would make a fantastic Bachelor and I’m not convinced they are right for one another anyways.
    I think Jojo will end up with Jordan. Personally not my favourite, but I think their personalities mesh well and she might be a good influence in his life and maybe even help him patch things up with the bro…
    A side note. I love that sweater she wore on the date with Chase! If anyone knows where I can find that I would appreciate the info :).

  5. HATE the cliffhanger. No resolution. If she’s not really into Luke, she should have just cut him loose right then and there rather than putting him through the ceremony. Is she really going to change her mind?
    Personally, I’d like to see Robbie go, if only so I don’t have to look at his Astro Boy haircut! But seriously, I would have cut him when he said he broke off a relationship of 4 years only a few months ago. No one in that situation is in a good place to get engaged to someone else. Rebound!
    Maybe Chase is edited to be boring to hide the fact they are the perfect match? If so, they are hiding it well. (what was with the staircase at his place? It seemed terribly unfinished).
    I guess it’s down to Jordan and Chase, and I have no clue what she will do.

    1. Chase posted a snapchat about the stairs since so many people commented. He took out the carpeting sandpit in hardwood floors right before leaving for the show and hadn’t finished yet. There is a lot of railing missing, but I guess if you don’t have kids it’s not a big deal.

  6. The only date that made me feel like a true view into their lives was Luke’s. I just felt like the others were either too full of drama (Jordan and Robby) or just awkward. Chase I can’t put my finger on it but I just think he is too much of an introvert for Jojo’s personality.

    Question: Do bachelorette’s get a wardrobe or budget? They always have the nicest and pricey clothes!

  7. I like Luke, he is amazing warm and caring, sure he maybe quiet and stuff, but he shows who he is, and what a wonderful character, any woman would be lucky to have him, I don,t know if she will choose him, but if she doesn,t i hope he is the next bachelor.

  8. Fashion and Beauty Wise…
    1) That white/purple jumper stole the show… I couldn’t really focus on anything else! Sorry Robbie…
    2) The berry hue lipstick she wore with the jumper!!! Also amazing!!!
    Anyone know where these are from?

    1. I even said to my husband who walked by as my teenage daughter and I were watching JoJo and Robbie…..I love the colour of her lipstick!

  9. Chase seems to be hesitant. I believe she had to get him to say he even had any feelings for her. Robby, seems to be RUNNING to get away from his ex, (unlike a certain singer bachelor who was trying to see how far he could go) Jordan, for whatever reason, I gjuess the calmness is due to the football experience, and to the fact it has been said, he only wanted to be the next bachelor. Luke, I saved for last. Despite his calmness, remember he is a veteran, of war. That does change one’s mindset. He is also older so that may have played a part in his actions/feelings. And not dating in so long is the opposite of the other guys, who broke up with their ex like 4 weeks ago. And oh, did I say Luke was calm? Did I say he was from Texas too? Did I say, I think he actually works on the ranch? Kind of a good choice, but, will not happen for all the other / wrong reasons. And Jillian your life with change again, with that little one, but, you will be very happy to have done it the way you did.

  10. Actually all visits went well but I noticed the show added romantic music to the end with Luke at the heart. She then says she would send him home because he didn’t say I love you. Love isn’t words it is a feeling so if she actually contemplated sending home it was hype for tv or she isn’t feeling that strongly. Jordans mystery man demeanor could be a problem but his issues don’t have to do with an ex in fact hasn’t brought someone home in over 2 yrs I think he said so shouldn’t affect her he seems to be loved by his former high school staff so he has to have some heart. Robbie bugs me lol that’s all I have to say and Chase is great but could be to late in the game. I think she sends Robbie home

  11. Alright…. This is Thte first time all season I actually thought yes finally!!!! Mostly in regards to Jordan and Luke. For Jordan I loved his brother and his mom. I feel seeing his brother…they are very similar. Seems a little closed off and private but not in a bad way if that makes sense? His mom was amazing. But I did still have some doubts about him when he was talking to her about Jojo… It just seemed so staged? I don’t know… And for Luke…. I think we can allllllllll agree that he is now a front runner for next bachelor(if of course Jojo doesn’t pick him)I fell for him tonight. Just seems like such a great guy! Chase is bleh just bleh…. Boring. And Robby is just to preppy for me. Liked his family though.

  12. I really feel like Jordan and Jojo have had the best connection since day 1. They’re passionate, fun and you can see the love she has for him every time they’re together. I feel like everyone has been so critical of him just because he’s an ex-football player… “Well he must be a cheating player”…Let’s not judge him solely on that. Thus far, even with the best editing tactics, we have not seen anything to prove that he is “entitled” and a “fame whore”. If he were, he would brag a lot more and try to get in the lime light. Instead, he has solely concentrated on his relationship with jojo and to me has come off as a total gentleman in awe with this girl! Who cares if he doesn’t talk to his brother?! A lot of families have dirty laundry and kudos for him for not airing it out on National television, choosing instead to stay diplomatic and not expose his brother. He clearly only wants to focus on jojo rather than his family drama and I think he has a right to do just that. I’m sure off camera, jojo will get all the reasons why they don’t talk. All the other guys have tried to undermine him because they are jealous of the fact that he is clearly a front runner. I loved his family and I think they described Jordan perfectly “loyal to his family and he will go to bat for you”.

  13. I gasped so hard when she said she was saying goodbye to Luke that I almost choked in air. They were playing fairy tale ending music after his date, dammit! I’m calling the editors’ bluff…he is the most perfect guy on the show by a long shot. Jordan scares me at times, I feel like he could get Hulk-angry and suddenly rage out, especially judging by his reaction at the end of their hometown date. Robbie is way too clean cut for her (but great family, I agree). I like Chase way better after his hometown date with her though. It’s SO hard to say right now, bah!

  14. Part of me wonders if she ends up with none…now that would be the most dramatic rose ceremony EVER!

  15. I am SO team Chase after hometown dates – so many positives: has a precious home, has the ability to forgive, respects his parents despite the hardships they brought, etc. He seems like such a gentleman.

  16. I thought Luke’s date looked really fun and sweet. I didn’t understand Jordan’s date… why was it all about high school and his brother??

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