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Honolulu Travel Guide

Nothing beats a warm post-summer vacation to ease you into fall and the colder weather. Sometimes all you need is one last hurrah to get over the sun and into the sweaters. That’s exactly what the last stop on my month away of travel did for me. After the long plane ride home, I was so ready to be in my new bedroom, with Justin and Nacho, ringing in the colder weather!!! But I of course wanted to share all of my info, cute suits and must see spots with you in case any of you are planning a warm get away any time soon …

First things first, we stayed at the CUTEST hotel that had pink literally everything, fit for a queen. It’s nickname is the Pink Palace of the Pacific … in other words known as The Royal Hawaiian. It was simply amazing with the best views I’ve seen in a long time … I could have lived in the hotel room or under the pink umbrellas forever.

Photo 2015-09-18, 6 29 22 AMPhoto 2015-09-20, 12 28 49 AMPhoto 2015-09-18, 12 25 28 PMPhoto 2015-09-18, 5 44 34 PMPhoto 2015-09-19, 11 38 46 AM
We explored as much as we could within the short period of time that we had. Our main goal of the trip was to fully relax and do nothing. SO, we pretty much did just that lol!!! In case any of you are headed to Honolulu any time soon, here are some of our favourite spots: Marimoto and Sansei were both amazing for dinner; Moana Surfrider to watch hula as the sun goes down; Dukes for a quick, late night Mai Tai; Bills Sydney for breakfast, lunch or dinner – seriously the best (especially the bloody mary)!!! and Tucker & Peavy Picnic Foods for a quick and healthy juice or bite.Photo 2015-09-20, 11 20 59 AMPhoto 2015-09-19, 9 34 26 PMPhoto 2015-09-19, 12 18 42 PM

And now … all of my outfits and bathing suits from the trip in ONE place!!! If any of you are jet setting somewhere warm this winter or maybe still dreaming of summer … this part is for you!!!

Photo 2015-09-19, 10 09 50 PMPhoto 2015-09-19, 10 03 25 PMPhoto 2015-09-19, 9 59 39 PMPhoto 2015-09-19, 9 57 56 PMPhoto 2015-09-19, 9 55 57 PMPhoto 2015-09-19, 9 55 53 PMPhoto 2015-09-19, 9 54 46 PM

Red One Piece | Denim Shirt | White Hat | Watch

Photo 2015-09-18, 11 08 50 PMPhoto 2015-09-18, 11 08 38 PMPhoto 2015-09-18, 11 03 21 PMPhoto 2015-09-18, 11 02 31 PM

Navy Blue Bandeau | Floral Bottoms | White Hat | Watch

Photo 2015-09-18, 11 23 32 PMPhoto 2015-09-18, 11 21 04 PMPhoto 2015-09-18, 11 15 48 PMPhoto 2015-09-18, 11 15 33 PM

Dress/Cover Up | Necklace | Clutch

Photo 2015-09-20, 1 28 01 AM

Mexican Striped Bandeau | Pink Bottoms | Denim Button Up | Watch

Photo 2015-09-18, 11 06 16 AMPhoto 2015-09-18, 4 24 39 AMPhoto 2015-09-18, 4 23 38 AM (1)Photo 2015-09-18, 4 22 08 AMPhoto 2015-09-18, 4 20 57 AMPhoto 2015-09-18, 4 19 07 AMPhoto 2015-09-18, 3 22 37 PM

Floral PJ Pants | Floral Top | Baby Blue Top | Baby Blue Bottom | Hat | Nacho Necklace | Sunglasses

Have any of you been to Honolulu?? What would you ad to my travel guide??


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  1. Love Bills Sydney in Honolulu! Another great coffee place is Downtown Coffee… Leonards is a must visit for a Malasada (or two if you bring your 1 peice swim suit!) would also recommend hiking diamond head & tour of pearl harbor/USS Alabama.

    Looked like you had an amazing time, can’t wait to go back to Hawaii (although likely Maui only next trip!).

  2. Amazing shots!!! Thanks for sharing .. Always fashionable .. Great outfits .. Love me some Hawaii ☀️☀️

  3. Watching the Sunrise at Lanakai Beach and getting iced coconut/macadamia nut lattes from Island Vintage Coffee.

  4. Hawaii is such a beautiful place. Love the pics, and love you! You are gorgeous inside and out; but wonder why you feel the need to photoshop yourself? #photoshopfail

    1. I’m not sure I understand what would make you think you need to say something like this. Does it make you feel better about yourself? If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all!

  5. I went to Honolulu with one of my friends for a girls trip earlier this year. We used your article for a few picks, loved Bill’s Sydney for Brunch and Morimoto’s for dinner/sushi. Our other favourites were Marukame Udon (our favourite spot, we went twice!), a diamond head hike , stand up paddle boarding and driving in a convertible to find the hidden beaches. Thank you for your suggestions, they definitely gave us inspiration for our trip!

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