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How I Edit My iPhone Photos for Instagram

Morning everyone!! Today I’m sharing a vlog with you that I’ve been wanting to share for a LONG TIME now as I get so many questions about this topic! In the video below, I’m going to be sharing my personal go-to tips and tricks when it comes to editing my iPhone photos for Instagram!!

You will learn how I get my airy white photos (aka how I keep my sheets looking so white ?) along with a few of my favourite photo editing apps and one app, in particular, that will help make your Insta feed look flawless!!

Jillian Harris How I Edit My iPhone Photos
Jillian Harris How I Edit My iPhone Photos

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Do you have any tips and tricks that you use when editing your photos?? If so, make sure to share them with everyone in the comments section!!

Happy editing!!



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  1. Thanks for the tutorial! In pic tap go did you have to pay for the bright side and airy filters you use or did the come with the app!? Love you feed ?

  2. Hey Jilly!

    Are all of your photos consistent in sizing and if so, how/what do you use for the borders to align perfectly xo

    1. I always use the square option on my phone for taking photos then I add the white border in FaceTune!! xo

  3. I was excited for this video! I’ve doenloaded the apps you’ve suggested and I can’t wait to play! Thanks Jillian?

  4. Thank you sooo much Jillian for all your tips! I’m just starting my own interior decorating business in Ontario and these editing tips will definitely come in handy. You are an inspiration xoxo

  5. Love FaceTune & Pic-Tap-Go!
    Downloaded both a year ago when you mentioned them in an InstaStory and they’ve been so useful.
    Thanks the tutorial!

  6. Loved the vlog!! Will you pretty please do another for how you edit the gorgeous photos with friends/ family/ kiddos? XO ?

  7. Jillian this is SUPER helpful!!! I am always working to make my photos look brighter and more professional, but I never quite get there. Can’t wait to start trying your tips and tricks!!! Thank you!! XO

  8. Wow what an eye opener! Loved it, now I’m going to know how to make my pics look as gorgeous as yours! Woo hoo! Thanks Jill!

  9. Great vlog! Thanks for sharing 🙂 I would love to download the Pic Tap Go app (I have an android phone) but can’t find it in the play store. Is it an apple only app? Thanks!

    1. Select the filters option within the app (bottom right-hand corner), then click lighting, then select lighter or expose from here!! XO

  10. Thank you so much for this very informative tutorial! I loved it! I still have a few questions about using Facetune to edit something other than faces ( like you did in the video) and was trying to find an instructional video that isn’t about editing face shots. Any suggestions? Or is there some how -to info when you download the app (which I haven’t done yet)?

    1. They actually do have a little built-in tutorial when you download the app!! And then from there you just have to play around with it to get the hang of it!! XO

  11. Plus from what I hear PicTapGo for Android is going to launch in August. Becky Higgins, another Instagrammer, mentioned it in one of her Instagram stories this week. And there was a PicTapGo Instagram story up a couple of days ago saying the same but it seems to have expired -or I don’t know how to find it.

  12. If you print a photo, will the filters view stay in place? Sorry I am old school and still love printing my photos!
    And thank you for all the tips and tricks from fashion to family!

    1. Yes they do!! You can find them under the “Filters” icon on the bottom right-hand side!!

  13. I love this video, so helpful! I just deleted Facetune last week but decided to re-download it after seeing this. Unfortunately I think it’s a newer version than yours because I can’t find the expose and lighter filters! Do you need to buy the vip filters to access them? Thank you!

  14. Thank you thank you thank you for sharing this tutorial!! I have always been a big fan of everyone in Team Jillys feed and have been so curious how to make my pictures light and bright will still being colorful. I feel like I’m finally able to edit my pictures the way I’ve wanted to!

    P.s. if you ever need another McKenzie to join your team… let me know! 🙂

  15. Loved the video, downloading the apps now! I had a quick question, I know this post is focused on posting on Instagram but have you ever tried printing the photos afterwards? Do they print as nicely as they post??

    Thanks a bunch!

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