How to Enjoy a Mindful Easter

With Easter long weekend approaching I thought we could touch base on Easter celebrations and a couple of ways we can all be more mindful this Easter. Also, I thought it would be fun to share a creative DIY with you! Growing up I remember getting so EGG-cited (LOL … I had to!!) about decorating for Easter and better yet, the infamous Easter egg hunt! I loved sitting around the dining room table decorating and painting eggs as a family and my competitive side really came out during the Easter egg hunt.  

Now with kids of my own, I am hoping to continue some of my family traditions and also make some of our own. My focus for the last couple of years has been reducing my carbon footprint, eating less meat and using fewer animal by-products. That being said, a new tradition I am hoping to implement with Leo and Annie is to paint wooden eggs instead of real ones! Don’t you find it weird that when we decorate eggs we waste the actual egg inside? For all that animal had to endure for us just to waste it and use the shell to decorate. 

For those of you that are still planning on celebrating Easter this year, I want to encourage you to either use the egg or find another alternative to decorating eggs. I have compiled a few suggestions for you below! 

Easter Dinner TablescapeHow to Create a Tablescape

1. Paint wooden eggs

A few weeks ago I ordered some wooden eggs for the kids and I to paint for Easter, instead of using actual eggs. I am so happy I stumbled upon this Amazon find and I can’t wait to repaint them every year with Leo and Annie! This is a great alternative and is better for the environment! The best thing about these is you can either keep the same paint on them each year OR you can paint over them for a new look!

Carrie (our Graphic Designer here at JHD!) also took some wooden eggs home to paint because I ordered wayyy too many and she snapped some photos of her beautiful eggs and included some instructions for you below on how to paint them efficiently – it takes some time and patience but it’s so worth it!


2. If you use real eggs, don’t waste them

If you are not up for decorating wooden eggs or an alternative I would encourage you to use the animal product that is inside of the egg. Whether that means you blow out the center to make scrambled eggs or hard boil them and eat them once they have been decorated! 

3. Try re-usable eggs for your Easter Egg Hunt

If you are planning on doing an annual Easter egg hunt this year (with your family at home, of course!) why not buy some plastic Easter eggs (you can find them on Amazon!) that you can fill with candy year after year? You can fill the re-useable eggs with little toys or any that you have at home whether they be snacks that your kiddos love or their favourite candy that you have stashed away! Feel free to get creative with it!

Most of our Easter traditions will look very different this year, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun with the ones that we are stuck with during quarantine! Let me know in the comments below if you have any other environmentally friendly Easter traditions or ideas! If you’re looking for another fun DIY you can do with your kids this long weekend, give my Egg Carton Picnic a try!

Happy early Easter from our family to yours!! 



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