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How to Create Easter Baskets for Kids!

Well, folks, the sun is shining, the birds are chirping and Mini Eggs are back on a grocery store shelf near you! That’s right, Easter is almost upon us! Easter is a holiday we celebrate every year—I have so many fond memories of me running around collecting easter eggs with Tori, Sam and Steph growing up in Peace River—and I’m so excited for another Easter to create some special memories for Annie, Leo and their cousins!!

One thing I love to do when it comes to decorations and celebrating this holiday is curating adorable Easter baskets for my kids. What’s so great about an Easter basket is you can customize it to your child (their allergies or food preferences, interests, style, etc.). But assembling a beautiful basket really is an art—an achievable art, mind you! So, today I thought I would share how I create my easter baskets for a little inspo! Let’s get right to it!

Jillian Harris on making Easter baskets for your kids

A Timeless Basket

When curating an Easter basket, the BASKET is probably one of the most important parts because it’s the first thing your loved one will see! Plus, it’s an item you can keep in the family and reuse year to year. I tend to gravitate to wicker baskets for that timeless look, but I also love the look of simple pastel-coloured baskets in blues and pinks. Here are some Easter baskets I’m loving:

Wicker Bunny Basket

I absolutely love this one! The bunny ears are so adorable without being too much.

Wicker Bunny Easter Basket

Look at the whiskers on this bunny! How cute is that?!

Pom Pom Basket

You know I am SUCH a fan of The Cross Decor & Design. While this one isn’t a traditional Easter basket, I thought it was one you could easily repurpose to hold the kids’ toys or books. Plus, the pom poms definitely say “Spring!” to me.

A Sweet Treat

Nothing like filling your Easter basket to the brim with a sweet treat! A classic is, of course, chocolate, but if your kiddo isn’t a chocolate person, there are so many great alternatives on the market! Plus, chocolate shops like Purdy’s have vegan alternatives if you are a plant-based family!

Purdy’s Bunny

Nothing says Easter like a delicious chocolate bunny! I’m impartial to Purdy’s since we are mostly a plant-based family.

Roger’s Jelly Beans

Not everyone is a fan of chocolate—I hear you! That’s why I had to include these Roger’s Jelly Bean pack in this list. How delicious do they look?

Easter Creams

Another Easter staple is cream eggs. This five-pack from Roger’s Chocolates looks so delicious!

A Disposable Camera

I have such a love for photography (a skill I’ve worked on over the years). To me, not only is it a beautiful art form but I love capturing these special moments with my family to look back on. Just the other day Annie asked to look through our family photo album. Clearly, she takes after me always feeling nostalgic, LOL! I thought it would be such a great addition to gift the kids with a disposable camera for them to also capture these special moments—but, through their eyes!!

Disposable Camera

I purchased this disposable camera for Annie and Leo for our Hawaii trip! They are having such a blast using it! It would definitely be a great addition to any Easter basket.

A Craft or Activity

Including art supplies for a craft or some sort of activity to do it together is such a great addition to any Easter basket! Whether gifting your kiddos playdough or an art supply set to paint wooden Easter eggs,

Hello Dough

One activity I’ve done with the kids in previous years is painting wooden Easter eggs. Another gift the kids love receiving is Hello Dough! We’ve been big fans of this brand for years, and it’s a great activity to let the kids’ imaginations run wild!

Wooden Easter Egg

It’s a common tradition to paint eggs in celebration of Easter. Quite a few years ago, to keep this fun activity alive while being more environmentally friendly about it, our family switched to painting wooden eggs! The kids have so much fun doing this! It’s definitely worth a try.


If you’re going to embark on painting wooden eggs for Easter, you, of course, need some paint for your project! Here are some acrylic paints I found!

Acrylic Paint Pens

If regular acrylic paint feels too messy, try these acrylic paint pens! Any momma will know that preventing a mess is a huge win, LOL!

A Stuffy

Finally, one of my favourite items to include in the kids’ Easter baskets is a stuffed animal.

Plush Bunny

Another great find from Vancouver’s The Cross is this adorable plush bunny. I love the extra-long ears. The cutest!!

Plush Bunny

This stuffy was also so cute that I had to include it in this list!

Well, there you have it! All of my tips for curating the perfect custom easter basket for your kiddos. What items will you be adding to your kids’ baskets?



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