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How to Help: The Ones You Love and Your Community During COVID-19

The other day I had a virtual meeting with all of the girls on Team Jilly to see how they have been holding up during the quarantine (Stay tuned for another post going live Tuesday on how you to help your team!). I really wanted to make sure that not only they were doing ok, but their partners, kids, family members, and friends were doing well too. We discussed a lot of important topics during this call and a topic that we discussed in length was how to help others during this time and how we could provide support to our community. Today I’m excited to dig a little deeper on both of these topics with you!

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How to help the ones you love: 

1. FaceTime

With quarantine in full-effect and not being able to get out and socialize it so important that we still connect with the ones we love. Whether it’s a quick phone call or planning some time to sit down and FaceTime it’s never been more important to get some one-on-one time!

2. Plan a virtual movie night

There is nothing better than putting on your Pj’s, cuddling up in your favourite blanket and turning on a movie. If your family can’t physically be with you why not plan a virtual movie night? Pick a movie, make a FaceTime call and when you are all ready, yell “3,2,1 PLAY!”. How fun? Or better yet, you can download the Google Chrome Extension called Netflix Party for easy-peasy synchronized viewing!

3. Mail handwritten cards 

Give someone a warm fuzzy by sending off a handwritten note in the mail! Whether you have a stack of used greeting cards (like me LOL!) or if you have supplies to make one, sit down and write your loved ones a special note to brighten their day!

4. Drop off a doorstep gift

If you were able to get your hands on some extra supplies that you are willing to share you could make a doorstep gift for a neighbour, an elder community member, family or friend! Talk about instantly brightening someone’s day and letting them know you are thinking of them!!

5. Mental health check-in

A simple call to your friends and family could make all of the difference. While we are each going through different circumstances as we navigate through these uncertain times, it’s nice to check-in and make sure your loved ones are doing ok.

Jillian Harris Mamas for Mamas VIP Lunch Event

How to support your community: 

1. Set aside items that can be donated 

If you are taking some time to clean and organize your home like me (hopefully with a glass of wine in hand LOL) set aside any items that can be donated. Our communities will need help as we start to recover from this. Anything you can set aside and clean to donate later will be helpful for SO many!

2. Donate 

Food Banks are currently experiencing high volumes of demand! If you are able to spare some canned goods, and or none perishables items you will be helping so many people in your community. Justin and I recently donated to our local Food Bank and Mamas For Mamas to help our community while we navigate this together! There are so many other organizations that are requiring assistance during this time such as Canadian Blood Services, The Salvation Army and even volunteers to help at the Food Banks! If you are able to provide your assistance in any way you will be making a difference for so many.

Another way you can provide your support is by purchasing an Emma Knudsen Jilly Dress (currently on sale!!) and 10% of the sale will go to the food bank! Online shopping and giving back … sign me up!!

3. Shop online for the elderly and less fortunate 

You don’t need to run to the grocery store to lend a helping hand! Did you know that and many companies can deliver groceries, snacks and even food subscription boxes on your behalf? Just think of how special someone would feel to receive any of these packages on their doorstep! Here are a few of my favourite companies to order from:

4. Support your favourite Small shops

Most importantly wherever and whenever you can try to buy local, this is especially important during these times! If you follow me on Instagram I will be sharing some of my favourite small shops with you over the coming weeks. You can also find a list of all of my favourite brands here! Whether you purchase something now or buy a gift card to use later this will make a big difference in their world right now!  

Love Print by Jillian Harris

Sending you all lots of LOVE!

Also, if you are a mama and searching for a helpful resource during COVID-19 make sure to check out The Mama Coach, they just shared a post dedicated to Managing Pregnancy, Breastfeeding, and Motherhood During COVID-19!

Let’s continue to do our part in society by staying indoors to reduce the spread of this virus and let’s continue to lift others up! I’d love to hear what you are doing to support your loved ones and community members during this time. 



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