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How We are Handling Covid-19 at JHD

Hi everyone! As many of you are well aware, there has been lots of news unfolding in regards to Covid-19 as things progress here in Canada and around the world. As a team, we are taking things day by day here at JHD and trying to stay as informed as possible.

Here at JHD we are trying to stay positive and proactive and have decided to cancel all of our scheduled photoshoots and meetings this week (and indefinitely until we feel safe to resume)  so that our team can stay healthy and work from home. We are putting our team’s safety, health, and mental health first and will do our best to run our business “as usual” throughout this time of uncertainty.

We had a virtual meeting this morning and brainstormed lots of great content for you and your families that we will start to roll out over the next two weeks in hopes to help to get everyone through the best we can during these difficult weeks. We will also continue to sprinkle in content that is not directly related to Covid-19 through the blog and over social media in addition to our Covid-19 related content. We hope this provides a little bit of everything that you can find helpful and inspirational during this tough time.

If there is anything we can do to support you and your community please let us know. We are already brainstorming how we can help in other various capacities! Please remember that we LOVE all of you and we are sending all of our positive vibes your way. We hope you and your families stay safe and healthy throughout this time.



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  1. Hi Jillian!
    It was on your Instagram that you posted a TikTok. What’s your account name? I want to follow you!


    1. Hi Rayah, my tiktok account is @jillianharris8 (don’t ask about the 8 LOL, I don’t know how it got there!).

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