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I Finally Made the Switch to Natural Deodorant: Here’s What I Learned!

I’m one of those people who, for the LONGEST time, didn’t really care about going to more natural products for my body, because, well … I’m kind of reckless like that! LOL! C’mon, I was one of those girls who used to drink a 2 litre of wildberry cooler when I was 19!!! LOL!!

However, it wasn’t until I started learning more about animal testing (and after having Leo!) that it really got me thinking differently about the products I use on a daily basis. When I first became more conscious of where things came from, how they were made, and animal testing, I knew I had to start making some changes and that all started with the food that I ate … then it moved from there to being more aware of the clothing I was buying. I mean, it’s a work in progress and while I still have a lot to learn and perfect, I’m now moving onto changing up the things I purchase in the beauty and body world!! Ps. If you missed my everyday makeup tutorial, check it out here, it features some of my favourite cruelty-free makeup!!

Every time I went to the drugstore to pick up deodorant I started feeling icky about it … I didn’t really want to continue to buy the big name brands as I knew they sold their products to China … for those that may not know, the rule of thumb is, if something is sold in China they are obligated to go through animal testing. I also knew that some of these products were filled with aluminum which could cause risk for breast cancer.

So, that’s about the time I decided to take the leap and switch over to natural deodorant … for a few reasons. One, I love being about to support small, local brands … secondly, these smaller brands tend to be more eco-conscious and don’t test on animals and lastly … it’s better for my body!!

Jillian Harris Natural Deodorant

Now, I’ll be completely honest … it has taken me almost SIX MONTHS to go through this process. I wanted to make sure to test out some different brands and see which one I loved the best. I would try one particular brand for two weeks then I would switch to another to test it out. I almost gave up SO MANY times throughout this process … I was stinky (going through pit detox!!) and it was a bit of a struggle to find one that I totally approved of!!

I started this whole process by trying K’pure’s natural deodorant! At first, I didn’t love it because I wasn’t really fond of having to apply the deodorant with my fingers. Also, considering this was the very first time I transitioned over, I really should have been using their Clean Up detox mask (this helps detox your pits and helps with the stink!!) … but I accidentally gave it away and never had the chance to use it so I just went straight into using the deodorant.

After a couple of weeks, I swapped and started using Schmidt’s and while I loved the smell of their lavender deodorant (it was actually my fave scent out of all of them!) I found it really just didn’t work for me. However … this was at the very beginning of the process so maybe I’ll have to give it another shot … for scent’s sake! LOL!

Jillian Harris Natural Deodorant

From there I transitioned to Saje’s natural deodorants … again, I LOVED the scents of both of their deodorants (and I’m a HUGE Saje fan) but I didn’t like the fact that the one deodorant was a spray (I prefer a roll on!). The other one I tried from Saje was their Crystal Fresh deodorant stick but you have to get it wet before applying it which I wasn’t particularly fond of.

After testing out Saje for a few weeks I went BACK to K’pure and used it solely for a month straight. I found that after a little longer of a detox and after testing out a few others that I really did like K’pure’s product. I found that it DID work and I wasn’t as stinky anymore but I had to reapply quite often … typically a deodorant would last me about 4-8 hours or longer without reapplying. However, I was okay to reapply knowing that I had peace of mind using a natural product and that it was also better for the environment.

LASTLY … yes, there’s another one … LOL!! The last natural deodorant I tried out was Nala natural deodorant … and, ladies and gentleman … THIS IS MY FAVE and I’m so excited about it!! Nala is made by a 25-year-old from Vancouver and it is an applicator deodorant!! It goes on nice and smooth and doesn’t make my armpits feel wet or sticky!!

Jillian Harris Natural DeodorantJillian Harris Natural Deodorant

Okay, there you have it!! So, as a quick takeaway, my top three would be the following …

  • Nala (this is my fave and I would buy it regularly!)
  • K’pure (make sure to use the detox mask … the only downfall is the fingertip application!)
  • Saje (smells delish and love the brand … the only downfall is I’m not a fan of the spray!)

Ps. I also tried Kopari’s Coconut Deodorant and I love it too (plus it smells delish) but I haven’t tried it for as long as the others!!

If you are going to try to make this transition, I would suggest to do it when you’ve been in a long-term relationship … or if you’re single (and not out trying to mingle) because you are going to be a bit STINKY while your pits detox … LOL!! But I’m sure this whole process is also different for everyone!! Be patient with the process though, it’s well worth it and I’m so happy I stuck it out. Next up, once Justin is done with his Old Spice, it will be HIS turn to go through this! Then … after that, we are going to make the switch to natural body wash!!



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    1. Mix for detox

      1 tablespoon bentonite clay
      1 teaspoon apple cider vinegar
      1-2 teaspoons of water (to get right consistency)

      Leave on for 5-20 minutes. Rinse off in shower/with washcloth. I did it daily until I finished the mix and it helped A LOT!

  1. Great info! Thank you for your diligent work! Can you or someone give me the nity gritty on the detox….what, when, how long… how do you know when your detoxed? Thanks!!!!!

  2. I am just finishing 8 days of detoxing… wearing zero deodorant and using apple cider vinegar in the morning to clean my pits …. I chose the week of record breaking temperatures to do this detox 😐 So this post is perfect for me right now! Off to order some deodorant #yourewelcomefriendsandfamily

    1. My husband and I LOVE the Native brand. I also tried several that all failed and so love this brand that I have it auto shipped!!

  3. You should really give Curated a try, Lucy in the Sky is my fave and it has a lavender scent. They are out of Calgary.

  4. yes! i loveeee nala. they’re actually a mother daughter duo team! i use the geranium/lemon during the day and peppermint/charcoal as detox at night. i’ve converted my boyfriend into using the sandalwood/bergamot so i hope justin loves it too!

  5. So cool that you’re making the switch! I just purchased the Native natural deodorant without much hope as someone who HAS TO use antiperspirant but it worked like a charm from day 1! Literally magic! It smells amazing and they even have options for men if Justin wants to try it out.

      1. I also use Native sensitive coconut vanilla scent. I love it!
        Only three things, it’s not totally vegan as they use beeswax. I prefer to support local Canadian companies and it’s from the US. And third is the plastic packaging. Would rather a more eco friendly packaging. Perhaps I’ll give Nala a try. Where can you buy it? I’m in Vancouver. Thanks!

    1. I love Native as well.! The only natural deodorant that has worked for me. The coconut vanilla is my favorite scent.

  6. Have you tried Rocky Mountain Soap Company’s Natural Deoderant? It’s he first one I’ve tried and I love it! The lemongrass is my favorite and it is a roll on!

    1. I second Rocky Mountain soap. I switched to them a year and a half a go and haven’t looked back. My fave has been the geranium scent but I might have to give the lemongrass a try. ?

  7. I have used natural deodorant for years. I have found that the combo of the Lush aromaco bar with the Greeench powder works amazing. Lasts a long time and even works through my sweaty workouts.

    1. I tried many natural deodorants and I smelt pretty bad. I was embarrassed to be around people. I also ended up with fungus under my arms and needed antibacterial cream Its smelt horrible. I gave in and purchased my regular deodorant :(.

    2. Omg I’m going through this RIGHT now! I was using the greeench power from lush and the power bar too. I ended up with fungus in my armpits. It’s been terrible. Once I’m all cleared up I’m going to try some other brands.

  8. Thanks for all this info! I have tried so many natural deodorants and while I do like the K’pure one… I also don’t really like using my fingers to apply! I will have to give the Nala a try! Which Nala scent are you using?

  9. Is this the Medela Nursing Sleep Bra you’re wearing? Is Medela a good brand for bras while pregnant then (as well as nursing)? I’ve been looking at the T-Shirt and Comfort ones as well and wasn’t sure if they would be worth buying early or waiting until closer to due date.

  10. Hi Jill,

    I have been through a very similar experience with testing deodorant the last year or so! I worked at a local drug store so thankfully I had a discount to test out multiple dermatological deodorants that were paraben free, unscented & well a bit pricier than the usual aisle 4 deodorant. I personally deal with stress sweat the most as I have anxiety / hormonal issues which can add to the excess sweat in a workday or any given day really and it is very challenging to mask the smell let alone stay dry, at 27 years old I felt irregular “is this normal” constantly ran through my mind. I called my mom one night crying, asking her if there was anything she could recommend or research for me, I was tired of googling and getting different answers! What I am using currently (wet roll on applicator) is Nivea stress relief and it seems to be working great. However; I really appreciate that you bring to light animal testing and aluminums- I think we tend to forget the importance of what touches and goes into our bodies and as much as I dislike stress sweat Id rather smell than support animal testing or put harmful ingredients into my pours. Thank you for posting your top picks for doedorants, sometimes all we need is someone to relate to, to feel some sort of hope for relief.

    Thank you.

  11. Lavanilla is my favourite natural deodorant. Sephora sells it. Smells great! I really want to try Kopari’s deodorant.

  12. I’ve been using k’Pure’s natural deodorants (I love both scents!) for roughly 6 months and have definitely found my armpit soulmate! I use their detox mask weekly on my face, neck & pits and find it helps big time with stinky-pit switch over from traditional deodorant. And while Jillian finds the fingertip application a downfall, I see it as a bonus because whatever excess product is left on my fingers I can wipe on other stinky sweaty places….hello fresh toes!!!

  13. I switched five years ago so glad I did! I have couple that I love and won’t be without or other times I just use fresh lemon 🙂

    1. I posted about this several comments down. When I switched to Native, my pits darkened and just looked… gross. Someone said it may be the baking soda in the deodorant. When I stopped using Native, my pits returned to a normal colour. Shame, because it smelled good and seemed to work.

  14. Did you experience any skin discolouration in your armpits while making the switch? Is that something that is supposed to be aided with the detox? I recently switched without doing any additional steps and find that my armpit skin is darker than it used to be.

  15. I personally feel like body wash is the easy part, dr Bronners pure Castile soap is amazing, I use it for body wash for us and baby/ toddlers. I also dilute it with water in foaming soap pumps and use it in all the bathrooms as hand soap, best hand soap ever and is it so much less expensive. They have all different scents. And there are a lot of other uses as well. I think you would like it.

  16. I started using natural deodorant around the same time you started that process. I was so skeptical and the first 2 weeks were rough (I started with k’pure as well) but after a few weeks I was hooked. Once I finished my k’pure deodorant I tried routine cream, both brands are finger applications (which at the start I hated, but doesn’t even faze me now). Thank you so much for doing this blog!!

    Can’t wait for your blog on the men’s natural deodorants 🙂

  17. Thanks for the info. I find I need an antiperspirant as well as a deordorant Not too many on the market that are both, but I have found Tom’s of Maine to be quite good.

  18. Clean Kiss Organics is my absolute fave deo. Took me years to find one that really works. Canadian brand too!

  19. I haven’t tried any of the others but I do use Sage spay and roll on at the same time. First I spray and that leave my pits wet enough for the roll on so you don’t have wet it 🙂

  20. I have really been wanting to do this for a year now and never have for fear of stinking it up real bad at the gym when someone is next to me ??. Just curious how long the detox takes? Thanks for the article.

  21. I too have tried many natural deodorants and some work for a while then they don’t
    The best one I have found so far is called No Pong. It also comes in a re-usable container so no waste!

  22. It took me almost 6mths to decide on a natural deodorant as well. Like others, my favourite is Native! The coconut vanilla is so good! And it lasts for my 12hr hectic nursing shifts

  23. Apple cider vinegar is supposed to help your pits not stink. You can apply it a bit before having a shower. I wonder if that would help the detox process and to cut back on the smell during that…

  24. I use Native deodorant , it is hands down one of the best deodorants I have ever used. They offer tons of scents and free shipping to Canada . It however is not gluten-free as they use arrowroot powder. I did do a bennonite powder detox under my arms prior to using it and would recommend it to anyone . I even bought it for my friends and family for Christmas last year so they could all try new natural options!

  25. I committed to using aluminum free deodorants based on the breast cancer risks over a ear ago (I tried Tom’s, Jason, Soft and Dri) and didn’t find that any of them really gave me the results that I look for in a deodorant (aka, preventing smelly arm pits). I found that when I got home each night I was stinky. However I have now found a product that I really like, which is aluminum free and actually works! It’s Adidas absorbent deodorant (I’ve found it at Shoppers Drugmart and Walmart in Toronto). I’m sure this product isn’t all natural, but I thought I would mention it if any ladies are looking for a deodorant that works well but is aluminum free.

  26. Primally Pure is a fantastic one too. I’ve used lemongrass, geranium and the charcoal. All have worked very well and I’m a total sweater.
    It also helps if you transition during colder months. 🙂

  27. Hi Jillian,

    Just was wondering what scent you used of the Nala deodorant? Have you tired all three? If so which was your favorite.


  28. Have you tried Weleda … they are the first company to produce truly natural and organic skincare products and have been doing so since 1921! Their deodorants are really lovely and have scents to suit everyone in either a roll on or spray.

  29. I’m just about over my natural deodorant detox I THINK lol. I use Young Living Mountain Mist deodorant! It smells so good and goes on super smooth! Also I use it in the back of my thighs to reduce the appearance of cellulite!!! It’s seriously cool! You should add it to your try list!

    You can order some here:

    They also ship to Canada! I wish I would’ve take. The natural deodorant plunge a long time ago! I’m slowly switching all my products over and feeling so much better about it! Yeah now if I can get my husband to kick his Old Spice habit LOL.

    Love your blog Jillian!

  30. I’m so glad to hear some reviews on natural deodorants. I have been using a brand called KLSKIN Naturals made in the kootenays. I look forward to trying nala.

  31. I love Penny Lane deodorant. It’s natural and a Canadian company. Grapefruit scent is my fav but here are many to choose from.

  32. I’ve made the switch too! The stinky phase isn’t fun however it’s a small price to pay for the benefits! I first tried the Toms apricot scent and it was awful!! Horrible texture, smell and it did not work at all. Then I tried SmartyPits (cute!) which I really liked. They are a small women run business! Lastly I ordered Native and haven’t looked back since. I love their variety of scents, they go on smooth and last all day! Winner winner!

  33. My absolute favourite is Native, I never thought an all natural deodorant could help my sweaty stinky menopausal armpits, there was no detoxing, worked right from day one. ❤️

  34. I use Native and it’s the only one I have tried that works. Although I have not tried the brands you did, I have tried natural options from Jason, Green Beaver and Norwex and the Native is my favourite. I basically just stopped there. I’m a hormonal sweater but this one is the only one I’ve tried that doesn’t leave me stinky. I know you love to support Canadian products and although I’m pretty sure this is American, it’s definitely worth a try! The Vanilla/Coconut scent is delicious! You should try it too!

  35. When I switched to natural deodorant I feel like I tried 20 different kinds. Now I use Primally Pure and its night and day difference to the other natural ones. I’ve told so many friends and family who have switched over to it with no issues. I workout daily and also work as a nurse and don’t want odor issues or to be reapplying throughout the day.

  36. Thank you for this! My kopari comes today and am so excited to try it… maybe… not excited for the complete detox phase but have been slowly transitioning amount of regular deodorant in hopes it will help!

  37. I love Routine brand, I noticed it in the picture but no mention in the post. One great plus about finger application for deodorant is it gives you a daily chance to self check for any lumps/bumps but I get that it’s not the most fun way to apply deodorant. Thanks for the great post…I made the switch awhile back and feel the same as you…it took a lot of research to find “the one” ?

  38. Hi Jill I noticed routine deodorant in your posts, did you try this one? (It’s also applied with your fingers)

    1. I love Routine, it’s in the pic of deodorants on the tray. I found Green Beaver gave me a rash and Schmidt’s was a fav for a while until I noticed it just wasn’t holding up all day. Routine keeps my pits fresh all day long through this blazing hot Ontario summer. It’s my fav by far!!

    2. I’m curious about this too, I use routine’s superstar (or is it rock star?) and love it! What did you think?

    3. I make my own! 50/50 baking soda and arrowroot (or corn starch), coconut oil to a frosting consistency, a couple drops of olive oil to keep it pliable, and essential oils for a pleasing scent. I’ve been using this since 2012. Getting used to sweating was hard, but it’s worth it. This stuff works better than most of the ones I’ve tried!

    4. Jillian, you should definitely give Native a try! Coconut Vanilla is great but they have so many other scents too!

    5. I love this post too. It’s something I’ve been experimenting with aswell. I’m using Sugar and Spice coconut ? krush. It’s made by a lady in maple ridge. My favorite part … “not tested on animals, five children and a brave husband were used instead”. There’s tons of scents including a couple for boys. My hubby and son use “fierce” and coconut krush too. They enjoy smelling like a tropical ? vacation like mama. Seriously tho. People stop me on the street and ask what I’m wearing. I raise my pits and waft. 🙂

  39. What is the detox process about and why do you need to detox your pits? I only use deodorant occasionally while working out because I don’t think I really need it. Thinking about making the switch to natural deodorant for as little as I do use it.

  40. I recently switched and love natives vanilla coconut! They even have a sensitive formula! It’s not native to Canada but handmade in the US and their customer service is amazing!

  41. I am so happy you went over this topic!! I switched a few months ago to a Crystal roll on deodorant after my mother in law was talking to me about the toxins in the big brand deodorants and the aluminum linking to breast cancer. She has been using it for 30 years so I gave it a shot. You do go through some “aches and pains” while detoxing but it was worth it! I wasn’t quite sure why it wasn’t working right away and then I realized I needed to probably get rid of some toxins before it works, at least that’s what I believed. At the end of month one, I noticed I wasn’t stinky anymore and realized I didn’t need to re apply a few times during the day since my body was now used to the crystal deodorant. Thank you for making me feel normal about the process!!

    Also, I tried Schmidt’s Deodorant about a year ago and I gave it a couple of rounds but I kept breaking out bad!! I wish it would have worked out but my body did not agree with it either.

    Thanks again!! ?

  42. OH man. The Green Goddess natural deodorant is the best thing I’ve ever brought into my life. You’re SERIOUSLY missing out. I never once smelt my B.O. or felt my pits were detoxing. It smells AMAZING.. literally like you’re a living vacation. (Coconut lime is the scent I use.) and I only ever have to apply it once a day. And best of all, it’s made local to Peace River (represeeeent) by the most kind hearted, gentle soul of a woman trying to support 3 kids while pursuing her passion.

  43. For natural body wash – it’s going to sound strange but Enjo body products, like their household cleaning products, use only water. I was very skeptical but got their eye makeup remover. It removes waterproof mascara and make up with just water. You can’t get much more natural than that. I use their face glove on my newborn who has eczema and it’s been great.

  44. Did you find that any of the deodorants caused irritation? I’ve been trying to make the switch and have tried 2 different natural deodorants but they have irritated my armpits. If they did cause a bit of irritation, what did you do to help it?

    1. Ashley, you might have a sensitivity to the baking soda used in many natural deodorants. I had a terrible reaction when I first tried switching over, almost like a chemical burn! A lot of companies make a sensitive formula though (free of baking soda) so that might be worth a try? I had no reaction to the sensitive formula of the kind I tried, which was Native deodorant.

  45. Like others have said, I’m a big fan of Native! Their seasonal Rosé scent is my absolute favorite, and they also have baking soda-free sensitive versions as well. Also, I’m a BIG fan of Boyle’s Naturals Pit Grit – it’s a natural scrub to use in the shower, and I swear it makes my pits so much cleaner than regular soap and make my natural deodorant work better! Lastly, when I went through the detox process, I did a few bentonite clay masks – I think it helped a little, but ultimately was just too messy for me to continue. But other people on the internet swear by it if you can handle the mess!

  46. I tried a few with no success, but a few months ago my sister recommended NoPong’s Anti-ordorant. It is inexpensive compared to many other natural deodorants, made in Vancouver, and it worked awesome right away! (no stinky detox) It is a fingertip application, but it works so well that I don’t mind. I was SO happy to find something that works for me.

  47. I’ve been using Kopari’s for almost a month and love it! Haven’t been stinky at all so I hope I don’t!

  48. Hi,

    I’ve always struggled with underarm sweat and smells. I used to use clinical strength versions of the big drug store brands and it would still make me smell sometimes.
    Like you, things change after pregnancy and your first child- you do become more aware of what you’re putting on your body and i knew that I had to try and change.
    I found, Native Deoderant, and it really saved my pits .. no matter which scent I use from them(they smell amazing btw) it just neutralizes my scent and it lasts ALL DAY. Remember .. I was using clinical strength prior to using natural deoderant and it really worked for me.

    Hope this helps others that was in my situation!!

  49. These products do not even hold a candle to Native deodorant I promise you. Way more effective and so many amazing choices. You will without a doubt change your mind. I tried all products for multiple weeks and native blows those out of the water! I’m disappointed in this blog.

  50. I love this!!!! I have been waiting to see if you switched to natural beauty products! I’ve been doing the ditch and switch for about a year now and I’m now totally toxin free in my beauty products (thank-you Young Living!)
    A tip for natural deodorants is to put an essential oil like purification (young living) or lavender on right before you put the deodorant on for a little scent boost 🙂
    Love seeing all your posts and I’m extra happy about this one!!! Way to go mama!!!

    The seedlings line from young living is amazing for babies as well! I use it on my son and I feel so good knowing exactly what I’m putting on his skin!

  51. I see you have routine in the picture. I live near Calgary and my husband got a small sample from them when he did the firefighter stair climb this pass April. He wasn’t a fan of the application being by hand and underarm hair thing. Just wondering your thoughts on the product if you used it.

    Thank you.

  52. I did the same process. I ended up with Schmidt’s, but I finally realized I couldn’t do the regular. I had to do the sensitive because the baking soda was irritating me. The pineapple coconut ?? is amazing! If you ever try more products without baking soda, let us know what you find and thank you for sharing!

  53. I use Sugar & Spice. They are made in Maple Ridge BC! Pink Sugar is my fave. They have a men’s line, lotion and body wash.

  54. Hey Jillian
    I use Saje exotic crystal deodorant I actually love the stray because I don’t feel wet after I use it. As for my husband he uses The Body Shop Maca Root Deodorant for Men. He loves it it’s natural and they do t test on animals. Sometimes I use it to because it has a light scent.

  55. Try Native Deodorant at: It works great and smells great. It was the very first deodorant I’ve tried and since it worked for me right away, I never strayed. For my first purchase I got the Coconut Vanilla scent for me and the Eucalyptus Mint for Hubby. He loves his too and uses it every day. Recently I purchased the summer pack with the scents Coconut Lime, Hibiscus & Mint, Stawberry & Rhubarb. Cannot wait to get them!

  56. Native is amazing! Coconut Vanilla is delish.
    Others haven’t worked for me but this brand does! I workout and sweat A LOT and it keeps on ticking!

  57. Try the Fuji apple deodorant from Tiber river Naturals. My fav. Made of cocobutter and arrowroot it works amazing and it’s from a powerful group of lady bosses in Winnipeg Manitoba ?❤️

  58. You should try Native, it’s amazing and I have tried so many natural deodorants with no success until I found Native. Survives a full day and even a workout or hike better than any antiperspirants I’ve used. My favourite scents are coconut vanilla and lavender rose. The citrus herbal musk is awesome for guys, smells similar to old spice.

  59. When I transitioned to natural deodorant, it also took a long time for me to find one I actually liked and worked well for me. I tried tons! I finally came across the company NATIVE. I absolutely love their product, and it works so well. It’s not made in Canada, but there are only four ingredients and they dont test on animals!

  60. Love this post! I made the switch to natural deodorant a few years ago, and definitely went through the “detox” stages. I Do have a question about Nala. Does it melt in the okanagan heat? I run into the problem with my current product (it turns into a puddle and is impossible to use) and have been searching for something that’s not just a crystal that can handle okanagan summers. Please let me know! Thankyou!

  61. Have you tried the native deodorant?? My sister uses it and loves it .. just wanted to know your thoughts!

  62. Sugar and spice deodorant is great as well. Based out of maple ridge. Can find it at save on foods and pharmasave (that I am aware of). Lots of scents! I too tried lots till I found this brand. I play soccer and keeps me fresh. :).

  63. Nutters has an amazing natural body wash. Dessert essence is the brand and the coconut one. They have s body lotion.

  64. Great post! I have been using natural Deodorant for about two years now. I use the LUSH AROMACO which is a solid that resemles a soap bar which you rub on your underarm and then I use the dusting powder THE GREENCH. Dusting powder is not my fave I have learned a few tricks over the years.. Go on your tipie toes over the sink and then there is no mess on the counter. 🙂

  65. I’ve tried all of these but I truly LOVE Native coconut brand. You can set a monthly subscription and it’s honestly the best. The detox part isn’t fun and I find myself having to reapply but it’s worth it

  66. No Pong! All natural, Canadian inventor, ships from your province! Regular and less bicarbonate choices if you are very sensitive. No plastic, cute little reusable tins.

  67. I love Piper Wai & Meow Meow Tweet. They are both applied with your fingers (I dip a q-tip in the jar) and apply with my fingers. I play a lot of sports and find that they work great!

  68. Hi Jillian!
    I’ve been on the same journey! The natural deodorant I’ve found that has been working is The Beaver Company. The scent I’ve been using is lavender. I find on hot, sweaty days, I need to reapply it about every 4-6 hours but I’m cooler days, I can actually go the whole day almost!
    Anyways, check it out!

  69. No Pong is another great one! Paraben, Aluminum, Cruelty and Plastic free! Plus you can reuse their little containers for other little things!

  70. It’s funny but I was just having this conversation with my mom and husband and how I go back and forth on making the switch. I think I am scared of the detox period and that’s what’s holding me off. Thank you again for a great post!

  71. I was so excited for this blog because I feel like I switched over around the same time you announced you started doing the research for this blog… But so disappointing since $26 for deodorant is quite steep. Appreciate the insight regardless! (side note: does anyone else find the essential oils in the natural deodorants stains your clothes???)

  72. I use a bit of the saje spray and then immediately rub their crystal deodorant while my armpit is still wet, then I don’t have to wet the crystal with water and I get a little bit more stink coverage? Love the peaceful warrior and exotic scents in the spray and you can also buy the spray and crystal in a duo kit!

  73. I made the switch to Native deodorant, based on all the internet rave reviews about how well it worked and how good it smelled. I have no idea why, but it made my armpits DARK… like I had a five o’clock shadow all the time. When I ditched Native, my underarms magically returned to their normal colour. I emailed Native’s customer service, and they admitted that for reasons unknown, some have this issue after making the switch. Google is filled with similar horror stories. There was no way I was going to walk around with black pits, so I went back to my regular Secret. If anyone has any experience with this, or a reasonable explanation, I’d love to hear, because I really would like to go the natural deodorant route someday.

    1. I started using Schmidt’s several months ago, but had to switch to the sensitive skin formula because the baking soda in the regular formula was “burning” my underarms and discolouring them. No problem since switching though.

  74. In the cover photo you have some from Routine (made in AB I think) but you don’t mention it at all. I’ve been trying the “Super Star” one they sell, and really love it. Did you try Routine at all? Wondering how it stacks up to your favorites.

  75. Greetings from Finland! ?? Love your blog ☺️ I tried an aluminium-free deodorant for a couple of days, but I just couldn’t stand being around myself, the stink was soooo bad! ? How long does the stinkyness continue?? I really would like to start using a natural deo, but I don’t know how to get through the detox-fase! Please help!

  76. When I was detoxing, I always brought a second t-shirt to work (same colour if possible) and would change / reapply half-way through the day. I’ve also found the brand doesn’t really matter anymore. Right now I’m using Green Beaver and it’s great.

  77. Rocky Mountain Soap Company super awesome Canadian products… lemongrass body wash and I found the “outdoor spray” I used as natural bug spray worked awesome !!!! And I’ve just started using Green Beaver brand I believe from Ontario deodorant is awesome and they have a bunch of natural products. I purchased them off

  78. Hopefully you continued using the Kopari deodorant….omg it is by far my favourite as far as scent. I feel the most fresh with it. Tried Nala lemon and geranium, geranium is just not for me….thought lemon would help it but can’t get past the geranium. Next tried peppermint and charcoal….my armpits are on fire….omg…. the Nala is so thick. Definitely recommending Kopari and hey if anyone is ordering it, I also highly recommend the coconut pulling. Not the most pleasant but within 2 times my teeth were whiter.

    Always on the look out for other brands, so will keep looking, but I don’t know that one will come close to Kopari. Absolutely love it.

  79. I have been using for several years now Rocky Mountain Soap. I use the men’s deodorant because it’s citrus. I use there rosemary and mint shampoo and conditioner (they sell in litre bottles which I use to fill up smal dispensers). I also use there body wash as well. They have a whole skin care line and other soaps/sun screen and stuff for babies and kids. I love there stuff and it works well. It’s made in Canmore AB.

  80. Piperwai deodorant is also worth a try! It’s vegan and cruelty free. I’ve used it for years and love it. It comes in stick or jar (I recommend and prefer the jar if you can get used to it).

  81. Just made the switch recently to natural deodorant and my absolute favourite is Mega Babe, it’s created by Kate Sturino from NYC and the smell is incredible and it really WORKS. The only downfall with Megababe is how popular it is so sometimes waiting for a restock can take too long, my backup is Kopari’s Coconut deodorant and I love it almost as much!

  82. I started with Scmidt’s deoderant (for about 2 months) but ended up getting a rash. I think there was too much baking soda in it for me. Since then I started using Primally Pure Charcoal deoderant and am LOVING it. And they have a bunch of other amazing products as well! You should really check them out!

  83. I am curious how everyone handles the wetness that still comes with using natural deodorant? I LOVE to wear grey but don’t feel like I can because I still sweat. Any tips?

  84. My friend Liz Dornian makes natural deodorant, soaps and shampoos that are amazing AND package free. She is also a nutritionist and created some of the BEST vegan and non vegan meals. Please check her out at You will LOVE her!! Not only is she talented, smart and naturally beautiful she is SUPER environmentally conscious and an absolute gem of a person. You really should get to know her!!

  85. For all those recommending Native deodorant, I believe it has been purchased by distribution giant Proctor and Gamble to widen their portfolio. P&G has a endless list of products that are nor cruelty free or vegan. This product specifically is cruelty free – but the company profiting is most certainly NOT. Maybe I’m incorrect and missing something but I would never use this product and prefer to support smaller businesses that I am sure are cruelty free. Please do your research.

  86. I know you are all about reducing waste, you should check out Myro Deodorant. The first time you purchase you buy a “case” every time after that you order a “refill”. Deodorant smells amazing and I love the recyclable concept! AND you can’t beat the price at $10!

  87. Hi,

    Just wondering if you tried ROUTINE or Native? There are in the first picture along with the others, but not included in the write up.

  88. Did Nala give you a coupon code by any chance? I really want to try it but with shipping it’s really quite expensive :-(. Also, what scent did you try?

  89. Here is it December… Your body chemistry prob changed a little bit after birthing your sweet baby girl <3…. Is Nala still your fav deodorant? I am finally purchasing today and wanted your feedback. Love your feed. I follow you on Instagram daily. Love from Wisconsin :)))

  90. Just starting the switch and am so stinky! I purchased the Nala care detox one. Love the smell but don’t love the smell of my armpits lol how long does this process usually take?

  91. I just finished this process as well! Started in May 2018 and at times the stank was real (K’Pure Clean Up has rescued these pits many times). The brand I’m currently loving is Native and I’m using the orange/honeysuckle seasonal scent. I’d highly recommend it! My boyfriend has also made the swap and though he has to apply more often than I do, he still prefers it over his drugstore brand. He uses the citrus musk and it smells great. When I’m finished with this stick I think I’ll give Nala a try to compare 🙂 thanks for the recommendation!

  92. Ou good to know!! I just started a few months ago with Native but lately it has been giving me a burning sensation. Can’t wait to try these!

  93. Are you still using one of these deodorants? Curious after this long if you’ve stuck to it and which one became your regular?

  94. I’m a fan of Native deoderant! I work 12 hour shifts in an emergency department and I feel like I still smell fine after that. I’ve also tried rocky mountain soap company and it didn’t work for me at all but I’m still using Native and would recommend it for sure.

  95. I made the switch as well. I detoxed my pits for a couple weeks with organic apple cider (wipe on with cloth or use a small spray bottle) then I switched to No Pong (made in Canada. No plastic) I absolutely love it. It is finger tip applied but so is the lotion that I use on my legs and face. To me there is no difference. I absolutely love this product. I signed up for a monthly subscription so I never run out and never have to remember to buy more. I truly recommend this all natural anti odourant that truly works.

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