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Leo’s Fall Faves

Is it weird to admit (in August … lol!) that I’m REALLY looking forward to Fall this year?! Now that Leo is on the move, I can’t wait to dress him up in little jackets and toques and BOOTS this year and go for walks with him and Nacho!! Don’t get me wrong, I freakin love everything about summer but I guess it’s just been so hot and smokey here lately that I’ve started doing a little Fall daydreaming! And the excitement over Leo’s first steps definitely plays a role here!!! OMG … see, I’m starting to drift off into crisp “Fall land” right now … I’m thinking of picking apples and going to the pumpkin patch … jumping in puddles and making big piles of leaves in our yard for him to jump in! I can’t wait!

Jillian Harris Leos Fall Favourites

Leo’s Hat | Leo’s Romper | Leo’s Bunny (Similar)

As the end of summer slowly encroaches in on us I wanted to start some of Leo’s favourite items and brands lately to get him geared up for Autumn … and of course, that means that I have to share them with you too!

This year I want to get Leo a cozy North Face fleece and some Hunter rubber boots mainly for the fact that if I get him the black Hunter’s we will match … LOL!!! Helloooo Instagram pictures!! Am I crazy?? Does anyone else do this? LOL!! Below are a few items that I have my eye on for Leo this Fall … I mean, c’mon they’re adorable! LOL!

Jillian Harris Leos Fall Favourites

1. Fleece Jacket | 2. Moccasins | 3. Bandana | 4. Pom Pom Toque | 5. Bow Tie | 6. Dapper Woven Shirt | 7. Jeans | 8. Eye Love You Romper | 9. Hunter Rubber Boots | 10. Beanie | 11. Sweater

I also wanted to share a few of Leo’s favourite brands in this blog as well (in addition to those listed above!) as some of them are smaller companies that you may not know about yet and they have tthe most adorable stuff around! So in no particular order, here are a few of them off the top of my head!

Oh my goodness … I’m probably forgetting so many other great brands … there are just SO many amazing clothing companies out there!! Have you heard of any of the brands above?? If so, who is your favourite?? Do you have a favourite that’s not listed above?? Make sure to let me know in the comments section below!



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  1. Love all his clothes! I have a 10 month old and I get insp from Leo’s outifts. Where did you get Leo’s palm frond pjs?

  2. Hey Jill! You have the greatest taste when it comes to shopping. My little one is starting preschool soon, and I was wondering if you could recommend a good online store to shop for backpacks!!

  3. I’m with you, I LOVE Summer! But there is something about dressing for Fall that is so fun! Especially with little minis. My son is a month younger then Leo so I totally appreciate this post. Love all your choices. Bring on the Fall Photo Shoots!

  4. Where’s the best place you’ve found to buy hats for Leo? I’ve been looking for a cute baseball hat for my LO and haven’t had too much luck.

  5. I love anchors and arrows baby boutique that i i see leo often wearing but i tbjnk you linked the wrkng shop – maybe?! I may nr wrlng! T

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