Levi’s Holiday Outfit Inspiration

Lately….ALL I’ve been wanting to do is bundle up in ANYTHING faux fur, knit and plaid. The perfect combination if you ask me!! I guess that’s just a given around this time of year. Sitting in front of the fireplace drinking some hot chocolate and enjoying time with friends an family in your comfy clothes…definition of LOVE!!! Today, I wanted to share with you one of my new favourite and COMFIEST outfits that I recently picked up from Levi’s…

Boyfriend jeans can be a scary step towards the “do they make me look bigger than I am” motto that we all have in our heads!! When really they add that extra bit of trend to your outfit and make things a whooooole lot comfier!!! I totally recommend taking that step into the deep end and never looking back…you won’t regret it!

Knit sweaters are a GREAT staple when it comes to holiday dressing. They keep you warm and make any outfit look cute. Add a touch of plaid either underneath or around your waist and you will be the most fashionable one around the fireplace OH and the comfiest!!!

Photo 2014-11-24-9 Photo 2014-11-24-8 Photo 2014-11-24-7 Photo 2014-11-24-6

Faux Fur Stole | Plaid | Sweater | Levi’s Jeans | Daniel Wellington Watch | Sorel Boots

What are some of your tricks to comfy holiday dressing?? I’d love some ideas!!!


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