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Little Gifts That Make A Big Difference

The season of giving is one of my favourite times of year. I love giving presents to friends, family, the less fortunate and even total strangers. Nothing beats the feeling of making someone’s day, month or even year!! I have a huge soft spot for seeing someone cry tears of joy or even show the simple smile when they receive something that they love. The only problem is … the season of giving also means the season of spending. Although extravagant gifts can impress people, it’s the thoughtful gifts that warm the heart and make a lasting impression. I have curated a list of little gifts that will still make a big difference AND are cost effective. Your wallets will be thanking you and so will your recipient …

1. McCafé Coffee Gram
| The McCafé Free Coffee promotion has officially returned to Canada until November 26th (varies by province). Celebrate it by sending someone you love a Coffee Gram (or in other words free coffee). Head to their website and make a coffee date with your special someone and share it to them via Twitter, Facebook or email!!

OR enter in my GIVEAWAY to win FREE coffee for a year simply by sharing a McCafé Coffee Gram with your one dream coffee date via Twitter, tagging myself, your date AND using the hashtag #McCaféFreeCoffee. I will announce the lucky winner on November 30th on Twitter! Good luck!! Giveaway open to Canadian residents only (excluding those in the province of Québec, sorry!) 77c379c0471685dc165e08d1bedd2f5d

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2. Hand Written Note or Card | put this in an antique locket that’s lying around the house or something sentimental so that they can carry a part of you around with them wherever they go. You can write anything you like that is meaningful or funny for the two of you. It will always be something that you share together and can reflect on as the years go by.


3. Gift Of You | Coupon books are so fun to make for someone and also fun to receive. Get creative and think of things that are funny, meaningful and fun to do for the two of you. This will allow you to spend more time together in the long run while making more memories.

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4. Framed Picture | You can make this gift as extravagant or simple as you like. Everyone loves receiving framed pictures to hang on to as a keep sake and a memory. You can either print this out yourself or go to a store and have it printed for cheap!! You can make a frame out of wood or go to the dollar store and even buy a photo album. It doesn’t matter how it’s framed, its the effort and the thought put into the gift that counts. If you don’t have a picture of the two of you go with a framed inspirational quote. This is just as thoughtful and a great addition to any room.

Gift Books

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5. Pre-Read Book | If you have a favourite book that reminds you of someone, give it to them as a gift!!! It is fun to read a pre-read book knowing that someone was thinking of you throughout the duration of it. Write a cute little note in the front cover and tie with a big red bow and you are set!!!

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6. Donation to Charity | If there’s a charity the recipient is passionate about, make a small donation to it in her name. OR let them pick between two of your favourites that you know they would love to support. It is always a great feeling making a donation to someone who really needs the help…


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7. Christmas Baking | Christmas baking is always great for a last minute gift idea and also a very cost effective gift. Everyone makes different christmas cookies and it’s fun to share your personal favourite recipes with others. Nothing beats receiving homemade baked treats, especially in time for Christmas to share with your guests.

lavender mint sugar scrub

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8. Homemade Bath Scrub | T’is the season for warm baths to relax your snow chilled body. Nothing beats soaking in the tub after scrubbing yourself down to get rid of your dry skin of the season. It is SO easy to make your own and extremely cost effective so why not give it as a gift and make yourself your own all at the same time!


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9. Tickets | Instead of buying a present, gift yourself and your friend with a pair of tickets to the museum, zoo, or any exciting events or shows going on in your neighborhood. This doesn’t have to be expensive but is a great gift for you to spend time together. Get creative and have fun with it … even if it’s a ticket to a date night out!!!


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10. Ornament | This is an easy way to add in some Christmas spirit to any gift. Either make them yourself or buy something cute and meaningful to be used every year. This is a great memory to hold on to and will be something to always remember you by. My trick when wrapping is to use an ornament as the bow!!


Do you have any other gift ideas that are little but will still make a difference? I’d love to hear in the comments below …





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  1. Your gift ideas rock! They are so inspiring and they are totally going to help me for the season!Thinking about what to give to my friends sometimes makes me so confused, this list can help me much 🙂

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