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Who Lives Here? How to Personalize Your Home

Did you know that my pal Todd Talbot has been narrating a new show on W Network??? It’s  called “WHO LIVES HERE?.” I feel like my busy-bee lifestyle has actually rubbed off on him!!!

WHO LIVES HERE?” is a new series about how well peoples’ personalities match their homes. Five strangers tour each other’s houses together to try to figure out whose home it is!!!! And the winner walks away with bragging rights and mooolahhhh!!! The funniest is watching the owners pretend they don’t know their way around their own home.

Anyway… your home should always reflect YOU, what you like, your lifestyle, your dreams… and it’s interesting this does not happen naturally just by living in it. Here are some points I always consider when helping homeowners design their space!

1. Define your style.

Know what you gravitate towards, and what you are comfortable living in!!!!

2. Put those collectibles on display!

If your family has any keepsakes in a box, PUT THEM ON DISPLAY!! Mixing the old with the new is one of my secrets to creating interesting layered spaces.


3. Personalize a gallery wall.

If you have old photos that you love, frame them professionally and display! I actually hate displaying new photos… but we can meet in the middle, and as long as there is a variery: old photos, new photos, prints, art, then… I am in! And your life, likes, and personality will shine!


4. Combine your style with sentiment.

This I LOVE!!!! These homeowners were HUGE fans of stained glass, so we decided to include a custom-made stained glass window in the dining room in memory of Danielle’s father. The poppy represents her Dad, the two diamonds represent Danielle and her sister, and the little ones represent the grandchildren. Such a lovely way to bring such a sentimental piece into the home and truly make it yours!


5. Scatter accessories that inspire you throughout the house.

Scattering accessories around your home, even in small little nooks, will create interest and depth to the design!


W Network’s Who Lives Here? Airs Mondays at 10pm e/p on W Network. Catch clips of Season 1 here!

Sending BIG love to Francesca Albertazzi, the design team, and the talented Janis Nicolay for always capturing the little details to perfection!



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