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Look No Further: These Are My Favourite Swimwear Brands to Shop For Summer!

The weather is finally warming up here in British Columbia, and you know what that means… bring on the poolside hangouts and beach days! Basically, from now until Fall you can find me wearing sandals, shorts, and lots of bathing suits. When it comes to shopping for swimwear, some may say I have a slight obsession (I don’t disagree! LOL!), and because of that I’ve found the perfect swimwear companies that’ll make shopping a breeze!

Summersalt Swimwear

1. Summersalt

Category: Splurge

Starting things off with a bang, Summersalt has hands down some of the best swimsuits I’ve ever worn. Not only are they trendy, but they hug you in all of the right places. The cherry on top? They use recycled materials in all of their products and use earth-friendly packaging.

2. Imagine Perry

Category: Splurge

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that I LOVE anything Imagine Perry! So much so that we teamed up with them to make an exclusive Jilly Box x Imagine Perry design. While our suits are no longer in stock in The Jilly Market, be sure to check out Imagine Perry’s website for your next suit!

Jillian Harris' Favourite Swimwear For Summer
Jillian Harris Favourite Swimsuit Styles

3. Marysia

Category: Splurge

I’ve been wearing Marysia swimwear for as long as I can remember. Now, I’ll warn you they are pricey, BUT the quality is amazing, the designs are timeless, and they last forever! Here is the top I’m wearing!

4. Knix

Category: Splurge

Knix is another amazing brand we collaborated on swimwear with for The Jilly Box… can you tell I like my swimsuits? LOL! If you’ve ever tried Knix products and haven’t tried their swimwear yet… run don’t walk!

Jillian Harris x Knix Swimwear
Sustainable Swimsuits

5. Londre Body Wear

Category: Splurge

I recently discovered Londre Body Wear, and their swimwear is SO cute; I specifically have my eye on this one-piece. Not only do they have an amazing collection of bikinis and one-pieces, but they also ensure sustainability is top of mind!

6. Andie Swim

Category: Splurge

Andie Swim is another swimwear brand that I recently came across, and they have such a great collection. I would say their pieces are more basic and are super timeless, so you don’t need to worry about them being out of style in a few years!

Top Swimsuit Companies to Shop This Summer

7. Visual Mood

Category: Splurge

If you’re on the hunt for bathing suits with fun patterns, Visual Mood is where to go! Their prints are so fun, classic and trendy and would make for a great statement piece!

8. Beth Richards

Category: Splurge

I am OBSESSED with Beth Richards’s swimsuits! They are seriously such good quality and have the most beautiful patterns and designs. I wore one recently to Hawaii, and when I say my Instagram DMs blew up… I am not kidding! This is the exact bathing suit I own… it’s a keeper!

9. Shady Lady

Category: Save

If you haven’t checked out Shady Lady swimwear yet, you’re seriously missing out. Affordable prices and some great dupes!

10. Aerie

Category: Save

Last but certainly not least is Aerie! If you’re looking for suits on a budget and super size-inclusive styles, look no further! Plus, not only are Aerie’s suits affordable, but the quality is amazing, and they last forever!

Aerie Swimwear

Well, there you have it, a few of my tried, tested, and true swimwear companies and a few new ones that I’m going to test out! If you’re looking for a few more of my faves, check out our dedicated shop page here!



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