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Love It Or List It Vancouver: Anastasia & Nimira

I absolutely LOVED working with home owners Anastasia and Nimira to help transform their home into a more liveable space. For starters though, their house was one of the weirdest ones I’ve seen on Love It Or List It Vancouver. To be honest when I walked in, I was shocked wasn’t sure HOW or what I could do to fix it. The fact that the Kitchen was in the basement and that it had an old school pub attached through a peek – a – boo window had me stopped in my tracks.

Nimira really wanted to “love” the house so we did everything in our power to convince Anastasia to stay. I knew right off the bat that it had so many dificiencies I wasn’t even sure where to start.  When we found out that we had to leave the kitchen in the basement, I knew I had a huge chance at losing them. We did the best we could do by simply renovating it as is and brightening everything up. If they were to sell the house anyway, they would still need to update the kitchen!!

I completely understand why they chose to “list it” in the end. Although they were upset with me, I knew that we did the best that we could do and surprisingly it turned out a lot better than I had ever expected it to. Believe it or not I SOMETIMES agree with the family to “list it” as much as I love winning. They were the perfect example of this. They were a growing family and definitely needed more space and more than I could give them. Not to mention, Todd did a great job at finding them what they needed and what they were looking for. I’m excited for both Anastasia and Nimira on their new begininng and for their future! …Oh and congrats Todd!!!

LOLV EP3055 - Detail 3LOLV EP3055 - Detail 2LOLV EP3055 - Bathroom 1LOLV EP3055 - Detail 4LOLV EP3055 - Detail 5LOLV EP3055 - Detail 16LOLV EP3055 - Detail 17

My favourite part of the renovation was the bathroom. It turned out so fresh, so feminine and so modern. I added in a nod of their old bathroom and incorporated the colour pink into the space. I decided to paint the ceiling pink. I know some of you might think it’s a bit much … but even at my own house my movie room ceiling is a light teal. In my opinion, it’s a great way to add in a pop of colour without painting the walls!!! The gorgeous Silestone countertop helped tie in the modern feel throughout the bathroom and also the kitchen.

LOLV EP3055 - Kitchen 1LOLV EP3055 - Detail 9LOLV EP3055 - Detail 10LOLV EP3055 - Detail 11LOLV EP3055 - Detail 12LOLV EP3055 - Detail 14LOLV EP3055 - Detail 15

Merit Kitchens did an amazing job at transforming this once dark and dungy kitchen into a light and airy space. Adding in as much cabinetry as we could including a magic corner drawer

LOLV EP3055 - Detail 13LOLV EP3055 - Laundry Room 1

Stor-X Organizational Systems transformed the laundry room simply by adding in a built in storage unit. This gave them additional space and helped keep everything organized and clean.

A big thank you as always to Janis Nicolay for the gorgeous photos!!

Visit the W Network for more on this Love It Or List It Vancouver episode! To watch the full episode, click here and for more before and after photos, as well as a full resource list please click here!!!

See you all next Monday night!!!




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  1. I LOVE the idea of white walls and a coloured ceiling. I’m so going to try that in the next house – my husband would not be pleased to have to re-paint our current house again! I did our bathroom walls and ceilings in a lighter shade of blue and I really like it; now I’m excited to try white walls and a coloured ceiling! I’m always blown away by what you can do to renovate the homes with the sometimes paltry budget. I’m curious to know if the new furniture is included in the budget, if the home owners have to pay for it if they want it, etc. I think you should do a show in Atlantic Canada!

  2. That house was so bad and you did such an amazing job considering what you had to work with and a small budget! Honestly I don’t know why homeowners get mad at you when they’re the ones who bought a disaster of a house to begin with! Love the pink ceiling and fresh white throughout. List it was the right choice though!

  3. Oh my, i simply love it! It’s such a clean design and that gorgeous dose of pink on the ceiling just sets it off perfectly! I love how you’ve used the space too, our own bathroom is quite small so we had to save as much space as possible and now the electric towel radiator feels a little awkward to reach for when you step out of the shower. Oh well we live and learn, and looking at your work there’s definitely a lot i would have changed about our own bathroom.

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