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Watch Out Boys, You’re Going To Lose Her If You Don’t Smarten Up!

Well … BENNNN WHERE DID YOU COME FROM!?!?!? This whole season I have been so distracted by the likes of Shawn (& his hot bod! lol), Nicks Drama, Ian’s Ego … that I never really got a chance to appreciate BEN … until LAST NIGHT!!

Maybe I have Shawn and Nick to thank. I have to admit I wasn’t impressed with either one of them on last nights episode but I revert back to what I said last week and won’t judge. Like I said last week you can’t REALLY be yourself on the show. It is such a GAME in your brain that it is easy to fly off the handle. I just really worry about both Shawn and Nick because they are focusing on the WRONG thing … EACH OTHER!!! I know it’s hard and jealousy is a real bitch! She comes on so strong and takes a lot of strength to make jealousy go. But these guys better pull it together or they are going to waste their final energy on each other instead of Kaitlyn!


Anyway, more about Ben … I had a FULL on epiphany watching them on their date. HE IS A DREAM of a CATCH! He is sweet, hot, has no ego, wants to find love and is incredibly articulate. Last night was the first time I thought … hmmmm…. it could be HIM!?!?!??!?

IMG_0332 copy

Kaitlyn’s day time date with Shawn looked cute and fun, getting him to streak is SO something I would do … but I am still worried about the rest of their date. I hope it was the editing but it looked stressful and I so badly wanted it to be romantic!!!

Poor Shawn is SO caught up with Nick he is letting it get the best of him. And the shitty part? If Nick really is a manipulative person like everyone said he is, Shawn just let him win… That conversation Shawn was so angry and tense, and showed a not so attractive side… and Nick just weasled his way into looking calm cool & collective while Shawn lost his $hit!  ahhhh!!!!

the-bachelorette-recap-06Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 11.16.52 AMScreen Shot 2015-07-14 at 11.20.55 AM

I actually have to say, I am SOOOOO bummed she let Ben go, I honestly truly thought it was going to be between Ben and Shawn from here on in… but OH WELL THERE IS ALWAYS THE BACHELOR!!! (wink wink wink!!)


HAHAH and HOW awkward was it when Shawn and Nick had to sit in that room forever with each other!

I don’t have much to comment in regards to the home dates, other than I am SO confused why they didn’t go to the guys home towns?!?!??! Half of the fun of these episodes is seeing the families homes!! (Maybe its just the designer in me!)

the-bachelorette-recap-10Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 11.16.03 AM

I’m super stoked to see MTA next week… there has been SO much drama in the house I can’t wait to see all the guys together!!!!

Until next week…..




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  1. Seems to me they have done very little traveling this season. It felt like they were in Ireland forever!! So maybe having both families meet in one place saved on more travel. Maybe Kaitlyn doesn’t like flying? Maybe it’s another way to cut costs? And yes to Ben being the bachelor!!

  2. i love your posts and your input but I have to say that both last week and this week you are doing quite a bit of Nick bashing and I don’t really know where it is coming from. I actually felt that he has handled himself very well throughout all of this – especially when being on the end of Shawn’s attacks.

    1. I have been a Nick supporter as well, until he made his “Eskimo” comments to Kaitlyn. That was disappointing but I will chalk it up to the pressure they are living under as Jillian describes it. What stood out to me last night was the reaction of Nick’s family and ultimately Nick and his mother’s tears as they discussed the possibility of Nick being rejected all over again. That spoke volumes to me and while Nick isn’t perfect I believe he put himself back in the noose because he really was intrigued and interested in Kaitlyn. His family’s response to the situation convinced me that he is there for the right reason

  3. Do not fully agree with your blog this time!Usually love your posts but this week you seem like you are shifting gears.I think your thoughts are based off you know the ending, seeing as you are friends with Kaitlyn and trying to have her back. Common Jillian do you think we’re dumbies?! Either way I don’t see her lasting with her final guy. Love her, but she doesn’t seem ready to settle down in my opinion! Taking Nick and Shawn to final two was a bold move, lost a lot of respect for her last night 🙁

    1. I understand she has to do what is BEST for her but if you truly cared about either one of them you would have cut one sooner.

  4. I am very disappointed in this whole season. I don’t care much for Kaitlyn (preferred to see Britt) and her choice of men were very disappointing. I am glad she let Ben go. He can find himself a nice woman!

  5. Jilly, Jilly, Jilly… Oh how I adore you to pieces… You can say so much with so little words. I normally think you are spot on and I sorta still do.. Ben stayed under the radar, and I think that speaks volumes about his character.. He is the real deal.. I don’t know Nick, so I hesitate getting on the hate band wagon.. BUT.. He does seem a little more down to earth this season.. He is a tad arrogant, but what I don’t like is he talked rap to Kaitlyn the evening before.. Then, to make it worse, what was going in a fantabulous direction with Shawn and Kaitlyn evening, she has to bring up what Nick said… EEKS, really Kaitlyn? Not a fan of that move.. Showed some high school immaturity .. Well, Nick said… She had to know it was going to piss him off. In the end, I still believe it’s Shawn, my concern is can Shawn handle her personality.. She is so outgoing that my fear is he will get very jealous, which is a disaster in the making. Nick will come in 2nd again, let’s hope he acts a lot more mature in ATFR… I think they maybe considering Nick for the next Bachelor.. My lips are sealed on how I feel about that. Luv ya! Until next week..

  6. I’ve always been a huge Bachelor/Bachelorette fan and I have to say this is one of the most disappointing seasons. I’m not happy with the change of not having rose ceremonies at the end (we all want to know who gets cut that week!!!) and I’m especially not happy with bringing Nick back. I completely understand her exploring all her options, but I feel like this entire season has been focused on Nick coming back. Ben flew under the radar because production focused so much on Nick. Like everyone else has pointed out, there’s little travel, I definitely agree with you on the fact that they didn’t go to their actual home towns and all the quality guys have been kicked off 🙁 I have a feeling they’re all going to be single in the end too. But I guess that’s good for this single girl! 🙂

    Looking forward to MTA and your recap on that as well!

  7. Not a fan of Nick’s … he seems like a weasel, or at least he plays one on TV. The other thing about Nick is that his family acts like he’s so emotionally fragile which really makes me wonder about his mental health.

  8. She missed out on an opportunity with Ben when she bade him “farewell.” He is a perfect gentleman and any girl would be lucky to have him as a husband. I am disappointed with Nick and Shawn and their actions! Very immature – especially Shawn!

  9. She is not my favorite Bachelorette, I don’t think she is ready for marriage. Ben is a gentleman … glad he
    is the next Bachalor!

  10. Jillian you’re horrible for accusing Nick of being manipulative and using the word “weasle” to describe his actions. He stayed calm & collective when Shawn was making wild accusations. The guy is damned if he does and damned if doesn’t. Its horrible that people like you who have an influence on many fans continue to defend Shawn & point the finger @ Nick. Nick has tolerated Shaws BS long enough and thought he could confide in Kaitlyn w/ the truth because that’s what couples do in a relationship. Nick wanted to have a civil discussion to lead to a resolution yet Shawn wasn’t emotionally mature enough to handle his anger. I think you’re a wonderful positive person, but this will be the last post I read of yours because it is upsetting how little sense & logic there is in them.

    1. Shut the front door! You are appalling. This is jillians feelings on whats been happening on a show. Go write your own comments on your web page and stop insulting hers. If you disagree, like you said you dont have to read it. As you said, “its horrible people like you” feel they have the right to diminish jillian. This is an opinion on a show, this has nothing to do with her as person. Please keep your negative and rude comments to yourself. And to you Ms Jillian Harris, what a great, beautiful woman you are. Keep on being awesome 🙂

    2. Thank you for your opinion. I am sharing my Bachelorette knowledge and clearly can’t please everyone. If it is that upsetting to you, I agree you should not continue to read my posts.

  11. Shawn talked shit about Nick countless times to Kaitlyn, yet no one hated on Shawn for that. No matter what happens it seems like its always Nick’s fault. He could have sit there motionless, unresponsive, and somehow he still would have been accused of starting drama. Its kinda of hard to avoid drama when it literally comes knocking on your door. The second time around Nick was very poliet & cordial in how he confronted Shawn, yet Shawn wasn’t. So please explain why are we blaming Nick again for this? & after last nights episode I have zero respect for Kailtyn after she was so quick to throw Nick under the bus when all he’s done is supported her. For all the disrespect that Kaitlyn has shown towards their relationship, If I was Nick I wouldn’t bother even showing up on the ATFR. Apparently Kaitlyn was out to protect Shawn only then.

    1. I honestly thought the same. I don’t think Nick could have handled the situation any better than he did. He didn’t resort to name calling, cursing, threatening and kicking someone out of the room. I’m dissappointed with Shawn & disappointed in anyone who defends that kind of behavior. I would never want my husband, child, father acting out in that way. Especially the threatening part. When you’re an adult you should be able to resolve issues by having discussions. And also I am on Nicks side because at least Nick had valid reasons to dislike Shawn. Shawn has no reasons to dislike Nick other than the fact that he feels he’s not there for the right reasons & he’s a smooth talker (aka articulate). I’ve watched all season long Shawn run to Kaitlyn expressing how horrible Nick is and no one bats an eye, yet the minute Nick mentions something to Kailtyn about Nick everyone is upset, even Shawn himself, which makes him a complete hypocrite! Watching that was very clear to me, how is it not clear to others. There’s no justice in this world. I’m appalled Jillian would express such views in defense of Shawn or shifting equal blame onto Nick

      1. i’m not sure what show u were watching, u need to calm it down read again what jillian harris says we all know why shawn hate nick….its not just he thinks he is not there for the right reason….but because she also slept with nick so calm it down .

        1. Well Shawn has no reason to upset at Nick for that. Kaitlyn is the one who invited Nick and kaitlyn is the one who I nitiated sex. Nick is there for the same reasons as Shawn and that’s for Kaitlyn. Nick doesn’t owe Shawn anything. If Kaitlyn initiated sex w/ Shawn he would have done the same. So Shawn is a hypocrite for being upset with Nick. And if you were watching Shawn specifically said he hated Nick because he felt his intentions weren’t genuine and delusional when Kaitlyn asked him

          1. I agree with you! Any of the other guys would’ve slept with Kaitlyn if given a chance. The only reason Shawn hates Nick is bc he’s jus biggest competition. People understand her attraction to Shawn bc he’s “hot”. But they don’t with Nick bc he’s not your typical obvious alpha male, jock type so he MUST be manipulating her into liking him SMH

        2. Not sure what show YOU are watching Wendy, but Shawn roided out as soon as Nick showed up in NY. When Shawn realized that he was no longer the front runner, he became intolerable.

    1. Whats odd is that they make it seem Nick was this bad guy from Andi’s season….if we look back, it was Josh and his BFF Marcus who had an issue with him. They kinda looped in Chris, but Chris after filming became Nick’s buddy. From social media, it seems Nick is close with the other guys. So really, its just silly for Shawn or any viewer (jillian!) to put too much stock into “last season”.

      1. Right, if we rewatch Andi’s season we see the other men disliked Nick for not being there for the right reasons, but he was clearly the most heartbroken contestant I think ive ever seen. So, then this makes the other guys 100% wrong, therefore Shawn in the wrong as well.

        I’ve seen how Nick carries himself in interviews. He does have this slightly cocky attitude and when you combine that with him being extremely articulate its very intimidating to other men, especially your stereotypical protein drinking jock who may not be able to relate or compete w/ that form of masculanity. Notice how Shawn kept saying Nick is a “smooth talker”. this shows he is very intimidated by Nick’s language skills so he has to take Nick’s strengths and turn it around to be something negative & shady. This is why I think Shawn is extremely manipulative.

        Also, I think that confident (maybe slightly arrogant) attitude Nick has combined with his sincerity is what makes females very attracted to him, unfortunately when he falls in love, he falls fast & without any struggle on the females parts, he becomes a mumbling mess & extremely vulnerable, which may seem endearing at first, but I think all of that combined makes him less desirable in a way because they already feel like they won him over so easily, whereas with the other macho men theres more of a chase & uncertainty in their relationships that makes it so exciting and something to continue trying to seek after. Thats exactly what I saw last season w/ Andi & Josh, and now this season w/ Kaitlyn & Shawn.

  12. I totally agree with you on the hometown dates……Not sure why we didn’t get to see the fellas in their family homes. That is always one of my favourite episodes. Sooooooo sad to see Ben go. He is so mature, intelligent and very handsome. I have a feeling we will see much more of him as the new Bachelor hopefully!! Really hoping Kaitlyn ends up happy in the end!!

  13. Ben for the next bachelor!!!!! Haha I hope! Anyways I agree, I love seeing their hometowns as well. What the heck!?

  14. #TeamNick – I’ve been routing for Nick since he joined the show! Their chemistry is undeniable!

  15. The hometowns were the best! How could you not comment. I think kaitlyn is in love with shawn at this point and is aware of that. Would have been nice and considerate for her to send Nick home to spare him and his family any more pain. If I was kaitlyn that’s what I would have done if I truly cared for Nick

    1. I am not saying Nick is an angel BUT Shawn is a very stubborn, insecure and manipulative man. Like Eva mentions below, he is very controlling and a situation like this, where he is not calling the shots, is showing his true nature.Its not pretty. Yes, contestants should get a pass for their actions on the show, since so many are manipulated by producers….but Shawn needs to be called out for acting like a tool. Sorry Jillian, you are just making excuses for him because of your relationship with Kaitlyn.

  16. Kaitlyn is an extremely cruel person. At this point its obvious she’s in love w/ Shawn. She had a decision to make on which guys to bring to the final 2 and she should have done the considerate thing & eliminated Nick. This would spare him from becoming more invested & his family from the emotional pain. He took a big risk putting himself out there, really trusted Kaitlyn, and Kaitlyn betrayed that by giving into producers desires to continue the Shawn vs. Nick storyline.

    I honestly cannot beleive she even let it get to the point of Nick picking out a ring, getting down on one knee and proposing just to reject him! Wow! That’s extremely cruel & brutal. I wouldn’t wish that kind of pain on my worst enemy let alone someone who I cared about. Kaitlyn says she has a good heart, but to do something as cruel & evil as that I wonder if she even has a heart.

    I really hope Nick doesnt show up at the After the Final Rose Special. She does not deserve him to waste another second of his life on her.

    1. I agree with you 100%.As much as I wish Nick doesn’t show up at the After the Final Rose I dont think its possible.When they sign for the show they have to be there.Chris Harrison said in his blog that for the first time in the history of the show final 2 going to be on the stage.Nick is not only going to talk to Kaitlyn,but he also have to talk to Shawn.Can you imagine this? After the final Rose is going to be brutal for sure.I don’t know If I could even watch it

          1. Sorry I didn’t watch Ben season. I forgat about Clare and Juan Pablo..Thanks for reminded me.I hope Nick declined talk to Kaitlyn and Shawn,but im worry that producer maybe put pressure for him for ratings.Its going to be dramatic season finale for sure.

  17. Reasons Kaitlyn Bristowe is the ultimate hypocrite

    1. She got upset with Britt for being jealous & possessive yet anyone reading her people blog can see she makes excuses & defends Shawns extreme jealousy and whiney attitude (which is worst than Britts)

    2. Says she wants people to be honest yet she was never honest with Nick and never told him her relationship w/ Shawn was the reason she regretted sleeping with him so early. She also never shared with Nick that she told Shawn they were intimate.

    3. in her people blog she expressed crisiscism over Nick revealing he had sex with Andi on tv when she herself revealed on ryan sea rest show Chris souled had sex with her.

    4. She was so upset Chris didn’t show her the proper courtesy and respect when eliminating her in the rose ceremony, yet she let Nick pick out a ring, get down on one knee and propose!! I’ll let you judge who’s actions were more disrespectful and heartless

    5 she says trust is a big part of a relationship but shares everything Nick disclosed w/ her in confidence to Shawn. I mean couldn’t she have asked Shawn that Eskimo question w/out dropping Nicks name

    6. Recently Kaitlyn said she wants to take a stand against bullying yet she still makes excuses for shawns aggressive and threatening behavior

    7 oh and she said she couldn’t relate to jj’s cheating past, yet she told Shawn he was the one and proceeded to have sex with Nick a few days later

    1. Agree with everything you said.Her good friends Becca and Andi saing hurtful things about Nick on social media and that is not cyber bullying.Amy Schumer was on national tv and she was saing terrible things about Nick,but she was defending Kaitlyn all the time.I get that they are probably knew ending of the show,since they are closed friend with Kaitlyn,but is not fair to threat Nick like that.

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