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Love It Or List It Vancouver: Barb & Ted

Barb & Ted’s home could be considered a sanctuary of sorts: in a quiet, family-oriented neighborhood surrounded by a lush green setting that is typical of the NORTH SHORE it’s setting would be sought after by many… but the interior was far short of relaxing and functional for a family with 3 women – they needed bathrooms – and quick !

Jillian and the LIOLI Team re-envisioned the bedroom & ensuite layout, stealing a bit of square footage from the large bedroom to dedicate it to the new ensuite and enlarging the closets with built-in dresser between to maximize storage space.

LOLV EP2048 - Master Bedroom 4

The ensuite became a spa-like bathroom, with gorgeous glazed tile from World Mosaic in a calming colour and with a subtle raised scroll design, they give the room elegance and charm.

LOLV EP2048 - Master Ensuite 2LOLV EP2048 - Detail 9

With Barb & Ted taken care of – their new bedroom and bathroom now equipped with all the comfort and amenities one could wish for in a five star hotel – the team then turned their attentions to the daughters who had been struggling over space in their shared bathroom….Without making the space any larger, we were able to give them a double custom vanity and with all new plumbing fixtures and bright finishes and new lighting placed by residential plumber annapolis md, the room just feels bigger and it’s a pleasure to be in!

World Mosaic Tile supplied us with more stunning tile – hand made terra cotta hexagon floor tiles in a youthful pale powder blue and simple white elongated subway tiles to keep the room fresh and modern – and, hopefully, eliminating any more fights!

LOLV EP2048 - Girls' Bathroom 2 LOLV EP2048 - Detail 3

Both bathroom floors were fitted with NuHeat Floor Heating System – a treat for the toes on those cold mornings! And vanities were custom built by Merit Kitchens in a timeless white shaker door style.

LOLV EP2048 - Detail 8

With his family now completely relaxed in the lap of luxury, Ted can sleep a happy man on his monogrammed pillow!

LOLV EP2048 - Master Bedroom 2


A big thank you as always to Janis Nicolay for the gorgeous photos!!

Visit the W Network for more on this episode! To watch the full episode, click here and for more before and after photos, click here!!!

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  1. That was the worst house EVER!! How could anyone live in that 60’s throw up, I mean back? Your design was remarkable, Jillian, and absolutely beautiful, but the rest of the house would be a night mare to live in, did you see the state of those carpets?? I was itching just watching!

  2. I am curious what was the wall colour in the master bedroom? It was gorgeous! The whole transformation was great, but I’m also still drooling over those bathroom floor tiles!!!

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