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Love It Or List It Vancouver: Penny & Chuck

Chuck and Penny’s reno was fabulous on so many levels. I really wanted to make them love their home again considering the fact that it was Chuck’s childhood home. But, for starters they could barley enter and exit their home from all of the doors. The house was crumbling at the seems … literally!! The siding was falling apart, the kitchen wasn’t accessible by more than one person and the entire layout was NOT functional for a growing family. One of the only positives was the upscale neighbourhood that it was in!!!!

We managed to fix the entry way so that they could come and go from their home with ample storage. Gave Chuck a sound proof bedroom so that he could sleep and snore away. And of course knocked down a few walls opening up the kitchen, living room, and dining room, giving the entire space an open concept. With some major set backs and not being able to complete 3 MUSTS off their list … I was not surprised that they decided to list it in the end.  As great as the reno turned out their new home option was too good to turn down. Todd did a great job at finding them a gorgeous home in the same neighbourhood ticking off all of the boxes. Todd … you did good!!!!

LOLV EP3056 - Detail 10LOLV EP3056 - Detail 1LOLV EP3056 - Detail 5LOLV EP3056 - Detail 6LOLV EP3056 - Detail 7LOLV EP3056 - Detail 3LOLV EP3056 - Detail 4

We found these gorgeous pendant lights at Design Lighting. The old fashioned feel helped tie together the modern design. The more light the better when it comes to an open concept!!! We chose a gorgeous circular pendant for overtop of the dinning room that was covered in a white linen to brighten up the corner space and carry through with the same style.

LOLV EP3056 - Kitchen 1LOLV EP3056 - Detail 11LOLV EP3056 - Detail 2

Lets talk about how FABULOUS this mural wall was!?! Cloverdale Paint supplied us with these gorgeous paint colours and it definitely added just enough punch to the room. This colour combination was great because you could pull any of these colours out and use them in decor throughout the room and change it up as you please.

LOLV EP3056 - Detail 8LOLV EP3056 - Detail 9LOLV EP3056 - Entryway 2

With the help from Stor-X Storage Solutions we added in a much needed bunch and storage unit in the front entry way. This helped clear up the space so that they were able to open and close the front door. As well as hideaway shoes, hockey gear and put the storage unit to great use!!!!

LOLV EP3056 - Detail 12

A big thank you as always to Janis Nicolay for the gorgeous photos!!

Visit the W Network for more on this Love It Or List It Vancouver episode! To watch the full episode, click here and for more before and after photos, as well as a full resource list please click here!!!

See you all next Monday night!!!


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  1. I’m loving this backsplash. Can you please tell me the name of this tile it will be perfect for my new kitchen. Thank you!

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