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Love It Or List It Vacation Homes: Greg & Katherine

Greg and Katherine were seduced by the gorgeous waterfront views when they bought their vacation home in Collingwood, Ontario; only to realize later on how inefficient the space actually was. This cottage started off quite small and had not one….not two..but THREE additions to it over the years, creating some sort of layout disaster!  I don’t blame them for wanting to look elsewhere, but that waterfront view was definitely enough to keep them there, as long as Dan could work his magic and create a relaxing and functional space.

I felt SO bad for Dan in this episode because I know exactly what its like to have all these costly surprises pop up and all of a sudden…BOOM! Your budget is gone. It can be so frustrating!! Despite having to knock a couple requests off the ‘ol list, he still managed to win them over!

See the reveal below!

LIOLIVH-106-Kitchen-2-After LIOLIVH-106-Kitchen-AfterLIOLIVH-106-Bedroom-After LIOLIVH-106-Office-After

How’s that for a cottage??!?! My favourite room by far was the kitchen with all those amazing bright windows looking onto their water view! What was your favourite part? Make sure you catch next week’s episode, Monday night right after the Bachelorette on W Network at 10pm E/P.



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  1. Yes I agree! Kitchen looks amazing.

    I would like to point out how cool I think it is for you to work both in the film and design industries. As an aspiring interior designer, I’m am so interested in how you were able to combine the 2 and make it work. How did all come about and piece together so perfectly. That would be an ultimate goal of mine. You are really inspiring and make me want to pursue my dreams. For a person wanting to do something similar to you, what advice could you give? How did you get exposure and get to where you are today as far as being on Love it or List it.

    – Cassandra B

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