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Dressing The Bump For The Beach

One of the things I have been the most excited about since being pregnant is dressing the bump for the beach!!! I have always been envious of the pregnant women rocking their bumps in little bikinis and think they look SO cute!!! I can’t believe I finally get my turn this summer!!! I’m not going to lie, as soon as I found out I was pregnant one of the first things I started shopping for was cute bikinis to match the bump.

When looking for the perfect pregnancy bikini I can wear long after the babe is born …. there are a few key points to look for!!! I have always liked more coverage in my bikini bottoms and now that my hips and bum are growing …. this is a must!!!! Side ties are always a great option for those growing parts and to make adjustments to fit the different stages and growths of your body. On to the tops, I always opt for tops that are either bandeau or the style I’m wearing below from Nordstrom Rack. I love both options because I don’t need to make any adjustments or worry about any triangles moving on me. I am able to jump around in the water and play with Nacho without any worries!! If you need the support though, they make some adorable underwire bikinis now that stay in place and are perfect for mamas on the go! If all else fails and you’re not happy with the way ANY of those look … go for a one piece!!! There are so many cute options out there this year.

I found the bathing suit that I’m wearing below at Nordstrom Rack and it will definitely carry me through until after the babe is born and is perfect for pregnant women OR not!


Bikini Top | Bikini Bottom | Cover Up | Sunglasses | Hat | Bag

Do you have any other tips when it comes to dressing the bump for the beach!? Let me know in the comments below!!!




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  1. AYIYIYiYI you are so damn cute.. No matter what, you have the style, the poses and the spark in your pictures. I do have a question for you? How do you keep your teeth so white? You have the most beautiful teeth.. Can you please let me know. thank you

  2. I only wish your baby blogs were around last year when I was preggo! I tried more to cover up my bump than dress it up but you know what – if I have another (crossing fingers!) I am going to stock up on bikinis and embrace it!!! Thanks for being an awesome inspiration!

  3. Jillian we are due around the same time! Our due date is Aug 18 🙂 I’m in love with your sunglasses! I did the likeitknowit deal on instagram but the glasses linked are different. Do you mind sharing which brand you’re wearing here? They’re perfect!

  4. You are looking beautiful Jillian, pregnancy definitely agrees with you. I don’t usually comment on a lot but I had to mention in one of the photos above your babys foot/toes are perfectly pushed against your tummy. Very cute! Enjoy your last months of pregnancy.

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