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Love It Or List It Vacation Homes: Margaret & Barbara

What is happening to me?!?! Last nights episode of Love It or List It Vacation Homes just about had me in waterworks AGAIN!! It must be the pregnancy hormones!! lol If you missed last night’s episode on W Network at 10pm E/P, I will give you a quick recap and of course, show you the best part…the reveal images!

This time, the owners were two sisters that had their cottages on Hornby Island passed down to them through 4 family generations!! To be honest, I was surprised the cottages were still standing…and apparently I was right!! The plan was to renovate the secondary cottage, as it was only being utilized for storage and they needed more living space for their growing families but once Dan’s team started poking around, they found a lot more issues than anticipated. Their only option was to tear down the 4-generation cottage completely and start from scratch! Now THAT is when the tears started streaming…and I don’t blame them at all!!

It must have been devastating to have to completely demolish something that had been in the family for that long, but Dan and his team were very sympathetic to the situation and salvaged as much wood from the original cottage to use in the new build. The results…AMAZING!! As sad as it was to have to completely rebuild, at least now they will actually use the space, and most importantly LOVE the space!!

And that is exactly what they did!! Congrats Dan!! Check out the reveal below!!

They did such an AMAZING job, wouldn’t you agree?? I absolutely love how they placed the old black and white photos of their Great Grandmother (on the same property) around the new cottage!! It’s those little things that really make the space special. Have you brought any of your family history into your home??? I’d love to hear how in the comments below!!



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  1. Where did you get that blue lamp? The theme for my remodel is country/Cottage and I have yet to find a lamp that I live but I LOVE that one

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