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5 Tips To Pull Off The Cold Shoulder

Is it just me or is anyone else having a hard time finding off the shoulder tops and dresses that fit perfectly, are comfortable, and still look cute!? They are definitely the trend this season and I don’t see them going away anytime soon … so lets get on top of how to wear them together so that we can fit in with everyone else!

Maybe it’s just my bump that gets in the way!?!?! … but every time I lift my arms, the dress raises up to my ears (ok not actually lol but if you’ve tried wearing one that doesn’t fit right you know what I mean)!!!! After doing my research I figured out a few tips and came across some favs along the way …

1. Arm Holes:
If the arms are separated it allows you to move your arms freely without worrying about the entire dress or top slipping up!! The tighter the arm holes the better so that they can stay in place!! If you like the look of looser arms … follow step number 5 so that the dress stays in place.

2. Strapless:
ALWAYS wear a strapless bra with this type of top or dress … sometimes the strapless bra will help the body of the item stay in place. Please please please … don’t show your straps of the bra when trying to pull off a cold shoulder!

3. Length:
Make sure the length of the dress is long enough, in case it DOES slip up!!! Or… just buy the top version so that you don’t need to worry about the length. The fabric is also important … it can’t be TOO silky smooth!!

4. Ruffle:
The top of these dresses and tops are very important. I love the looks of the ones with a ruffle on the top … big or small!!! This helps disguise what’s really going on underneath.

5. DIY Elastics:
I found this AMAZING video on the internet with a little DIY that is so easy to do. All you need is 4 safety pins and 2 elastic bands … pin them in the armpit holes and stick your arms through the elastics and your top or dress won’t move an inch!!! … watch the video here to get the full step by step!!!SUMMER TREND REPORT

1. Tropical Dress | 2. Bathing Suit Top | 3.White Top | 4. Glo Minerals | 5. Hat | 6. Scrunchie | 7. XO Earrings | 8. JH x MA Necklace | 9. Pink Dress | 10. Blue Top | 11. Pom Pom Sandals
Jillian-Harris-Chic-Wish-Red-Dress-03Jillian-Harris-Chic-Wish-Red-Dress-01 Jillian-Harris-Chic-Wish-Red-Dress-04 Jillian-Harris-Chic-Wish-Red-Dress-06

1. Red Off The Shoulder Dress | 2. JHxMA X Necklace | 3. JHxMA O Necklace | 4. Sunglasses | 5. Watch | 6. JHxMA Earring | 7. JHxMA Bracelet

How do YOU pull off the cold shoulder!? Any tips??? Share them with us in the comments below …



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  1. With cold shoulder top I have the sleeve part around the arm is loose and does not fit tight.Id the sleeve part around the arm supposed to fit tight?

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