Love It Or List It Vancouver: Lisa & Derek

I absolutely loved working with Derek and Lisa and their growing family. Their home was bursting at the seams with one bathroom for all of them and a dilapidated patio in need of some help. Derek grew up in the same neighbourhood, which definitely added some sentimental value to their home, which was a bonus for me. I knew that square footage was going to be my biggest hurdle, so creating a better layout and living space that was more functional for their family was key.

I am so happy that they fell back in love with their home and am excited for them to be able to entertain in it again. I have to give it to Todd though, because finding something within their budget in the SAME neighbourhood was a huge challenge!!! The market was tight and he couldn’t manage to find something that ticked all of the boxes. Better luck next time …
Love It Or List It Vancouver LOLV EP3072 - After - Living Room 2-2 Love It Or List It Vancouver LOLV EP3072 - After - Dining Area 1Love It Or List It Vancouver ep3072_9675 We found them a perfectly sized Van Gogh Designs sectional and ottoman that added texture to their living space. I fell in love with the fabric on it and find it easy to clean with two young kids.
Love It Or List It Vancouver LOLV EP3072 - Detail - Living Room 4-2 Love It Or List It Vancouver LOLV EP3072 - After - Kitchen 1Love It Or List It Vancouver ep3072_9689We completely gutted their kitchen and replaced the cabinets with two-tone Merit Kitchens cabinets. With the kitchen space being so small we had to make sure the layout was right to make it feel better and more open. We went with a Silestone by Cosentino countertop to help brighten and lighten the space up.
Love It Or List It Vancouver LOLV EP3072 - After - Deck 1 Love It Or List It Vancouver LOLV EP3072 - Detail - Deck 1

A big thank you as always to Janis Nicolay for the gorgeous photos!!

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  1. I hate that it shows houses in Vancouver as unlivable ( meaning, out of reach for most homeowners). These homeowners can afford to Reno etc and look at spending another 100k etc because they bought when prices of homes were obtainable. It would be nice to have the show go out into the Fraser Valley & show homes on the other side of bridge. Homes Langley & further out are not so unrealistic ( well Langley is a bit too now) but Abbotsford, Mission, Chilliwack all cities homeowners can somewhat afford .

    1. Vancouver homeowners can’t afford to spend 100k on renos any more than any other homeowner. The cost of living in Vancouver is wayyyy higher than living out in Chilliwack, and most Vancouverities are not rich, despite what house prices would have you believe. It’s a house rich/ cash poor scenario, so not sure why you “hate” that it shows houses in Vancouver. Many of the communities that you refer to are also newer communities and have new subdivisions, and don’t necessarily have 1500 sq foot homes that are 60+ years old. The purpose of the show is to showcase design challenges and what a good re-design and reno of a home can do in maximizing the space that is available. People who live in 3000+ sq foot homes in the suburbs don’t necessarily have those same challenges. Just sayin.

  2. I would love to see a post on Nursery Decorating 101! Any tips? Thoughts on cribs, dressers, bassinets? Thank you!

  3. What paint colour was used on the walls? Trying to find the ever illusive right shade of white for our basement reno. Thx <3

  4. Really love what you did with the patio. Wondering who the suppliers of the awning and the side roller blinds are? Many thanks.

  5. The floors are gorgeous! Please tell me the brand and are they engineered, hardwood or laminate? Also, the paint colour on walls and ceiling? Many thanks!

  6. Can you please tell us which company was used for the deck, the awning and the roller blinds?
    Thank you.

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