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Love It or List It Vancouver: Susan & Harvey

I haven’t shared a recap of any Love it Or List it Vancouver episodes in a while….so here you go!!! AMERICA, how are you liking the new season so far?! Today I’m taking you into Susan and Harvey’s home, and oh my, did I love this transformation! We were able to turn this house into a space where this growing family had room to entertain, relax and enjoy!

SH4SH5 SH6 SH7SH SH9 SH11 SH12 SH13 SH14 SH15 SH16

This bathroom reveal is definitely one of my favourites! Would you have loved it or listed?? For a full resource guide, click here.

BIG thanks to the design team and the amazingly talented Janis Nicolay for the photos!


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  1. I missed the last 2 minutes of the show! I’m dying to know did they love it or list it, I can’t find spoilers or streaming of it anywhere!! Haha thanks!

      1. I PVR’d it and it cut out halfway through. Is there a way to watch the full episode online? The link you posted above only has the three latest episodes as videos. Can only see before & after photos – absolutely stunning!! – but I’d love to see the episode. Only one I’ve missed and now the recording didn’t work!

  2. Jillian, I like when you do before and after pictures in your blog. Do you think you can do that for future posts as well? Thanks.

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