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Mama Went Shopping: What I Bought at the Nordstrom Sale!

To be completely honest … I’ve never actually shopped the Nordstrom Sale in person before. AND I’ve also never been able to shop the Early Access Sale as I’ve never had the Nordstrom Card or took the time to apply for one. Well ladies and gentlemen, yesterday ALL of the stars aligned for me. Not only was I able to shop the sale in person … I also wasn’t rushed while doing so. That is what I call Mama’s night out LOL and I definitely took advantage of the awesome deals!!

Now, I don’t like pressuring people to get signed up for a card to just shop a sale (I only like to carry one credit card) but I was so curious to check it out while I was here (I leave tomorrow), which is when PUBLIC ACCESS opens up!! SO I didn’t really have a choice… if I wanted to shop I had to apply … and it was SO easy! Anyways, for those of you that want to wait for public access … make sure to set your alarms nice and early TOMORROW because all of the best stuff goes so flippin’ fast!!

I’m always a bit skeptical about shopping sales because I always feel like the items are discounted for a reason … like, maybe there is something wrong with it?? I also always feel pressure that I HAVE to buy it cause I’ll be saving money, when in reality I might not ever wear it LOL! Anyone else? I have to say, I was so impressed with the quality of the sale items I found yesterday … I mean they are all brand new Fall clothes!! It might seem weird shopping for sweaters and pants now but you might as well save on those items NOW before the prices go back up on August 6th!?!? I found it so worth it to shop this sale whether you’re getting early access or joining in tomorrow when public access starts as there are so many great things to choose from!!

Also, make sure to check out my dedicated Nordstrom Shop Pages … we will continue to update them with my top picks and the best finds for: Women, Baby, Home Decor, and Maternity!! And don’t miss my blog post with my top picks from the early access sale HERE!

NOW … Let’s take a look at what I snagged below!!

**UPDATE** I may or may have done some additional shopping this morning! LOL!! Below are the new items I’ve purchased …

I’ve been trying pretty hard lately to wear and reuse the clothing and shoes I already have so I’m not buying stuff all the time just for the sake of showing you. So when I was choosing items to try on I was thinking ahead and how I would be wearing them along with how often I would wear them and if they were functional. When I looked down at all of the items I had with me in my dressing room I couldn’t help but laugh as the old me would have had stacks of heels, dresses and faux leather leggings … but this time around I really felt like a mom as I was loaded up with sneakers and cardigans.

It’s no joke that my style is definitely changing and I look at other blogger’s like Rachel Parcell who wears high heels and boots with both of her kids and I honestly don’t know how she does it!! I’m wearing more and more sneakers and athleisure items (thank god this is in style! LOL!) because I always just want to be comfy!!! When it boiled down to it, I bought stuff that I knew would get me through being a new mama in the Fall!!

Cozy Chic Cardigan

I’m honestly not kidding when I say I don’t know how I’ve lived without this cardigan! LOL! It’s like a Smash & Tess romper!! It’s great for around the house and Sunday brunch … or, a chilly day at the office! It’s so soft and cozy and fits really well!! PLUS … I think it would make the BEST Christmas gift!!

Zip Front Hoodie

This hoodie is pretty much a staple when it comes to late summer, early fall when the days become chillier! It’s a great piece for layering … back to that athleisure look of mine! LOL!

Midi Coat

I mean … doesn’t this coat scream Fall?? All I need is a Soy PSL in my hand and I’ll be good to go!

Fleece Jacket

This is the fleece jacket that I first shared with you! I kept seeing it on other bloggers and I thought it looked really cute but didn’t realize just how comfortable it would be until I finally got to try it on last night and it is HEAVENLY!! It actually has soft bamboo-like material on the inside … kind of like a baby’s quilt. It’s pretty much the outdoors version of the Cozy Chic Cardigan!

Pink Cardigan

I loved this pink cardigan and while I already have a pink one at home, I wanted another one to throw in the mix! Plus, I feel like my body temperature is always changing so it’s awesome to just have something quick to throw on that’s not too thick or thin when you’re getting flashes of hot then you’re freezing two seconds later! LOL! I also bought this same cardi in black as shockingly, I don’t have a black cardigan!! These are great for layering whereas the fuzzy cardigan would be great for camping!

Long Sleeve Fuzzy Top

I’m slightly obsessed with this top, it’s SO fuzzy and soft!! It’s also a high low shirt and I find that these shirts that cover your butt and belly are so hard to find and when you find one most of the time they look frumpy and a bit sloppy … but I’ve FINALLY found one that’s flattering!!!

Oversized Knit Cardigan

I wore this cardigan to work today and (yes, this is the word of the day!), it’s SO SOFT!! I think I might be living in this one for the rest of the year … maybe I won’t be too upset if we have more rain this summer … LOL!

Yellow One-Piece Swimsuit

This bathing suit currently doesn’t fit over my bump but I got it anyway as Justin and I are planning on taking a trip somewhere tropical in January with Leo and our new baby and I really wanted to have this suit for our vacation!

Gingham Slip-On Sneaker

I pretty much only wear sneakers these days … and how freakin CUTE are these little gingham slip-ons?! Come on!!

Thermal Henley Top

Thermal Henley Tops are basically just a must-have when it comes to cool-weather!! I think this one is selling pretty fast though, last I checked there were only larges left on the site!

V Neck Tee

You can wear V neck tee’s year round so this was an obvious purchase for me, gotta love casual wardrobe staples!

There you have it!! That’s my haul from the Nordstrom sale!! Don’t forget that public access starts tomorrow and ends on August 5th!!




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  1. Cute clothes! Love those chunky cardigans. But they’re mostly polyester and acrylic? That’s just full on microplastic that you should avoid. Except that one oversized cardigan that has a bit of wool and alpaca in it. I would prefer 100% wool or organic Cotton. Even thoug the wool is not vegan, no animal were killed for it. And it’s 100% biodegradable.

  2. I’m really looking forward to checking out the sale! I actually did apply for the credit card last friday but it hasn’t come yet and I was told that I couldn’t shop without the physical card. SUPER frustrating. So I am going to be going to shop today with everyone else. Ah well, at least I’ll have it next year! I really want to check out that fuzzy zip up!

    1. Oh darn!!! That’s too bad!! But you’re right, at least you’ll have a head start next year!!! XOXO

  3. Hi!! I love all your posts, I love what you bought from the Nordstrom sale too!! You and your team have amazing taste. I am frustrated though. With so many Canadian influencers promoting and working with Nordstrom why do they not have a more Canadian friendly website? I live about 3 hours away from the closest store so I thought I’d try and take advantage of the sale and do some early Christmas shop online. I went to purchase 3 of the barefoot dreams cardigan you loved, I thought they looks so cozy! When I went to check out I thought the price seemed a little high. I called the store to find out what their price was and the difference between online and in store for the 3 cardigans was OVER $100!! I know you can pay over the phone and ship it to your home to save that but that makes online shopping with them so annoying 🙁

    1. I wish we had a Nordstrom in Kelowna too … and I also wish we had the same great deals as the States!! Eeeppp!!

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